Story Excerpt

flame div

Leaving the house, he walked out onto the vast portico on the front of the house and took a deep breath of cool night air. Lifting his arms above his head, Bax stretched to his full height of five-seven.

Bax froze. Something was up. It was too quiet, and nothing was moving. Prickles skimmed over his skin and his hair stood on end. From the tall grass at the bottom of the large porch’s stone steps came a low growl.

The next instance a monstrous half man, half wolf leapt up the steps, and landed in front of Bax. Saliva dripped from its huge tooth filled snout and yellow eyes glowed down at Bax. Before he could move the wolf-man was on him, throwing him onto his back.

With a crackle of static and a snap Bax shifted into his bunny form and scampered out from under heavy limbs. The thing leaped at him again. Bax darted away with nails scratching and skidding against the stone floor, and managed to evade the threat. He raced around the nearest pillar, praying he could gain enough speed to run toward the front door. He had no intentions of being bunny tartar to the drooling monstrosity chasing him.

He heard a low rumbling growl as he circled around the large pillar and knew he was a hare's breath away from being snapped up. Bax put on a burst of speed and jumped down off the porch, landing in the dirt below with a soft thud. It took a moment for Bax to catch his breath. Leaping off the porch in human form was hard enough. In bunny form, it was like jumping off a building.

It freaking hurt.

Bax's eyes rounded when something big and growling landed in the dirt in front of him. He took one look at those big razor sharp canines and spun tail, heading around the edge of the porch landing. He knew the shrubs wouldn't slow the wolf down much, but it just might be enough to—Bax screamed as he went down.

He struggled under the weight of the massive paws pinning him to the ground. His little claws dug deep into the dirt as he tried to find purchase, anything to get away. Bax kicked with his back feet, satisfaction filling him when he heard a grunt of pain from the wolf.

If he wasn't so invested in escaping, he'd turn over and give that damn flea bitten dog all his claws. Bax had fought off more than one predator in his lifetime. He knew if he didn't run when he could, his continued good health would be in serious jeopardy.

He was kind of partial to breathing.

Bax froze when the air above him became hot, a soft breath blowing down over his fur. He might have waited just a little too long to escape. The muzzle that brushed against him, sniffing, freaked Bax out so much, he shifted.

And then he screamed.

Bax's heart pounded in his chest when a hand was slapped over his mouth. The muzzle that had been brushing against him a second before let out a low threatening growl. Even if he hadn't had a hand pressed over his mouth, Bax would have known to not make a squeak. When he gave a slow nod to let his captor know he understood the warning, the hand was removed.

As he laid there in the dirt, surrounded by the shrubs, Bax became increasingly aware of the fact that he was buck ass naked, and so was the shifter pinning him to the ground. He was also very aware of the fact that the shifter was very —very—aroused...and hung like a freaking horse. Bax felt like he had a lead pipe sliding between his ass cheeks.

Bax felt heat flood his face when a soft moan escaped his lips. He just couldn't seem to help it. The sensation was delicious and it had been so long since he had felt anything like it. Well, he hadn't ever really felt anything like it. There just couldn't be that many men on the planet that were built like this wolf.

Bax was unable to prevent himself from arching up his ass. It really did feel fantastic. Still, he preferred knowing who was rubbing off on him. "Um...maybe you should buy me dinner first."

Wolf man's chest rumbled again, but this time is was less threatening. If Bax didn't know better, he'd think the wolf was laughing. And that made Bax wonder...he turned his head and glanced back over his shoulder, making contact with a set of deep emerald green eyes.