Adult Excerpt
Billionaire Playboy

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The kiss was hot, a savoring caress as Crosby kissed my breath away. Crosby's kisses grew more demanding, more savage. I reveled in his passion, my breath catching as the sexy man kissed me even deeper.

I wiggled against Crosby when I felt the man pulling at my robe, an animalistic sound rumbling deep in my throat. I was desperate to feel Crosby's large, thick cock pounding into my ass.

I swallowed around the dry lump in my throat as I tilted my head back and allowed Crosby to nibble down the arch of my neck. Crosby was branding me, making his own claim, and I was so turned on that I was about to explode. My head rolled as Crosby kissed and nipped his way around to the other side of my neck.

I gasped when Crosby's finger rim around my asshole. A slight pressure applied, and then Crosby's finger sank in deep. My head rolled back, my lips parted, and breathing became nearly impossible.

I panted heavily, wanting to feel more, but needing a minute to adjust. I wasn't sure whether to scream time-out or push back on the invasion. Crosby's hand stayed on my neck as he kissed a trail down my chest, giving me the time I needed.

After a moment, a second finger joined the first. Crosby licked and nipped over my skin before taking the head of my' cock into his mouth. I cried out, my chest constricting. My skin caught fire as Crosby unleashed the most powerful feelings inside of me.

My hips gyrated as a third finger pushed inside of me. I pulled my legs back to my chest, pushing down on the fullness stretching me. Crosby twisted his wrist, grazing over my sweet spot. My cock shot a spurt of pre-cum as I cried louder. The fingers in my ass moved in a rhythm that had me swiveling my hips, trying to make them go deeper.

"P–please," I begged, but Crosby acted as though he hadn't heard me.

It was maddening.

I shivered at Crosby's touch, his kiss, and his very presence. Crosby swirled his tongue around 'my cock, pushing his fingers deeper. The hand on my neck flexed, the fingers digging into my skin.

"Crosby!" I ground my teeth together, staving off my orgasm.

"Soon, baby," Crosby crooned.

I took in deep and ragged breaths, biting hard into my bottom lip as I whimpered. The building sensations were sweeping through me, buzzing through my mind, my senses exploding with lust until I thought I would go mad.

I arched up, every inch of me hypersensitive and greedy for Crosby's touch. I couldn't get close enough, couldn't hold Crosby tight enough. I was desperate, a coil of need tightening inside of me.

My brain scattered to the four corners as Crosby released my cock, pulling his fingers free. I shuddered as Crosby grabbed my bottom and lifted me up, separating my ass cheeks before lining his dick up.

I inhaled sharply when I felt Crosby's large cock enter me. I wailed Crosby's name as the sexy man pushed past the clenching muscles, stretching me as his cock began to pick up a rhythm. I writhed under Crosby, fighting to accept the ample width of male flesh impaling me.

Crosby was giving me exactly what I'd been begging for. The only thing was, I had no idea what he had unleashed. But I didn't try to resist as Crosby stared down at me, his eyes the color of dark chocolate.

My voice elevated to a cry as shivers broke out all over my body when Crosby's hand snaked up my neck and over my scalp. Crosby grabbed a fistful of my hair and gave a light tug. I lifted my ass higher as I shouted out my pleasure.

"Mine." Crosby locked eyes with me. His hands skated up my arms that were still gripping the sheets and grabbed my wrists. His thighs pushed my legs up, snapping his hips seductively as his cock made love to my body.

"Damn, you are so responsive," Crosby whispered as he began to move, pounding into me. I felt as if I was losing my mind with each thrust, each curl of Crosby's hips, seating himself continuously in my ass.

I screamed as my mind splintered and my climax exploded through me, pleasure bursting inside me. Desperate, hard, my hips bucked and I felt myself dying. My climax was like a tidal wave, tearing through me, heaving my body, shaking it, shuddering through it.

Crosby growled as his cock hammered into my ass. I couldn't remember ever being with such a skilled and expert lover before. The man was very thorough when it came to fucking. He knew just where to thrust and how fast to heighten my pleasure.

He was driving me crazy.

Crosby's hands tightened on my wrists. I barely had time to draw in a deep breath before Crosby slammed hard and deep inside me. He didn't start out slow, instead going straight to pounding into me as fast and as hard as he could.

Crosby's eyes closed as he stroked my back marginally, caressing the sensitive nerve endings of my ass before he stilled again. Crosby's fingers ghosted over my face, his lips slowly capturing mine. I opened, tasting man and desire as Crosby's tongue swept through my mouth.

We began to move together in a rhythm so familiar and yet so new. Burying his head in my damp hair, Crosby moved a little faster, his thrusts becoming a little more desperate.

I gasped when one of Crosby's hands grabbed my hips and lifted me higher and then drove his cock back into my swollen hole. Crosby snarled as his hips moved faster, his cock grazing over the sensitive nerve endings. I had never felt anything like this as I thrashed against Crosby.

Sweat trickled down Crosby's body as he thrust into me and then stiffened, his head falling back as he roared. I could feel Crosby's cock pulse with his release as I lay there desperately trying to catch my breath. Hot shots of cum warmed me from the inside out, marking me for the entire world as taken.

Crosby fell forward, pressing me into the mattress as he pounded my ass a few more times. "So perfect," Crosby murmured into my hair, his arms like bands of steel around my back.

I smiled even as my eyelids started to droop.

I'd never been perfect before.

I could get used to it.