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Beau sniffed the air before opening his eyes. It was an instinctive gesture. The most delicious scent he had ever smelled filled his senses. He inhaled deeper, needing to wrap the sweet scent around himself. He had never smelled anything more arousing in his life. It was overwhelming.

Beau felt achy, needy. His cock was harder than it had ever been before and the more of the sweet scent he sniffed, the harder it became. He tore at the buttons on his jeans, trying to rip them open. He was ready to fuck the air if that’s what he needed to gain relief.

"Hey now," a soft voice whispered, "you're going to hurt yourself like that. Let me help."

Beau groaned when he felt something brush against his jeans. A moment later, the cool air blew across his exposed cock. The soft breeze just made him ache more. Beau groaned again, humping his hips into the air.

"This is a very nice cock, Beau."

A shudder of need rippled through Beau when he felt the briefest of touches stroke down his cock. "More," he begged as he opened his eyes.

Beau's eyes widened as he took in the handsome man bending over him. The pale skin didn't detract from the man's high cheekbones and sensual eyes. He was sex on a stick. Beau felt pre-cum leak down the side of his cock when the man licked his lush full lips.

Fuck, what he wouldn't give to have those lips wrapped around his cock.

"My pleasure." The man grinned as he lowered his head.

Beau's cry filled the small room as the man's lips wrapped around his wide girth. Beau quickly pushed his pants down the rest of the way and kicked them off his bare feet. He'd wonder later why he had bare feet. Right now, he was more interested in the mouth sucking him in.

He had never felt anything so wonderful. It was like having heaven wrapped around his cock. He could feel every movement, every lick, every sweet caress.

He felt something brush against his balls and spread his legs, giving the man more access. He loved having his balls played with, sucked on, tugged, anything. He didn't even mind when the man's fingers pushed past his balls to stroke against his asshole.

It was a soft stroke, so Beau didn't mention it. He was not a man that liked having his ass played with it, although a few women had tried in the past. He just wasn't into that. When a slick little finger grazed his hole again, Beau tensed. That time hadn't been a mistake, neither was the finger that started to push into his ass.

Beau opened his mouth to protest when the man suddenly deep throated him. Beau growled as he felt the tip of his cock hit the back of the man's throat. His hands tangled in the man's sandy blond hair, holding him in place as he fucked the world's most perfect mouth.

Oh sweet hell, the man could deep throat. He forgot about the ass play and how uncomfortable that made him. He forgot that he had no idea where he was or what was going on. He even forgot about the fact that he was getting blown by a man. Beau forgot everything but fucking the sweet mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock.

"Fuck," Beau shouted, "don't stop."


"Oh, geez," Beau whimpered as the man's voice sent small vibrations down his cock. He started panting heavily. He could feel his balls drawing up close to his body. He knew he was on the edge of an intense orgasm. He just could seem to fall over that edge. The pleasure just kept going higher and higher.

"Please, need—" Beau stopped breathing  when the fingers in his curled inward and hit something that sent his lust level spiraling out of control. Beau started moving, thrusting into the mouth wrapped around his cock then back onto the fingers in his ass. "Again, please again!"

Something suddenly surged through Beau, something unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He couldn't even begin to say where it came from. He just knew he needed it.

"Bite me!"

Beau felt the man's momentary pause then something sharp sank into his cock. Beau screamed as the most intense orgasm of his life ripped through him. Pain and pleasure interlaced over each other until he didn't know which one he wanted more.

Time had no meaning, just the pleasure pain ripping through him. Beau's brain melted, unable to process the twin sensations. He almost whimpered when the teeth left his cock and the man pulled away. When the man tried to pull his fingers free, Beau clamped down on them.

"No, please," he whispered, "need—"

"I have you, honey," the man whispered back.

Beau jerked and whimpered when long thin fingers wrapped around his sensitive cock and pumped it several times. He didn't think he had another orgasm him. He was absolutely certain there wasn't an ounce of cum left in his body.

Beau glanced up through hazy eyes as the man leaned over him. Even as foggy as his brain felt, he knew the man was handsome. Beau wasn't into men but if he was, this would be the type of man he'd want to fuck.


The man smiled. "I'm glad you think so."

Beau grinned back and reached his hand up. His fingers trembled as they trailed over the man's high cheekbones and cut jaw line. The guy even had a cute nose, all pert like, the end tipping up just a bit.

"I hope you like this just as much," the man said.

"Wha—ahhh!" Beau cried out as something incredibly thick and slick filled his ass in one stroke. His hands clenched and reached out to frantically grab the man's shoulders. He couldn't breathe. He couldn't… "What are you doing?"

"Fucking you, sweetheart."