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Dominic opened his arms. Lucky was placed back in the basket, and then Dominic had an arm full of his beautiful Baxter. Dominic had no doubts that given the chance, he and Bax would have a solid mating.

The shifter started rubbing his face against Dom’s before continuing down over his neck. Dom knew the bunny was spreading his scent over him in a bunny way. He relaxed back and luxuriated at the mini massage his chest and belly were receiving.

Okay, not all of him was relaxed and his cock stiffened up even more when Baxter’s chin rubbed the base of his cock up to the tip. Dom lurched up onto his elbows when the head of his cock was enveloped by wet, warm and tight.

The elegant notes of a soft hum filled the room. The vibrations had Dom clutching the bed covers as the top of his head almost blew off. He reached down and sank his fingers into Bax’s silky hair. “I will claim you if we do this.”

Bax lifted his head. Dominic winced as coolness replaced the warm heat on his cockhead. Part of him regretted interrupting the pleasure; the other part needed Bax's acceptance of forever.

Bax shrugged one shoulder. “I didn’t doubt it.

“Say the words, Baxter,” Dominic pushed. “You can’t scent me.”

“I’m a bunny, wolf.” Bax traced the edge of Dominic’s nipple with his finger. “Not everything is about the nose.”

“So, you’re convinced we’re mates?” Dominic pushed harder.

Bax shrugged his shoulder again. Dominic was starting to hate that action. “Of course,”

Dominic blinked. “Of course. That’s all you have to say?”

One eyebrow rose, and the cocky bunny Dominic found so fascinating was back.

“When you know, you know.” This time Bax shrugged both shoulders.

That was all Dominic needed. With a quick flip Bax was on his back and Dominic hovered over him. Much like Bax had rubbed his scent all over Dominic, now the big wolf started placing kisses on his mate’s neck. Every kiss included a bit of teeth that had the smaller man wiggling and squirming. Bax’s pretty dick bobbed, it’s head leaving shiny wetness on his taunt belly.

Dominic wanted to bathe in Bax’s fresh wild scent. He took a moment to bury his nose in Bax’s underarm before continuing his exploration of paradise a little farther south. Dominic kissed a path down Bax's side to the curve of his hip and abdomen. The skin there was silky soft and deserving of some attention.

Bax shuddered when Dominic stroked his tongue along his hip bone. "Do-Dom, you''re killing me here."

Dominic grinned against Bax's skin. It was always nice to hear he was driving his mate insane. That meant he was doing something right. He intended to do more than drive Bax crazy. He wanted to send his mate to the moon and back. He wanted to make Bax senseless. They would only ever get one first time together. He needed to make it memorable.

Moving closer to the nice thick shaft between Bax's legs, Dominic made a point of moving right on past it to the underside of Bax's knees. Bax groaned but it was more a sound of protest than pleasure, although that was there too.

The soft giggle that filled the air when Dominic licked the underside of Bax's knee brought a grin to his face. He had found a ticklish spot. He licked it again and again until Bax wiggled to get free.

Who said sex couldn't be fun?

And it didn't hurt that Bax's skin tasted like pure ambrosia. Dominic wanted to slide his tongue over every inch, from head to toe, and then start back up the way he had come. When Dominic started licking at the hollow of Bax’s ankles, outright chuckles burst out.

Fingers dove into Dominic’s hair, pulling the strands tight. “Dominic, please…”

Lurching forward, Dominic sucked Bax’s sweet prick into his mouth and didn’t stop until his lips touched the fine hair surrounding the base. He ignored the sting of Bax’s grasping fingers. He knew his mate was a newbie to the art of loving. Dominic’s possessive wolf was smiling with pleasure at being Bax’s one and only.

Dominic began bobbing his head intent of showing Bax spine-tingling intimacy. Bax’s arms flopped back onto the bed next to his head and he spread his slim legs wider.

Letting his prick go, Dominic took one of Bax’s balls into his mouth. A gentle suck had a blond head lifting off the mattress.

Wide brown eyes stared down at Dom. “Holy shit, you can do that?”

Dominic chuckled. The vibration had Bax flopping back onto the bed and groaning long and loud.Reaching up, he put a finger against Bax’s lips. “Suck on it. Get it nice and wet.”

Bax’s tongue wrapped around his finger and he began sucking. Dominic drew Bax’s other ball into his mouth. The pull on Dominic’s finger strengthened.

Dominic let his precious mouthful go and started licking Bax’s perineum. If it wouldn’t take another seeing his mate’s secrets, Dom would suggest the bunny get a tiny hoop through that bit of flesh. He continued his exploration of Bax’s delights and pressed his tongue flat against the tiny wrinkled rosette.

Bax’s mouth let go of Dominic’s finger. “Dominic…”

Dominic didn’t let Bax finish the sentence. He pressed his wet digit into his mate’s chute. His finger eased into the tight hole way too easily. Surprise had Dom looking up into Bax’s face.

One eyebrow raised and Bax’s big brown eyes sparkled with mischief. “What? Bunnies are known to fuck like bunnies. Self-lubrication is a must.”

“Just to clarify, when you say you fuck like a bunny…”

Bax rolled his eyes. “How’s your stamina?”

Dominic puffed out his chest. “I’d say it’s pretty good.”

“Well, being mated to me will test that theory. Bunnies like sex, and we like it a lot. Four or five times a day is about normal. Hence, the self-lubrication. There’s not always time to find a bottle of lube, so nature made up for that when they made us bunnies.”

“So, that means what exactly?”

“It means you can basically bend me over any flat surface and I’m ready to go.”