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Bray's Bounty

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Lany groaned as he woke up and rolled to his side. He ached. His muscles ached. The aches on his muscles ached. But hot damn, he could only grin when he remembered exactly why he ached. After only a week of waking up every morning wrapped in Bray’s arms, Lany couldn’t imagine waking up any place else.

“I can feel you smiling, Lany love.”

Lany rolled onto his back and turned toward the warm body cuddled next to him. He slowly brought his hand up and settled it against the soft skin at Bray’s throat. From there, Lany stroked his hand up until he could touch Bray’s square jaw and chiseled cheekbones.

“I have a good reason to be smiling.” Lany inhaled deeply when a rough chuckle rumbled through Bray, shaking his chest. The muscles rippling against Lany’s body quickened his pulse and made his dick hard. 

Someone had once described Bray to Lany as a dark figure of a man, big and powerful, but Lany knew differently. His well-muscled body moved with easy grace, his shoulders were a yard wide. He stood inches above other men.

And yet, Lany knew that he held the man’s life in the palm of his hand. There wasn’t anything Bray wouldn’t do for him. The Senate Sentry had devoted his entire life to Lany’s wellbeing and happiness.

“My mate made love to me for hours last night,” Lany whispered reverently as he moved his fingertips over the bristly stubble he could feel on the side of Bray’s face. “He claimed me again and again for everyone to see.”

Lany just wished he could see Bray. Even if the man had been described to him, and Lany had mapped out every inch of Bray’s body, there was a part of him that forever wished that he could really look at his mate.

He understood what the color red was, and even associated it with hot just as he associated blue with cold, and so on. People could explain colors to him until they ran out of breath. That didn’t mean Lany would ever understand them. It was hard to miss what he had never known.

But gunmetal grey eyes and short cropped black hair were two colors Lany craved seeing with every fiber of his being.

“I wish I could see you, Bray,” Lany murmured, closing his eyes when he felt tears flood them.

“Do you know what you would see if you could look into my eyes, Lany love?”

Lany pressed his lips together, shaking his head. He turned his head when he felt Bray cup the side of his face, pressing into the warm callused hand that slid against his skin.

“You’d see me looking back at you,” Bray said. “You’d see how much you mean to me, how happy I am that we’re finally together, that you are finally my mate.”

Lany laughed instead of giving into the tears that threatened to spill down his cheeks. “I’ve been your mate for six years,” he insisted.

“True, but now I can tell the entire world that you’re mine. There will be no more sneaking around darkened hallways to get a look at my mate or stealing a kiss when no one is looking. Now, I can kiss you whenever I want to.”

As if to prove his point, Bray claimed his lips in a magnificent kiss filled with passion and desire and a need so great that it singed Lany’s lips. He felt the explosion of heat from Bray’s mouth to his. His body, of its own accord, melted into his mate’s.

Bray’s hands roamed over Lany’s body freely, as if they had been lovers for years instead of just hours, softly caressing him, arousing him driving him to a fever pitch. Bray took his time, his hands and mouth leisurely mapping Lany’s body.

Lany let his head fall to the side, giving his mate room to claim him again. Bray thrust his cock up into Lany, making him scream as his nails dug into Bray’s shoulders. He knew he was a goner with that large cock shoved in his ass. The man knew exactly what he was doing. There was no doubt about that.

Bray knew how to use it and make Lany scream with pleasure.

Bray dipped down lower and thrust his cock harder into Lany’s ass, making him cling to the man as his damn eyes rolled to the back of his head. Bray powered into Lany, making his ass sore and happy at the same time. Lany wanted to grab his own cock, but was afraid to let go.

“Your body fits mine so perfectly.” Bray’s deep voice rumbled right down through Lany’s body and wrapped around his cock, bringing it to full attention. Oh god, he just might be able to come from that sound alone. “I could stay inside of you forever.”

 “Okay,” Lany teased.

It felt good to let go of his worries, even if it was just for this moment. Lany was tired of worrying about what would happen if the Senate caught them. He was tired of constantly watching over his shoulder. He wanted to settle down with his mate.

“Fuck me harder, Bray,” Lany begged as his mate curled his hips, snapping them so hard that Lany cried out, his cock exploding, cum splashing between them.

“Lany!” Bray shouted as came, filling Lany’s ass with his release.

Lany cried out once more when he felt Bray’s fangs sink into the soft skin of his shoulder. The bond between them shuddered and strengthened, renewing itself as they connected again on a soul deep level.

By the time Bray lifted his head and licked the bite mark closed, Lany felt like a wet noodle. He wasn’t so sure he could handle having sex with Bray a few times a day. The man was going to wear his ass out, literally.