Adult Excerpt
A Hunter's Desires

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"I need—"

"I know what you need, majiktoka, you not worry," Vasiliy said. "I give to you."

Niko wondered about that statement until Vasiliy pushed him down onto the bed. By the time Niko rolled over, Vasiliy had his shirt off and was reaching for the buttons of his pants. Niko could only lay there panting heavily. The man was fucking breathtaking.

He started to wrap his hand around his cock as he watched the man drop the last item of clothing on the floor when Vasiliy suddenly reached over and slapped his hand away. Niko's mouth dropped open in astonishment.

"No touching." Vasiliy was gorgeous but it was clear to Niko the man was out of his ever loving mind. "Mine to touch, mine to pleasure."

Niko blinked. Okay then, maybe he could put off touching himself for a little longer, but not much. He ached so much he thought he might explode. He yelped, feeling like a ragdoll when Vasiliy suddenly grabbed him and flipped him over onto his stomach.

Niko grunted then started to protest until he felt Vasiliy's very large, very muscular body stretch out over the top of him. "Oh god," Niko moaned.

"Not god, Vasiliy."

Niko chuckled. Vasiliy had a sense of humor. He liked that. He liked it even more when Vasiliy started caressing him. The man's hands were thick with calluses, telling Niko that he worked with his hands for a living.

That was actually kind of hot. Being the beta of a wolf pack meant that Niko dealt with a lot of people that were into politics. It wasn't often he had the chance to sleep with someone that actually broke a sweat for a living.

Besides, the calluses on Vasiliy's hand felt great against his skin. Niko moaned and pushed his body up into Vasiliy's heavily furred one. The man had more chest hair then Niko had ever seen. This must be what people meant when they called someone a bear. Normally, Niko was attracted to men with smooth skin but there was something to be said for being covered by a living blanket.

"So silky," Vasiliy said as his hands moved up and down Niko's body. "Is very nice."

"Glad you like it."

"I do, but this," Vasiliy said as he grabbed Niko's ass cheeks, "this better than nice."

Niko started to protest when Vasiliy scooted down his body. He really liked having the man lying over the top of him. It just felt so damn good. And then he felt his butt cheeks get pulled apart and something wet slid over his tight puckered hole.

Niko shuddered. He'd done a lot of things in his life, some of them pretty kinky. He'd never had someone lick his ass before. And Vasiliy seemed to have a tongue made for licking.  It was long and hard and wet.

With each swipe of Vasiliy's tongue against his tender hole Niko could feel nerve endings in his ass coming to life, begging for more. Every few licks, Vasiliy would rub his thumb across Niko's hole, stretching him little by little.

"Oh fuck me," Niko groaned when Vasiliy's tongue finally penetrated him. Every nerve in his body seemed to be connected to that small little hole and he was being stimulated from the top of his head to the tip of his toes.

"I will, majiktoka, but you need be ready first."

"I'm ready."

"No, majiktoka, you not. Will take much stretching to make you ready."

 Niko's eyes nearly crossed. He wasn't that much in favor of being on the bottom but if Vasiliy could come through with what he promised, Niko might make an exception.

"You have lube, yes?"

"Nightstand drawer."


Niko didn't want to move from where he was but he was more than willing to get the lube if it meant he was going to get laid all that much faster. He scooted up on his knees and reached over to the nightstand.

He shivered as Vasiliy's hands continued to run over his body. It was hard to concentrate on opening the nightstand drawer and searching around for the lube when his body was going up in flames. There didn't seem to be an inch of skin that Vasiliy didn't touch.

Niko went to lie back down on his stomach when he felt a sharp smack on his ass. "Hey," he said, turning to glare at Vasiliy.

"On hands and knees."

"You could have just said that. You didn't have to hit me."

"Love smack, majiktoka, not a hit. You know if I hit you."

"Hey!" Niko yelped when he felt another smack on his ass, this one harder than the last one.

"You learn the difference in time, majiktoka."

Niko didn't know if that meant Vasiliy planned on spanking him more of hitting him. He started to roll over to ask, not liking the undertones of violence in the man he wanted to fuck, but he was stopped by Vasiliy's hands gripping his hips.

"Look, Vasiliy, you're a very sexy man but—"

"Is good you think so. I too think you very sexy."

"Yeah?" Niko was thrilled that Vasiliy thought he was sexy. "That's really—wait, that’s not what I meant. You need to stop hitting me. I don't like it."

"You learn to like my hands on you."

"Dude, look, I don't know who you—oh my god!" Niko groaned when he felt two slicked up fingers thrust into his ass. Niko immediately started pushing back and riding them, all thoughts of conversation and protesting leaving his mind in a heartbeat.

He felt incredibly full. Two of Vasiliy's thick fingers were nearly the size of the biggest man Niko had ever been with. He'd heard rumors through his friends that one of them, Jake McAlester, was hung like a horse. He could only dream that Vasiliy was too.

"You like, yes?"

"Oh yes," Niko moaned. "I like a lot."

"You like this more."

Niko winced when another finger pushed into his ass along with the first two. He knew for a fact that he had never had anything in his ass that big. It took a few seconds and a couple of deep breathes before Niko became used to the feeling. Vasiliy didn't move the entire time.

"You are good, majiktoka, yes?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm okay."

Niko wasn't sure those words were his smartest to say when Vasiliy started moving his fingers, thrusting them in and out of Niko's ass. Niko couldn't keep the small grunts from falling from his lips with each thrust.

"One more, majiktoka, then you ready for me."

"One more?" Niko cried out. He wasn't sure one more finger would fit in his ass. He was pretty damn full right now as it was. He was shocked when a little more lube and a lot more thrusting allowed Vasiliy pushed a fourth finger into him.

Niko dropped his head down onto his hands. He felt a bit ridiculous having his head down on the bed and his ass pushed into the air but his trembling arms wouldn't hold him up anymore.


"You call me Vaska, yes?"


"Yes, is good."

"Okay." Niko would have agreed to anything. His body was full and caressed and going up in flames. And there seemed to be no end. Vasiliy just continued to give Niko wave after wave of pleasure until it rolled into one big ball that had him senseless.

"Vaska," Niko groaned as he pushed back, impaling himself on the fingers in his ass, "Vaska."

His pulse pounded in his throat. Small beads of sweat trickled down his temples. The air around Niko seemed to grow thicker, making his breathing come out in big rapid gasps. His legs started to tremble.


"Yes, majiktoka?"

"Please." Niko bit his lip as soon as the word came out of his mouth. He couldn’t believe he was begging a total stranger to fuck him. Maybe it was the cold air. It was the only thing he could think of that would explain his lapse in control.

"Tell me, majiktoka, tell what you want."

"Fuck me!"