Story Excerpt
A Hunter's Desires

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Nikolai Miroslav shivered as cold air blew into the tavern room. He glared over at the man that walked and let the cold air inside. Niko would never understand how anyone could live in such conditions.

It was colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra. Like he'd know what a witch's tit felt like, Niko chuckled to himself as he took another drink of his hot toddy. Like he'd know what any tit felt like. Just the thought of that particular bit of female anatomy sent another shiver down his spine. Give him a good stiff dick any day.

Niko wouldn't be in this miserable place if he hadn't been sent here by his brother and alpha, Vadim, and his father, alpha of the Miroslav Pack. He blamed them for being so cold. Them and the Eastern European Council, which reluctantly gave him access to the region.

Vourdala Island and the pack lands overseen by his father, Ivan Mirsolav, weren't the tropics but they seemed like the Bahamas compared to the frozen territory of the wolf pack he was sent to investigate.

It didn't help Niko's mood that he'd been investigating the area for nearly two weeks and he had yet to find a single answer or meet anyone that might be able to tell him anything about the rumor of a pack filled with Tri Omegas.

No one was talking, at least not to him. The patrons in the tavern and surrounding town were nice enough. Niko had even made some friends among several members of the local wolf pack. He just hadn't been able to find any answers. Niko wasn't even sure he knew what the questions were anymore.

Tri Omegas, usually only one born per generation, were appearing at an alarming rate. While it had been good for many of Niko's friends who found their mates, it still concerned everyone.

Anyone in the know, knew Tri Omegas were special. They had abilities that each Tri Omega unique, each ability seemingly different. They also needed two mates to keep them grounded and safe, as Niko's best friend, Viktor, discovered when he found his mates, Ryland and Gregory.

Ryland hadn't even known he was a Tri Omega until he was told. Tri Omegas abilities weren't manifested until they were claimed. It was quickly discovered that Ryland was a healer.

Still, it didn't explain why there were so many Tri Omegas being born during a single generation. Niko no longer believed it was just a fluke as he did in the beginning. There were too many of them. He just didn't know what it all meant.

Hence, his trip to the frozen north.

Niko frowned and pulled his collar up around his neck as the door opened and another group of people walked in, letting more cold air blow into the tavern. He shook his head when he heard laughter. How these people could be so happy-go-lucky when he was freezing his nuts off, he'd never know.

As the cold wind blew across the room, it carried an intriguing sent that caught Niko's interest. He sat up and glanced around the room, trying to pinpoint the unique fragrance. He sniffed at the air.

Niko's gaze settled on a dark haired man standing across the room, taking his coat off. He should have been angry. This man was obviously one of the men that just let the cold air inside. Instead, Niko could barely remain in his seat while he waited for the man to get settled in.

Gorgeous didn't even begin to describe the tall figure. Niko usually went for men a little smaller than himself. He liked being the big bad wolf that dominated any situation he was in, including sex. For this guy, he might be willing to change his mind, even if for just one night.

Once the man sat down, Niko stood and walked over. He stopped right beside the man's chair and waited to be acknowledged. It wasn't long in coming. Niko smirked when the man suddenly stiffened and turned to look him over. He could feel the intense gaze start at his feet and slowly work its way up his body until it settled on his face.

"Nikolai Miroslav, but you can call me Niko," Niko said as he held out his hand. "I believe you might have some information I'm after."

"Oh?" The man's dark eyebrow shot up.

Niko almost swooned at the heavy accent in the man's voice. Damn, he liked a deep whiskey voice. It made his cock vibrate. The man's thick accent only added to the experience. "Your name and whether you're busy later tonight."

The man looked slightly surprised before he hid it behind a chuckle. He reached out and shook Niko's hand. "Vasiliy Federov, and now I'm free."

Hot damn!

"Care to join me?" Niko nodded toward the door. Propositioning a guy he hadn't spoken more than a few words to didn't faze Niko. He'd done it before and he'd more than likely do it again. The glint of lust he could see growing in the man's deep blue eyes, however, was another story.

It made Niko ache. It also made walking quite interesting. His cock was trying to bust out of his jeans to get to the gorgeous man walking behind him. Niko could feel the heat from Vasiliy's body and knew he walked close behind him. He couldn't wait to feel that heat pressed up against his, preferably without anything between them.

The moment he stepped out the door and towards the side of the building, Niko yelped as he was yanked around and pushed up against the wall. A hard muscular body pressed up against his, just as Niko desired.

The only difference is that Niko had never been in this position before. He was usually the one pressing someone else into the side of a building. Niko chuckled nervously and tilted his head back to look at Vasiliy. He couldn't quite remember being in this position before either.


Before Niko could say more, hard lips slammed down over his. Niko tried to inhale, to protest, but there didn't seem to be any air left in his lungs. Vasiliy had sucked it all out with one simple touch of his lips.

Vasiliy took his mouth with a savage intensity. Their tongues brushed together, each of them fighting for dominance. Niko finally groaned and leaned into the man's body, giving up control and letting Vasiliy lead. Niko thought it might have been the hardest thing he'd ever done but the muscular body pressing him against the wall and the hands mapping out his body made his loss of control almost worth it.

"You have place close by, yes?" Vasiliy asked as he pulled his lips away from Niko's.

Niko nodded and pointed to the upstairs above the tavern. It wasn't much, basically just a room with a bed and a bathroom. It didn't even have a hotplate. Niko ate all his meals around the town. But it was his home away from home at the moment.

Niko started to lead the way, wondering why they didn't go to Vasiliy's place when a slap to his ass drew his attention and made him forget all about where they fucked. He just wanted to get to the fucking part. He didn't care where it happened.