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Code Triage

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"I really want to kiss you." Elam eyes locked onto Pat's luscious and tempting lips. They were perfectly made for kissing. "So, so much."

"Okay," Pat whispered right back before his eyes dropped to Elam's lips.

He tipped Pat's mouth up with one finger under his chin and feathered his mouth over his lips. He felt his cock swell and pulse as he licked at Pat's lips with his tongue, silently asking for permission to take the kiss deeper.

Elam drew in the breath that Pat let out. The sweet shudder that shook Pat was just what Elam had been hoping for when he fantasized about kissing him. When Pat's lips parted, Elam groaned and moved inside to explore and conquer the moist heat of his mouth. The taste of Pat exploded on his tongue, his senses reeling.

Pat tasted just as sweet as that shudder, like honey, and Elam wanted more. He wrapped his hand around the nape of Pat's neck and pulled his closer as he tilted his head to get a better angle. Kissing Pat was like kissing a shooting star. It made Elam's stomach tingle and his heart beat faster. It was definitely out of this world.

Elam tangled with Pat's tongue for a moment, licking and sucking on the slick appendage. He could feel Pat's hard cock against his stomach, but he honestly wanted Pat's mouth more right now, so he continued his exploration.

He pushed his tongue back into Pat's mouth for a slower, gentler exploration. He teased, tasted, and became familiar again with the sexy mouth he'd been dreaming about since he'd first seen the man leaning over the top of him.

As his tongue swirled with Pat's, his cock throbbed with painful, aching need. His tongue rasped through the slit of Pat's lips, slowly, erotically, and so hot that Elam felt like he was melting. He took Pat's mouth again and again as he gathered the man to him, lifting Pat's body high against his chest.

"Pat...can I?"

Panting softly, Pat blinked up at him. "Can you what?"

"I want you." Elam glanced down Pat's svelte body. "All of you."

"O-Okay," Pat replied in a shaky breath.

Elam grinned as he stroked his hands down Pat's chest to the hem of his shirt. Pat's lashes fluttered, his lips parting as Elam pulled the shirt gently over his head. The fabric slid down the man's arms like an erotic caress, and then he tossed it aside before reaching for his pants.

The second pat was Elam rolled to the side of the bed and got up, quickly stripping his own clothes off and tossing them aside before turning to look back at Pat.

Elam inhaled softly as his eyes drank in the sight of the beautiful man lying there in the bed. His fists clenched at the intense arousal building, burning inside of him. Elam closed his eyes as he breathed in raggedly.

"You're so beautiful, Pat." Elam's eyes snapped up when a small chuckle fell from Pat's lips. He arched an eyebrow in question.

The statement had been a compliment, not a joke, but from the twinkle in the man's deep brown eyes, Elam knew Pat wasn't mocking him.

Pat grinned sheepishly. "I think you're crazy."

"I'm not."

Pat really was stunning.

Elam closed his eyes and shook his head to escape the power Pat suddenly held over him. Never before had Elam felt anything this intense, this powerful. He wanted to run his tongue over Pat's smooth skin, feel Pat's heat, touch him, and taste him.

Every inch of him.

"Oh, yeah." Pat's eyes lit with humor. "You're crazy."

Elam grinned. He liked this more humorous side of Pat. There were hidden depths to the man, and Elam planned to discover all of them.

He also planned to discover every inch of the man's body, from the top of his head to the tips of his toes and every damn inch in between. Elam raised his hand and reached for Pat, then stopped. His eyes flickered up. "Can I touch you?"

"Yes." Pat exhaled the single word on a shaky breath.

 Elam leaned down and nuzzled the soft skin of Pat's neck.

Taking his sweet time, he slowly kissed a trail down Pat's smooth neck and past his collarbone until he came to Pat's nipple. With a stroke of his tongue over the tiny little bud, Elam teased the hardened nub before latching onto it with his lips and sucking it into his mouth. He rolled it between his teeth and then lapped at the sensitive flesh. Pat arched off the bed, bucking against Elam as a breathless moan escaped his lips.

And Elam felt like a god.

He had done that. He had driven that sweet moan of ecstasy out of this sweet man's mouth. Not even the most pleasurable orgasm could bring Elam to the heights of happiness that knowledge took him to.

"We need lube and a condom."

Pat arched an eyebrow. "I didn't bring any with me. Did you?"

"No, but..." Elam's forehead creased as he frowned. "Didn't you say the Blaecleah brothers use this place to get away?"

Pat nodded.

Elam smiled before he jumped up and started searching through the nightstands. It wasn't until he got to the bottom drawer that he found what he was looking for. He grinned as he climbed back up onto the bed.

Elam popped the top on the bottle of lube and slicked up his fingers. He liberally coated over each finger, his body hardening further at the thought of what he was about to do.

After placing the bottle back on the nightstand, Elam slipped his hand around Pat to rub his finger over the man's hole. Pat was right. It had been a long time for him. The smaller man's muscles were so tight that Elam was a little worried he would hurt him.

Gradually, sensually, Elam traced his fingers from the tip of Pat's tailbone down his ass crease to his balls, and then back again. Not only was Elam repeating this action to relax Pat, but it was bringing him immeasurable pleasure as well.

The feel of Pat's body under his fingers sent spikes of fire through Elam's body, shooting the flames straight to his cock. The ache was so deep that it was torture.