A Djini Birthday Celebration

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"I would ask for a favor, Demonas Amatés of my brethren."

Gabe and Nick glanced at Clagh.

"What sort of favor?" Nick asked.

"The day of Jack's birth is in a few days. When I questioned him about it, he dismissed it as if it was of no consequence. He said he had not celebrated a birthday since the passing of his mother when he was ten years old. His father did not celebrate them."

"Bastard!" Nick snapped. "I don't understand how the fates could have granted that man a chance to reproduce. He didn't deserve it."

Clagh couldn't agree more. Barrel Aniston had filled Jack's head with horrible, hateful things that had caused Clagh to almost lose his Demonas Amaté. Trying to kill Jack had been the worst of the man's transgressions, but not all of them. Clagh was glad the man was no longer in Jack's life. Jack deserved better.

"I wish to celebrate this birthday with him. I want to do something special, something he will remember, but I am unsure of how to go about it."

"Oh." Nick's eyes began to twinkle, which made Clagh very nervous. "I think we can help with that."

Gabe shot him a look. "We can?"

Nick grinned. "I have the perfect idea."

Clagh swallowed tightly and took a step back. Maybe he should have kept this request to himself. The mischief flaring to life in Nick and Gabe's eyes was enough to make Clagh wish he was facing off against a band of Shayatin with his hands tied behind his back.

"What is this idea?" he asked hesitantly.

Clagh wanted to make up for every birthday Jack had ever missed. The man was so in need of love and acceptance, he practically vibrated with it. Clagh wanted to be the one who filled that need.

He wanted to do it without death or mayhem.

"It'll be epic."

Clagh lifted an eyebrow. "Epic?"

"Something he will never forget."

* * * *

Nick stared down at the note in his hand. "He really needs me to go to his parent's farm?"

"Yes, Demonas Amaté," the warrior replied. "He asked for me to escort you there personally." There was a lot of pride in that statement.

""Okay." Nick couldn't understand why, but he always enjoyed going to the farm. He adored Clagh's parents, especially since his own mother was dead and his father was a complete ass. "I'd better let the others know where I'm going."

They worried.

"We must go now, Demonas Amaté."

Jack glanced back toward the clan compound. He really didn't like the idea of leaving without telling to someone first. "I really should tell someone where I am going."

It wasn't like he didn't trust the warrior, but he was a police detective. He had learned to be wary, especially considering that the Shayatin were still an issue. While they had been able to stem the flow of the drug Lust into Jinnistan, rogue demons could still attack.

"We must go, Demonas Amaté."

Jack growled as he turned. "Someone needs to know where we are going. Clagh would have my hide if I didn't tell someone where I am going."

The man was crazy possessive like that.

"Clagh is waiting for you."

This was a really bad idea.

"Fine," Jack said as he started walking, "but if I get into trouble, I'm throwing you under the bus."

The warrior frowned. "What this bus you speak of?"

Jack rolled his eyes. "A really large carriage pulled by about two hundred horses."

The warrior's eyes rounded. "That's a lot of horses."

"It's a really big carriage."

Nick had seriously considered purchasing an encyclopedia set and bringing it down to Jinnistan just so the warriors who were being trained to fight on the surface world would know what to expect.

Jack was a little more prepared to go through the astral gate this time than he had the last time he went to visit Clagh's parent. He knew what to expect. His stomach still did a little flop when he landed on the other side.

He took a moment to breathe then looked out around the village. It was certainly a nicer picture this time around than the first time he had come to Amberbad. People were laughing and playing and going about their daily business. No bodies littered the ground. Jack liked it much better now.

He smiled when his gaze landed on the tall Djini warrior waiting for him at the bottom of the steps. He loped down the steps and into the demon's arms. He leaned into the kiss Clagh placed on his lips.

If someone had told him a year ago he would be standing in the middle of a market square, kissing another man, he would have punched them. Now, he couldn't imagine living any other way. Clagh was his life.

"Hey, sexy, come here often?" he asked once Clagh lifted his head.

"I was born here."

Jack chuckled. Some things from the surface world really did not translate well. "So, why did you need me to come to the farm so badly?"

"Could I not simply want to enjoy your company?" Clagh asked.

"Yes." Jack's grin grew. "Are we going to the farm?"

"We are." Clagh nodded. "But I have something to do first."

"Oh?" Something sparkled in Clagh's dark eyes when he smiled. It wasn't a bad sparkle, but damned if Jack knew what it was. "Is something wrong?"

"Not at all, Demonas Amaté."

Despite Clagh's assurance, Jack still felt unsettled. Clagh was acting weird, and considering the man was a Djini, that was saying a lot. He was a demon who fought rogue demons. He lived in a world that could only be reached by using an astral gate. He could control the earth elements.

It didn't get much weirder than that, which was what made this so strange.

