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Cat's Pride

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 “Oh, mate,” Kody said as he climbed onto the bed and began crawling up between Benji’s legs, “I’m going to take such good care of you.”

The lump building in Benji’s throat made it hard to talk. “Okay,” he whispered. Benji couldn’t tear his eyes away from what Kody was doing if it meant dying in the next ten minutes. The sight of the man’s mouth hovering over his hard cock was mesmerizing.

When Kody’s tongue came out and licked across the top of his cock, Benji cried out, his head dropping back against the pillows. The hard suction he felt a moment later made Benji’s head snap right back up. His jaw dropped open as he watched Kody swallow his cock down all of the way to the bottom.

“No one’s ever—I’ve never—you—” Benji gulped, unable to say more or make sense of anything except the feeling of Kody’s mouth moving up and down on his aching cock. Had he ever felt anything so good in his life?

Lost in sensation, Benji blinked rapidly when Kody moved up onto his knees and reached around behind him. Kody’s lips never left Benji’s cock. Benji frowned and tried to see what Kody was doing. He had an idea but—

“What are you doing?” Kody grinned around the erection in his mouth and wiggled his eyebrows. Benji’s eyes widened at the implication. “You’re—but I’ve never—” Benji groaned as more heat rushed through him, only this time, it didn’t hurt. In fact, it felt wonderful, warming Benji from the inside out.

“Kody,” he groaned. He’d never had someone love on him and he was afraid he’d disappoint Kody. He was also afraid that he would come in the next few moments. His cock felt like it was about to explode. “I can’t hold out.”

Benji groaned when Kody’s hand suddenly squeezed the base of his cock and the man’s lips slipped off of his engorged flesh. “Oh, you’re going to last, baby, at least long enough for me to feel this beauty in my ass.”

Benji blinked in surprise. “You don’t want to fuck me?”

“I very much want to make love to you but I also want to feel my mate’s cock in my ass.”

Benji’s eyebrows shot up. “You’d let me top you?”

Kody’s head snapped back. “Benji, we’re mates. There is no topping or bottoming between us. We do what feels good and right now, I’m seriously hoping that your cock feels good.”

“I’ve never—” Benji’s face heated.

Kody grinned. “That’s what makes it even better. I get to be your first.”

Benji was pretty sure that Kody was going to be his only but he wasn’t about to mention that right now. He wanted to feel the man way too much to bring that up. “What do I need to do?”

“Just lie there. I’ll do all the work.” Kody moved up until he straddled Benji’s hips. “If I get too heavy, let me know.”

Benji nodded quickly. His eyes widened as he watched Kody lift up then slowly lower himself down. A full body shudder ripped through Benji as his cock pushed into Kody’s warm heat. He clenched his hands in the sheets to keep from reaching for the man. He was just supposed to lie there and let Kody do the work but it was so hard not to move.

“Damn, I was right,” Kody groaned as his head fell back on his shoulders. “You feel fucking fantastic.”

Benji blinked in surprise when Kody suddenly leaned over him, resting his arms on either side of Benji’s head.

“Are you ready for this, baby?”

Benji nodded. He knew a moment later when Kody began to move that he wasn’t. He had no clue it would feel this good or that he would want this so much. When Kody’s mouth began to lick a path across his chest, Benji couldn’t prevent himself from reaching up and sinking his hands into the man’s thick dark brown hair.

“So full, baby,” Kody murmured against Benji’s skin. “Feels so good.”

Benji nodded, beyond speech. He felt like he was one big ball of sensation.

“Gonna love fucking you next time.”

Benji nodded again.

“Are you going to claim me, Benji?” Kody whispered as he tilted his head to one side.

Benji’s eyes landed on the rapid pulse beating in Kody’s throat. He licked his lips nervously. He knew what it meant if he bit Kody. They would be bound together forever, never to be apart. Their souls would merge, becoming one.

“Are you sure?” Benji asked as he found his voice. This was a huge step. He wouldn’t do it if Kody wasn’t sure, no matter how much he wanted it. Once he claimed Kody, the man couldn’t deny that they were mates. They would need each other to survive.

Kody was smiling as he turned his head to look down at him. “I’m sure, Benji.”

Benji prayed that Kody didn’t grow to hate him as he took the man at his words and struck, sinking his teeth into Kody’s throat. Sweet, hot blood spilled over into his mouth. Benji heard Kody cry out above him just as his release exploded inside of him.

Ecstasy unlike anything he had ever felt swept through Benji as he felt something inside of him snap into place. For the first time in his life, Benji felt accepted, needed. He felt wanted. A sudden warmth filled his entire body and then he could feel Kody, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. He felt everything.

“Kody!” Benji cried out as he was thrown into another mind-blowing orgasm, this one even stronger than the first one. It started at his toes and rolled up his body to the top of his head, filling every cell in his body until he didn’t know where he ended and Kody began. It continued to grow and grow until Benji’s vision dimmed and then he felt nothing but bliss…then nothing at all.