Billy & Ian

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He felt a warm glow flow through him as Ian’s hands stroked down his sides. Every time Ian’s hazel eyes met his, Billy’s heart turned over in response. His pulse pounded. A delightful shiver of wanting ran through him. He tossed his head back and groaned.

Ian’s touch always affected him this way. It had from the first day he laid eyes on the man when they were just kids in second grade. Ian Thomas was Billy’s knight in shining armor, protecting him from all the evils on the playground.

“Ian,” Billy gasped. His need for Ian overrode everything in his world, maybe even his need to breath. Ian was everything Billy had ever wanted, ever desired. Being here in his arms felt like heaven on earth

“I’ll take care of you, Billy,” Ian whispered back, “I’ve always taken care of you, haven’t I?”

“Yes,” Billy hissed. He curled into the curve of Ian’s body, pressing his hard cock against the man’s abdomen. He buried his face in the corded muscles of Ian’s chest, overwhelmed by the desire burning through him.

A large hand took his face and held it gently. Soft lips nipped at his. “I’ll always take care of you, Billy.”

Billy turned his head and pressed a kiss into Ian’s hand before giving his response. “Ian,” He whimpered again. “I need you, Ian.”

“I’m here for you, Billy.”

His touch, firm and persuasive, invited Billy to lean into a kiss that curled his toes with its intensity. Ian’s lips were warm and sweet against Billy’s, reminding him of honey and sunshine.

 “Ian, love.”

“Yes, Billy.”


“BILLY! Wake the hell up!”

Billy jerked awake, the pain in his side making him wince. He opened his eyes to see a dark form standing over him. He recognized the boot aimed at him a moment before it rammed into his ribcage. He wrapped his arms around his stomach and rolled to his side, drawing his knees up to his chest to protect himself.

“Get up, you lazy shit,” the figure shouted. “You have work to do.”

Tears blinded Billy’s eyes and choked his voice as he realized his knight in shining armor wasn’t there to save him this time, or any other time. He was alone but he had always been alone. He was actually kind of used to it.

“Yes, master.”

* * * *

“You look like shit, man.”

Ian rolled his eyes then stuck his tongue out at Ryan McDonnell, his best friend for the last four years. “And you look like a jackass. Luckily for me, I can rest and look better. You’re stuck looking like that.”

“What’s going on, Ian?”

Ian shrugged, sitting down in a chair across from Ryan. “I didn’t sleep very well last night.”

“Again?” Ryan asked. “This is what, like the third time this week you haven’t been able to sleep? Are you still having that same crazy ass dream?”

Ian nodded gloomily. He sat back in his chair, slamming his clenched fist down on his jean clad thigh. “It’s the same dream over and over again.”

“Have you figured out who the guy is yet?”

“No, but I feel like I know him from somewhere,” Ian replied as he thought about the erotic dreams he had been having of late. Only one man stared in them…Billy, whoever he was. “The dreams are just too intense, too vivid not to have some connection. But just when I think I’m going to see his face I suddenly wake up.”

“Well.” Ryan took a drink of his coffee before setting the cup down on the counter. “You’d better figure something out. You’re supposed to go to the convocation in two days. If you’re not on your game, you’re going to have your head handed to you and I’m going to be kissing the ass of a new alpha.” Ryan’s upper lip curled back in disgust. “God, I hate breaking in new alphas. Such delicate pansies.”


“You aren’t so bad.” Ryan chuckled. “I think I’ll be able to break you in with a minimum of ass kissing.”

“Gee, thanks. You’re all heart.”

“Naw.” Ryan wiggled his eyebrows. “I’m all cock, all nine inches.”

Ian rolled his eyes. He so did not need to know anything about his best friend’s dick. He knew Ryan had his back but the man was his friend. Ryan was going to be his beta when he took over as alpha for his father. He was not a romantic interest. He wasn’t even Ian’s type.

But this Billy he had been dreaming about…he was exactly the type of man Ian would be interested in. If Ian only knew who he was.

* * * *

Ian could feel the sweat on the palms of his hands as he stood in the ceremonial circle and waited for his father to finish talking. According to tradition, once his father stated his intention to step down, naming Ian as his successor, anyone could step forward and challenge him for the right to be alpha of the Silverlight Pack.

He wasn’t thrilled with the idea that he might need to fight anyone who thought they were big and bad but he knew he was the best wolf for the position. He wouldn’t let anyone else have it. He had been learning to be the next alpha since the time he could walk, most of it at his father’s side, and Aldo Kline had been the best damn alpha their pack had seen in over five hundred years.

