Story Excerpt
Broken Nail Diva

flame div

"Oh snap, I broke a nail."

Harper Brooks held his hand up in the air and curled his lips back in abhorrence as he looked at the chipped nail at the end of his index finger. This was going to ruin his entire day. He wasn't scheduled to see his manicurist for another week.

This just would not do. He could not walk around for the next seven days with a chipped nail. Not only would he snag it on everything, but knowing it needed repaired, he'd pick at it constantly. Harper's head snapped around, quickly scanning his surroundings until he spotted a small round table at a sidewalk café.


He made a beeline for the black iron table out in front of a small corner café and nearly collided with a stranger. The bastard took his seat. Harper ignored whoever it was as he set his bag down on the surface of the table and started rummaging through it. There were some things more important and he didn't care who'd gotten there first or who stole the chair. His bag was claiming the table.

"Don't let me bother you."

"Oh, you're not bothering me." Harper waved a dismissive hand at the man—not the chipped one—even as he inwardly acknowledged that the man's low and smoky voice had a profound impression on his libido. He almost gave up the search for his nail file to give his attention to the man at the table but he really hated having a chipped nail.

"Yes!" Harper pulled out his nail file and started buffing the damaged nail. He still needed to make an emergency appointment with Madeline but at least buffing it out would get rid of the rough edges.

Harper blew on it to get rid of the nail remnants. "There, that's better." He dropped his nail file back into his bag and then turned to look at the man sitting there staring at him like he had never seen a man buff his nails before.

As if.

It was instantly clear that the devilishly handsome man was not from Harper's little hometown. Besides the fact that almost everyone here was a cowboy of some sort, and this guy was decked out like a businessman, right down to the fancy silk shirt, Harper would have noticed any newcomers that looked this damn good.

"Hello, honey." Harper poured syrup into his voice and batted his eyelashes.

"Excuse me?" The stranger's voice was courteous yet patronizing. The dark eyebrow was blatantly condescending.

"Aren't you just the thing." Harper started fanning himself as he looked the massive man up and down. Even sitting, the guy was nearly as tall as Harper. He was a mountain Harper wouldn’t mind climbing. "Honey, the things I could do with you, to you, or even let you watch as I do them to myself."

Harper tapped his finger against his lower lip. He watched the man's nostrils flare when he slid his finger between his lips and gently bit down on the tip. He loved being naughty and this man deserved so much naughtiness. "If I had you naked for ten minutes, I would lather you up and slid down your pole." Harper's entire body tightened as he started to fantasize about this guy's pole. "Maybe five minutes."

The stranger frowned as he crossed his hands over his delicious abdomen and leaned back, appraising Harper. "Do you always talk to strangers in such a manner?"

Harper winked at the guy. "Only when I want him to bend me over the nearest flat surface."

Harper sighed when the gorgeous man continued to stare at him like he'd lost his ever-loving mind. Too bad. This one was really hot. They would have had a scorching time together. Harper reached out and trailed a finger over the skin exposed at the top of the man's open shirt. He breathed in deeply, the stranger's masculine scent wrapping around him like fur brushing over naked skin.

He stepped between the man's muscular thighs, invading his personal space before tugging gently on the edge of his silk shirt. "The things I could do to your delicious body would make your eyes roll to the back of your head." The fire that infused the stranger's golden eyes told Harper his message had gotten across to the handsome man.

Harper pouted, sticking his lush lower lip out. He knew his lips drew men in. He looked like he could suck a golf ball through a hundred feet of garden hose. He probably could. His oral abilities were damn near legendary.

They were a breath away from each other. He could feel the sexual magnetism that made the man so confident. It sent a shot of lust sizzling through Harper's body, hardening his cock into a steel pipe.

Daring to move closer, Harper tilted his head and nuzzled his nose just under the line of the man's square jaw, sniffing and rubbing against him. "Goddess, you smell like sandalwood and leather. I'd bath in your scent if I could, bottle it up and take it home so I always had it near me."

Harper was a little shocked by his forwardness, but not much. He had long ago decided to be who he wanted to be and fuck everyone else. If they didn't like him the way he was, so what? They didn't have to stick around. Harper wasn't changing for anyone. Besides, it wasn't every day he ran across men this breathtakingly handsome. He wasn't passing up the opportunity.

Harper leaned back just enough to peer up at the man through his long eyelashes. The looks he was receiving from the stranger ran a gamut from confused to intrigued to insulted to aroused, and the aroused one was the one Harper was interested in.

Aroused was freaking fantastic.

"It would be even better if you put that scent on me the old fashioned way when you fucked me into the mattress."

Harper knew it was coming but still, he was disappointed when the man grabbed him by the arms and gently set him aside. Most people didn't understand him. He shouldn't be surprised when Mr. Tall and Gorgeous didn't.

"Enough." The word was growled, firm, the message clear.

And oddly, it stabbed at Harper's heart. His cock and enthusiasm went flaccid.

Refusing to let the stranger see how much his rejection hurt, Harper plastered a smile on his face—the same one he used when going to dinner at his parents' place—and stepped back. "Your loss, darling. I could have tickled your fancy with my tongue until you screamed for mercy." Harper winked as he started to turn away but paused and added, "And I swallow."