Birthday Bash with Nick and DB

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As he stuck birthday candles in the blue cake in front of him, Deputy Nick Hale thought he just might pull his hair out. He would be bald by the end of the day. There was just no other way to get out his frustrations without screaming and that would upset the kids, which meant it would never happen.

He had faced armed perps scarier than baby Hannah in a snit. Not quite a year old, she was hell on two wobbly feet. Nick couldn't think of much he wasn't willing to do to keep her smiling and happy.

It was pretty much the same with TJ, but at least the little boy could be reasoned a point. Three year olds—scratch that, four year olds—tended to have minds of their own. If what Nick told him to do made sense to him, TJ did it. If not, no power on earth could get the kid to agree. Nick was positive that the innate stubbornness came from his sister, Betty, the children's mother.

Sadness welled up inside of Nick as he finished decorating TJ's birthday cake. He missed his sister, and her husband, Tommy. The sudden loss of two of the most important people in his life had been hard. There were days when Nick wondered if he would survive. Throwing TJ's fourth birthday party was one of them.

What did he know about throwing a birthday party for a kid?

"Breath, baby."

Nick chuckled as he let out a breath and then drew another one in. He leaned back into the arms that encircled him, patting the hands clasped over his chest. "I don't know how Betty and Tommy did this year after year. It's insane."

"It's not like they did this for decades, Nicky," DB said as he moved around in front of Nick and peered up at him. "TJ is only turning four, not a hundred."

"Can you imagine what Ma and Da Blaecleah went through?" The older couple had like a million kids. Granted, they were all grown now, and a few of them had even started providing the Blaecleahs with grandchildren, but six kids made for a lot of birthday parties.

DB snickered. "We're lucky we just have the two little hellions."

Nick grinned as he rested his head against DB. With each second he spent in his husband's arms, he could feel he layers of stress rolling off his body. He was pretty sure he could face anything the world tossed at him as long as he had DB, even a four year old's birthday party.

"We could have more," Nick whispered into DB's light brown hair. "Maybe one with your beautiful green eyes." Nick felt the air still around them, his heart beating erratically in his chest as he waited for DB's response.

DB's head lifted slowly. Nick couldn't read the expression in the handsome doctor's eyes, almost as if DB was closing off his emotions. "You want more children?"

Nick felt his face flush with heat as he dropped his eyes the open neckline of DB's dress shirt. He traced the edge of the material with his finger, feeling the heat of DB's skin with the tip of his finger. "Not right away, no, but I've thought about it."

DB said nothing.

Nick started to think he shouldn't have said anything when he felt DB's finger under his chin, lifting his face up until their eyes met. Something loosened in Nick's chest when he saw the twinkle in DB's eyes.

"Green eyes, huh?"

Nick swallowed hard. "I like your eyes."

"You know you can't always get someone pregnant on the first try. It might take awhile."

Nick grinned as he pulled DB tight up against him, his semi hard cock making it abundantly clear that he liked the feeling of the gorgeous doctor pressing against him. "I'm willing to fuck you as many times as it takes."

Considering he had thought he was straight most of his life, that was saying a lot. If his best friend hadn't stubbornly stuck by his side while he almost married a woman, Nick might have missed the best thing that ever happened to him.

"I love you, Devon."

"I love you, Nick, always have." DB's green eyes flashed with heat.

Nick started to lean down to claim the handsome man's lips in a kiss guaranteed to peel the paint off the walls, when the sounds of children laughing floated through the air. Nick groaned as he dropped his forehead against DB's.

"Stop laughing," he growled.

DB laughed harder. "Cock blocked by a four year old."

Nick rolled his eyes. "Light the birthday candles, jackass."

DB wrinkled his nose at him before pushing away and heading for the doorway. "You should probably do it." DB's head tilted, turning halfway toward the noise coming from the backyard where the birthday party was in full swing. "Might be the only fire you get close to anytime soon."

 Nick stood there with his mouth hanging open as he watched the love of his life walk out into the backyard. "Nick Hale, this is your life." He grinned as he grabbed a lighter and started lighting the birthday candles on the blue cake. "Ain't it grand."


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