Those were some pretty big shoes for Ian to fill but he knew he was up for it. His father was still alive and would become his advisor. His best friend stood at his side, soon to be his beta. His pack was expecting him to step up and take over the pack, and they seemed happy about it. All he needed to do was find a mate and he would be set.

“Any that believe they would be a better alpha may step forward and challenge Ian for the right to lead the Silverlight Pack.”

Ian tensed when he heard his father say the words that he had both been dreading and anticipating. He eyes those standing around the circle. He could think of no one that truly wanted to be alpha. Everyone seemed to be pretty damn happy with letting Ian’s family lead the pack, which they had been doing for the last two hundred years.

Ian started to relax his muscles, blowing out a relieved breath when no one stepped forward until a commotion at the back of the crowd caught his attention. Ian’s muscles tensed right back up when the crowd parted and a rather formidable man stepped forward, following closely by three other men.

Ian’s eyes were riveted on the beautiful man being led into the torch lit circle by a leash attached to a collar around his throat. He would know those crystal blue eyes anywhere. He had been seeing them in his dreams for weeks.


* * * *

Billy’s head snapped up when he heard his name softly whispered on the breeze. His eyes locked on the tall, foreboding man standing across the ceremonial circle from him, his arms crossed and a deep scowl on his face.


His Ian.

The gorgeous man that haunted his dreams. He hadn't seen Ian since he was a small child and was forced to leave the pack by his stepfather after his mother died. That had been so many years ago, he had been afraid he wouldn't remember what Ian looked like.

He looked just like the gorgeous man in his dreams.

Billy quickly lowered his eyes when he felt a sharp tug on the leash held by his master. The elation he felt upon seeing Ian in real life quickly dwindled as he was reminded that whatever he had dreamed about would never be. He belonged to another master.

“I challenge Ian Kline for leadership of the Silverlight Pack.”

Billy’s breath hitched, catching on the sudden lump of fear lodged in his throat. His eyes snapped from his master to Ian and then back again. He had heard the ramblings of course but he never put two and two together. His Ian couldn’t be the man his master was here to kill.

Billy wouldn’t allow it.

He couldn’t. His Ian was all that was good and beautiful in the world. His master was evil to the core. He lived to torture people, and in the most imaginable ways he could conceive of. The man that accompanied them were just as evil, doing the master’s bidding with glee.

The rest of the bits of conversations he had heard while kneeling at his master’s feet flooded his brain almost faster than he could decipher truth from rumor. Pure terror slammed into Billy, almost taking him to his knees. Only years of practice locking them in place to stay standing for hours on end kept him from falling to a heap on the ground.

Those gathered were so unaware of the danger they were in, the danger closing in on them with each passing second. From the worried glance Ian shot toward the others encircling the ceremonial circle, the man knew something was amiss. He just didn’t know what.

Danger tainted the air.

When Ian’s beautiful hazel eyes came back to rest on him, Billy knew what he had to do. Even if it caused his death, he couldn’t allow this stunning man to fall victim to the horrors his master perpetrated on anyone that caught his attention.

Defying everything that had ever been beaten into him, Billy grabbed the length of leather attached to his collar and unclipped it. Before the two men guarding the master’s back could stop him, Billy leapt forward and wrapped the leather leash around his master’s throat, pulling it as tight as he could manage.

He felt the agony of blows to his back and head even as he heard the soft gurgle as his master struggled to free himself and then slowly slid to the ground, his last breath blowing out in a surprised hiss. Billy gave one more hard tug, feeling something snap in his master’s neck, before dropping the leash and falling to the ground. Pain stole his breath, making it impossible for him to do anything but lay there, waiting until he could breathe again. He would heal, but it would take time.

“Sweet hell, Billy.” Hazel eyes filled with shock and worry and something more, stared down at him. “What did you do?”

“Da-Danger,” Billy rasped. “ the wo-woods…” He licked his dry lips. “Sol-Soldiers.”

Ian stared for a moment then raised his head and looked around, He was shouting out orders in the next second. There was a flurry of activity around them as people ran to confront the men hiding in the forest to attack the pack. Billy only had eyes for the man holding his hand.

“I found you,” Billy whispered. “I protected you.”

Just like a mate should, but the words weren’t needed between them. Billy knew that Ian understood what he didn’t say.

Ian smiled down at him, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. “You did, Billy, and I thank you for your timely intervention. You saved a lot of lives tonight. But now it’s time to let me take care of you.”

Billy smiled as tears filled his eyes. “You always take care of me.”

Ian brushed the hair back from Billy’s face. “And I always will, mate.”