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A Devil's Bargain

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Benito lifted his gaze up to meet Giovanni's heated one. "Make love to me?"

Giovanni's self confident smirk was just as sexy as he was. "Like you even have to ask."

Benito could feel the heat that suddenly filled Giovanni. It was like touching a living flame. He groaned as he leaned into the man's warmth. For so long he'd been cold, never quite warm enough. Touching Giovanni was like coming home.

He held his breath as Giovanni stripped his clothes from his body, each touch accompanied by a sensual caress that make Benito ache. Once he was naked, Giovanni pushed him down on the bed. Benito licked his lips as he watched Giovanni strip. Not even the dirty torn rags he wore could detour from Giovanni's sexiness. The man was simply stunning.

Giovanni climbed up onto the bed then reached over and pulled him closer until Benito was draped over his chest, looking down at him. Benito squirmed around, groaning when their semi hard cocks brushing together.

Giovanni leaned up for kiss, then another, each one getting longer and longer until he didn't remove his lips at all. Benito his head back and to the side to expose more of his throat.

"Do you like that?" Giovanni whispered against Benito's sensitive skin.

"Yesss," Benito hissed. "Want more."

"Never let it be said I don't aim to please." Giovanni reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lube. "Turn around. I want to watch you stretch yourself for me."

Benito's entire body flushed at Giovanni's request. He bit his bottom lip and then turned around, presenting his ass for Giovanni's viewing pleasure. He shivered when Giovanni squirted a small amount down Benito's crease.

"Give me your hand." Benito reached back, giving Giovanni his fingers. Once his finger was lubed, Giovanni guided his hand toward his hole. Benito felt around his tight entrance and then pushed one of the digits past the ring of muscles.

"Oh, sweet hell."

Benito grinned as he slowly pushed another finger inside of himself. It was a heady sensation to know he could pull words like that out of Giovanni.

"That's it, baby. Fuck your fingers." After Benito inserted a second then a third finger, Giovanni reached up and began massaging his rounded ass cheeks, kneading them in the palm of his hands.

"Giovanni." Benito turned back around. He started to climb off Giovanni, but the man grabbed him and stopped him from going anywhere.

"You have the softest skin," Giovanni whispered as he stroked his hand down Benito's side until he reached the curve of his ass again. Giovanni's fingers slid right down between his cheeks.

Giovanni moved his other hand up under Benito's chin and cupped his jaw, tilting his head back. Benito moaned when he felt Giovanni's tongue swirl over his skin. There was nothing on earth as good as being loved on by this man.

"I want to you, Benito. I want you so bad," Giovanni whispered against Benito's hot skin.

Benito inhaled sharply. "I'm all yours."

He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment at Giovanni's words. He had dreamed of having someone in his life that was just for him for so long, he'd begun to wonder if it would ever happen, and yet here Giovanni was.

When Giovanni leaned forward and claimed his lips, Benito groaned and pressed into the kiss. Kissing Giovanni was heavenly. Touching him was even better. The soft little moans of delight that fell from Giovanni's lips as Benito caressed his heated skin made him harder than steel.

Benito stroked his hand over Giovanni chest as he kissed him. His heart tripped when he felt Giovanni's nipples pebble under the palms of his hand. He twirled his fingers around one nipple, stroking the sensitive flesh until Giovanni was shuddering in his arms.

"You like, Giovanni?" Benito asked as he tugged on a nipple with his fingers. Giovanni's only answer was a slow moan as he arched into the air. Benito laughed lightly and switched from one nipple to the other, giving it the same treatment. "You do."

"Hell, yesss," Giovanni hissed. "I want you to ride me, Benito."

 Giovanni repositioned Benito while holding the base of his cock. When the tip of his shaft touched his hole, Benito held his breath. He placed the palms of his hands on Giovanni's chest as he slowly lowered his body, impaling himself onto Giovanni's shaft.

"You feel so good, Benito."

Benito blushed at Giovanni's words, finally bottoming out. "Oh my god, I can feel every inch of you."

Giovanni grinned up at him and then gripped Benito's sides. "Tell me when you're ready to move, baby."

Benito took a few breaths and then nodded. Giovanni braced his feet on the mattress and then tightened his hold on Benito's sides as he thrust upward. Benito dropped his head back on his shoulders and just breathed once Giovanni's cock was fully incased inside him.

"More!"Giovanni wrapped his arms around Benito and began to thrust up into him over and over again. Benito's head was swimming and his body was humming as he took pleasure in the cock pounding into him.

The groan that had been building in Benito's chest was going full speed by now. His cock ached so much he was afraid it might break off if he nudged it even a little. Benito was in heaven, and his name was Giovanni.

Benito leaned forward and captured Giovanni's lips. The kiss sent new spirals of ecstasy through him. He grunted as he pushed back, sitting up straight and planting his feet on either side of the man fulfilling his every desire. Giovanni lifted his hands up, giving Benito something to hold onto as he took over and rode him.

Benito's lips parted slightly as Giovanni wrapped his fingers around Benito's bobbing cock. With just a few strokes of his aching cock, Benito could feel himself getting close to the edge of bliss. He could feel his balls drawing up tight against his body. He knew he only had moments before he flew over the edge with abandon. He wanted Giovanni to go with him.

The loud roar of Giovanni's release flooded Benito's ears. Benito felt himself teeter on the edge of his own orgasm. One more thrust from Giovanni and Benito went spiraling over the edge. One moment he was on the edge, savoring the exquisite feeling of having Giovanni's cock balls deep inside of him. The next moment, he was crying out his release as shot after shot of cum splattered all over Giovanni's tanned skin.

Benito shuddered at the feeling of Giovanni's cock pulsing inside of him. Each little tremor rocked through him, prolonging his pleasure until Benito thought he was going to pass out. Benito collapsed onto Giovanni's chest, sweaty and gasping for breath. Giovanni wrapped his arms around Benito as he pulled the blanket up over them both.