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“Vey, you need to eat. You have to be starving.” Urgency filled Bailey and he tried to scramble out from under the bigger man. He soon learned he wasn’t going anywhere Vey didn’t want him to go. Trapped in Vey’s embrace, he surrendered to his mate’s strength.

“I’m starving for you, little one,” Vey countered, then demanded, “Feed me.”

Bailey reacted by tipping his head up for Vey’s kiss and lifting his legs higher letting the big man’s body in closer. A hard cock poked against Bailey’s stomach leaving wetness in its wake.

The kiss he expected didn’t happen. Instead razor sharp teeth scraped over his neck followed by a tongue lovingly laving over the sting. Vey’s body shifted and a finger dipped between Bailey's ass cheeks and brushed against his hole.

Bailey froze.

Vey’s upper body lifted up. “What is it, beloved?”

Bailey bit his lower lip, trying to come up with a way to spit out the detested words he had to say. Finally he just blurted out the truth, “I’m a virgin.”

Bailey couldn't see Vey's reaction but he sure felt it when the man inhaled a shaky breath and shuddered against him. "You are a treasure beyond value, my beautiful mate."

Bailey groaned and arched up into Vey when the man's sharp teeth scraped along the underside of his jaw line. As sharp as they were, Vey could end his life in a single second, and yet, Bailey trusted the man to keep him safe.

Wanting to give back to his mate as much pleasure as he was receiving, Bailey ran his hands over the thickly corded muscles of Vey's back, ignoring the prominent bones sticking up. He needed to care for his mate in all ways and if this made Vey happy, then Bailey would willingly give himself up to the man. He could bring him food later.

"Do you have lube, little one?"

Bailey's face burned fiercely as he shook his head. "I don't need it."

"Bailey, I will not—"

Eyes rolling heavily, Bailey sighed. "I'm a bunny shifter. Bunnies are known for their...stamina. Because of that, we naturally lubricate." Man, he was going to die of embarrassment.

Vey's voice was deep and thick when he spoke, "Do you?"

A moment later, Bailey inhaled swiftly when a slick fingers circled his tight ring of muscles. Pleasure blossomed through Bailey, wiping away his fear. He groaned deeply as he tried to spread his legs even further apart.

"Vey." This was nothing like when he touched himself. This was much more intense.

"Have you ever had anything in this pretty little hole of yours, mate?"

Bailey whimpered as he turned his face into Vey's chest. There was no way on Earth he could ever answer that question.

Fingers grabbed his chin and forced his face up. A light kiss was pressed against his lips, gone before he could fully enjoy it. "There will be no secrets between us, little one. I do not ask to embarrass you. I need to know these things to insure that I do not frighten you or harm you in some manner."

Bailey swallowed hard before admitting, "Just my fingers."

"Like this?"

Bailey cried out as a slick finger pushed into his ass. As big as Vey was, his fingers were far larger than Bailey's. He was pretty sure he had never had anything that big in his ass before. The burn that gripped him morphed into pleasure so intense, Bailey was positive he was actually seeing stars.

He clutched at Vey's shoulders when the man began to move his finger, dragging it slowly out before pushing it back in again, the movements growing faster and more frequent with each pass. By the time another finger was added, Bailey was pushing back against the intrusion, needing more.

Aching for more.

"Look at you, my sweet," Vey crooned, giving Bailey no doubt that the man was watching his every reaction. It was a little disconcerting but not enough to pull Bailey away from the sensations running rampant through his body. "You take to your passion so beautifully."

A third finger pushing into his ass made Bailey hiss and arch up, the burning stealing his breath. There really had never been anything as big as all three fingers in his ass. For a moment, Bailey wasn't sure he could handle it. He bit his lip to keep from begging Vey to pull his fingers out.

And then they moved and brushed against something deep inside Bailey's ass that made him cry out for another reason all together. Bailey went bowstring taut, his body awash in a level of ecstasy he had never felt before.

"There it is," Vey murmured. "That is the spot, is it not?"

Bailey couldn't even nod. He just lay there as his body soaked in every wonderful stroke of Vey's fingers in and out of his ass. When Vey's lips latched onto his nipple and gently bit down, Bailey's mind went blank.

His mouth dropped open, a long pleasure filled moan ripped from deep in his soul. His cock pulsed as he erupted, spurt after spurt of cum shooting out until he didn't think there was an ounce of cum left in his body.

He heard a sucking noise and his face heated when he realized Vey was sucking the cum off his fingers. He was equal parts aroused by that knowledge and embarrassed that he had come again so quickly. He had no stamina what so ever.

He was also greedy.