Adult Excerpt
Chameleon Wolf

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Matt’s hands slid around Zac’s neck as he explored the depths of the man’s mouth. Realizing Matt’s canines had already dropped down, Zac ran his tongue slowly across them before diving back into his mouth.

Moving his hands down Matt’s body, he pushed the hem of his shirt up and broke the kiss long enough to remove it. Lowering his head, he once again claimed the swollen lips below him. He felt the smooth muscled skin underneath, but it wasn’t enough.

            “Baby, are you sure about this?” Zac asked as he reached for the button of Matt’s jeans.

            “Yes, please, make me yours,” Matt moaned against his mouth. That was good enough for Zac.

            Zac scraped his teeth gently across a small patch of skin where Matt’s neck met his shoulders. “This is where I’m going to bite you when I claim you, Matt,” he whispered as he freed Matt’s cock from his pants.

Zac rubbed his hand over the hard flesh. His thumb skimmed across the top, smearing pre-cum over the head. He slowly slid Matt to his feet and pulled his jeans and boxers down his legs. He gently pushed Matt back on the bed breaking the kiss to watch Matt scoot back to the pillows. Nearly swallowing his tongue at the bounty before him, Zac quickly whipped off his shirt, shoes, socks and jeans. He was desperate to join his gorgeous, naked mate on the bed.

            Crawling up the bed to Matt, Zac let out a soft growl that had Matt widening his eyes in surprise. As he nibbled on Matt’s neck, Zac grabbed his cock again, quickly stroking him as he sank his teeth into his neck.

Zac’s eyes drifted closed as he savored the sweet taste of his mate, thankful he could now do this whenever he wanted. Matt tasted just as he did when Zac first kissed him, like passion fruit and honey. It was a delicious flavor the he knew he would be obsessed with for the rest of his life.

            Zac opened his eyes and he lifted his head, looking down in astonishment as Matt cried out. Matt’s hips lifted frantically, pushing against Zac as he came, covering Zac’s hand with shot after shot of white thick seed.

Oh Fuck me! That was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He lifted his hand to his lips, his tongue darting out to lick some of the seed on his hand. Matt tasted like passion fruit, but a little more tangy. Zac was doomed.

            “That wasn’t supposed to happen yet, was is?”

            Zac’s eyes fell down to Matt’s burning face at his whispered words. Matt avoided Zac’s gaze, his face filled with embarrassment. He was upset he came so quickly, Zac realized. He might not be a virgin, but he wasn’t experienced anywhere near what Zac was.

            “There’s no rule to say it wasn’t, but I thought it was hot. I want to see that look on your face over and over again, knowing what I do to you put it there.”

Zac went back to kissing Matt as his hands went down to grab his hips. Matt groaned when Zac pressed their erections together and spread his legs as an invitation to Zac. Pushing Matt’s legs up to his chest, Zac got to his knees to look down at Matt’s tight puckered entrance.

Reaching back to his jeans at the end of the bed, where his lube was, he saw Matt spread his legs even further. Zac quickly moved back between Matt’s legs, popped the bottle open and squirted some lube on his finger.

            He squirted a few drops down the crack of Matt’s ass before closing the lid and tossing the bottle on the nightstand. He glanced up at Matt’s flushed face, wanting to be sure he was ready for what Zac was about to do.

            “Matt, is this ok?”

            “Please, yes, please fuck me,” Matt cried out.

            Zac smiled at his mate’s eager response even as he lightly smoothed his fingers over Matt, feeling his body quiver at his delicate touch. Zac groaned at how responsive Matt was.. He wished they could spend a week in bed, not just a night before heading home. If Matt was this sensitive to his finger, Zac couldn’t wait to find out what he did when Zac’s cock pushed deep inside him.

            Rubbing his fingers around in a circle, Zack rimmed the edges of Matt’s hole, pushing in little by little until Matt was nearly mindless on the bed. Matt panted, his legs shook, and his head thrashed on the bed from side to side. Matt’s response fascinated Zac.. He’d never seen anyone so responsive to just a touch, and he barely explored the rest of Matt’s body.

            Without warning, Zac pushed two fingers into Matt, immediately feeling the muscles around them clench in protest. When Matt cried out, Zac froze, thinking he had been too rough with his little mate.

About to apologize, his eyes widened when he watched Matt’s whole body shake as he moaned in pleasure. Zac watched Matt’s face as he moved his fingers in and out of the man. He moved slowly at first but as Matt’s moans turned into whimpers, Zack sped up his movements and added a third finger.

            “Please don’t tease me—I need—I need,” Matt began to beg.

            “I know what you need, Matt,” Zac hissed trying to keep control so he didn’t attack his mate and go feral on him. Zac pulled his fingers free and replaced them with his hard, aching cock.

He held Matt’s thighs up to his chest and watched as he slowly pushed himself into his mate. Inch by slow inch, his cock disappeared deep within Matt’s tight grasp. As Zac pushed all the way in, then slowly pulled out, Matt cried out.

Bingo! Sweet spot found and stroked.

            Zac kept his eyes on Matt’s face as he thrust himself in and out of the man. His movements became faster and more erratic as Matt’s muscles tightened around him with each thrust.

Matt’s whimpers and cries of pleasure were driving him towards an orgasm faster than anything he had ever experienced before. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. Zac grabbed Matt’s leaking cock and stroked him in time with his thrusts.

Zac heard Matt cry out his name as hot liquid filled the space between them, covering his hand. Zac stroked Matt a few times more before moving his hands to Matt’s hips in a tight grasp. Matt’s inner muscles clamped down on his cock, squeezing him. Yelling louder than he ever remembered during sex, Zac came, filling his mate with his hot seed, claiming him.

            Zac collapsed on Matt as the knot at the end of his cock extended, locking him into place within his mate. Matt started moaning again. For what seemed like hours, Zac’s cock continued to pulse, sending spurt after spurt of seed into his little mate, extending his pleasure.

Zack’s orgasm finally subsided, and the knot keeping him locked inside Matt finally receded. He licked the mating bite closed then lifted his head to look at his mate. Realizing Matt was already asleep, Zac pulled the covers down from under Matt.

Pulling Matt close to his chest and the covers over both of them, he took a deep inhale of his mate’s wonderful scent. “I’m going to fall for you hard,” Zac whispered against Matt’s hair. “Please love me back,”