"Are you parents okay?"

Clagh patted his hand. "They are fine, Demonas Amaté."

Jack frowned, not sure if he believed his mate. Clagh sounded happy enough, even if his voice was a little strained. Something was definitely going on, but damned if Jack could figure out what it was.

The walk from town to Clagh's family farm was a quick one. Jack had come to realize his speed and stamina had increased since he mated with Clagh. According to Nick and Gabe, it was a side effect of mating a Djini. So was Jack's ability to manipulate the earth elements. he couldn't do things on the scale that Clagh could, but he could move soil and help things grow.

It was very cool.

Jack frowned when the family farm came into view. He expected to see people moving about, working and such. The place was always busy. "Where is everyone?"

"I believe they had a celebration to attend."

"Oh." Jack's heart sank. He had really been hoping to see Clagh's parents. He frowned when Clagh started leading him past the house and barn. "Where are we going?"

"Down by the lake."

Jack's spirits lifted. He liked the lake. He had fond memories from their time spent there. It had been the place where he had fully accepted Clagh as his mate. He sighed happily when the beautiful crystal clear lake came into view.

"I love it here."

"Yes, I do as well, Demonas Amaté. I was considering asking my parents if we could build a small cabin along the edge of the lake, a place for just you and I to visit. What would you think of that?"

"Really?" Jack turned to look up at his handsome mate. "Do you think they would let us?"

Clagh smiled. "If the gods will it."

Jack turned back to gaze out over the lake, scanning the shoreline. "Where should we build it? Do you have a specific spot in mind?" When Clagh didn't answer him, Jack turned. His jaw dropped when he saw Clagh down on one knee. "Clagh?"

Clagh reached out and took his hand. "I am told that this is a very important ritual in your world."

Jack gasped when Clagh pulled out a box and flipped the lid open.

"I give myself into your care, Jackson Anistan. All that I am, my life, my loyalty, and my honor is yours. My body to your body, my heart to your heart, my soul to your soul. No other shall come before you. I bind myself to all that you are. Thus, I am bonded. Will you do the same? Will you bind your life to mine?"

Jack's hand trembled as he reached for the ring in the little box. It was different than the golden vine ring Clagh had given him when they mated. This one was more ornate. While the vines were there, a small golden dipped flower sat on top with a chocolate diamond nestled in the center of it.

His gaze flickered to Clagh. "Are you asking me to marry you?"

"Yes, that is the word. Marry. Will you marry me?"

The emotions that rushed into Jack were overwhelming, bringing tears to his eyes. He never thought he'd find someone to love him as much as Clagh did, nor did he ever think he would ever have enough courage to come out as one man loving another.

He never dreamed he'd get married.

"Are you sure?" He didn't think Djini actually got married.

"You are my Demonas Amaté, but more than that, you are the man I love. It would bring me much joy to bind your life to mine in the ways of your world."

Jack smiled through the tears that began to slide down his cheeks. "Yes, Clagh, I will marry you." He could think of very little he'd like more.


Jack gulped. "Now?"

Clagh grinned as he stood. He grabbed Jack's arm and started back toward the farmhouse.

"Where are we going?" Jack asked. He kind of thought they were doing the romantic thing down by the lake. He was hoping for a little action to go with that romance.

"You will see, Demonas Amaté."

When they reached the barn, instead of walking past it and heading for the house, Clagh paused by the door and turned to Jack. "Are you ready to make a birthday memory with me?"

Jack frowned. "What?"

"It is the day of your birth, Jack. I want to make it one you will never forget."

"Clagh, I don't celebrate my birthday. You know that. I told you."

"That is why I want to give you something good to celebrate."

Jack's draw dropped when Clagh reached over and pulled the large barn doors open and he got a good look inside. The aging wine barrels still lined the walls, by they had been draped with vines and flowers in every color imaginable.

The wine making machines had been removed. Rows of white chairs sat in their place. White chairs filled with all the friends and family Jack had made since coming to Jinnistan. Candles covered almost every conceivable surface, giving a beautiful glow to the inside of the barn.

At the far end stood a man dressed in long flowing gown, kind of like a priest, but not. He was definitely from Jinnistan, but Jack was pretty sure he was some sort of spiritual leader of some sort. Nick and Gabe stoof off to one side of him, Tehmper and Storym on the other.

"Well, Demonas Amaté?" Clagh held out his hand. "Will you celebrate your birthday with me?"

Jack smiled as he took Clagh's hand and walked down the aisle with him. He couldn't think of anything he wouldn't do for his earth demon.

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* * * *

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Clagh had spent hundreds of years doing his duty to Jinnistan and his people. When his fellow warriors found their mates, he began to hope he would be granted the same gift. His Demonas Amaté was a welcome surprise. Now, if he could just get the handsome detective to see that they belonged together.

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