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Monte's Marines

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"Take off your pants, Doc."

            Doc looked shocked but moved, pushing his pants down his legs. Rocky instantly felt thick muscular legs brush against his. The fine hairs on Doc’s legs felt like the soft caress of a lover. He loved it. He purposely rubbing his legs against Doc’s, entwining them together until he wasn’t sure who had who.

            "Damn, Doc, you feel so good," Rocky moaned.

            "Rocky, are you sure you want to do this?"

            Rocky chuckled nervously. "I’m not sure what this is but I’d like to see where it goes."

            Doc seemed satisfied with that answer if the way he kissed Rocky was any indication. It made Rocky tingle all the way down to his toes. It made him want more. Rocky moved to cover Doc’s body until a sharp pain in his thigh brought him back to reality.

            "Fuck!" he shouted as he reached down to grab his leg where he’d been shot trying to protect Eljin and Zack. Getting shot sucked. It hurt like hell and made his leg burn. Besides, the wound interfered in what he wanted to do to Doc.

            "I wish my leg wasn't injured," he told Doc when the man looked at him in concern. "I want to be inside you so bad I can taste it."'

            Doc glanced down at the bandage surrounding his leg then chuckled. "I think I can help you with that."

            Rocky arched an eyebrow at Doc."Oh?"

            "Roll onto your back." It seemed easy enough. Rocky rolled onto his back then eagerly waited to see what Doc would do next. His blood pounded through his body so hard he could barely hear anything.

            Doc scooted to the side of the bed and grabbed his backpack, rooting around inside for several moments. He had a wide grin on his face when he turned back over, a white tube in his hand. "A gay man's best friend," he said as he popped the top and squirted some stuff out on his fingers.

            Rocky wasn't sure how he felt about Doc's statement. He didn't know if he necessarily classified himself as gay, or even bisexual, but he was too curious as to what Doc was doing with the lubed hand he pushed between his own legs to worry right now.

            A slight sheen of perspiration beaded Doc's forehead. His face looked tight, almost as if he felt stressed. Rocky reached out to touch Doc, to ask if he was okay, when a long groan broke from his lips. The tension on Doc's face fell away to be replaced by ecstasy.

            If that hadn't been an indication Doc enjoyed himself, the hard cock jutting up from his groin would have been a dead giveaway. Rocky's hand trembled as he reached down and grabbed Doc's cock, pumping the engorged shaft several times.

            Doc cried out, arching into Rocky's touch. Rocky's eyes darted from Doc's face to where his hand held the man's cock then back. Doc was panting, his eyes partially closed. His body trembled but the cock in Rocky's hand throbbed.

            "That is so fucking hot," Rocky whispered as he watched the man's flushed body squirm around.

            Doc's eyes opened. "It gets better." Doc suddenly moved over and straddled Rocky's body, careful of the injured thigh. Rocky groaned. He grabbed Doc's hips, his fingers digging into the hot skin.

            The head of his cock butted against Doc's silky ball sac. Doc moaned above him, moving his body several times and driving Rocky's cock between his butt cheeks. Rocky's fingers dug deeper into Doc's hips. The tingle building in his body seemed to center where his body met Doc's.


            Rocky looked up at Doc, nodding as speech was beyond him at that moment. How could he speak when he could barely breathe? His body was on fire, burning up from the inside out. He just knew he would go up in flames any second.

            Rocky was even more sure of that fact when Doc started to settle down over his cock. Tight hot silk slowly enveloped him, caressed him. Rocky knew he would lose control and come just like an untried school boy. The pleasure shooting through his body felt just too intense for any other response.

            "Rock… Rock… Rock," Doc chanted as he moved his body up and down Rocky's cock. "I've waited so long to feel this, to feel you."

            Rocky's jaw dropped open, stunned by Doc's statement. He wasn't even sure Doc knew he'd said the words. And he wasn't sure how to take them. Zack suggested Doc felt something for him but could he believe in it or was it just the heat of the moment?

            Before Rocky could think further, all thoughts were driven from his mind when Doc settled down fully on him. Every inch of his cock was inside of Doc. A niggling notion entered Rocky's mind. He didn't ever want to leave. He never felt so much pleasure as he did buried balls deep inside of Doc's silky heat.

            "Doc," Rocky rasped.

            Doc's hands landed on his chest. His fingers moved over Rocky's nipples. Rocky couldn't keep a deep cry from leaving his lips. Each tug of Doc's fingers on his nipples seemed to have a direct line to his cock.

            He panted, surging into Doc then crying out again as more heat enveloped his cock. That felt even better but nowhere as mind blowing as the pleasure that ripped through Rocky when Doc began to move his hips, impaling himself on Rocky's cock over and over again.

            "Fuck! Doc!" Rocky bent his knees and planted his feet in the mattress, using them as leverage to drive himself into the man above him. At the same time, his hands gripped Doc's waist and pulled him down, their bodies meeting in the middle.

            Rocky looked up to see bright green eyes staring down at him. The intensity of Doc's gaze burned across his skin. He felt a sensuous light pass between them, unlike anything he'd ever felt before. It seared him down to his toes.

            A feeling so powerful that it made the light fade around the edges of Rocky's eyes rocketed through him. Rocky felt his cock swell, throb. His hands clenched against Doc's hips as he bucked up, burying himself inside of Doc as far as he could go.

            "Pete!" Rocky roared out as ecstasy took a hold of him and refused to let go. He dimly heard Doc cry out above him, the feel of Doc's inner muscles clamping down on his cock just enough to send him over the edge.

            Rocky abandoned himself to the whirl of sensations surrounding him. He felt his cock pulse and throb, filling Doc with his released even as his chest was covered by the man's hot wet heat.