Adult Excerpt
Farmer in the Dell

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Mitch rolled to his back, a deep chuckle vibrating through his chest as he laughed. Elliot soon joined in the laughter. He was really beginning to adore Elliot. The last week spent with the man was turning out to be one of the best he could remember in a very long time.

Mitch reached over and pulled on Elliot until the man was draped over his chest, looking down at him. He groaned and grabbed Elliot’s hips as Elliot squirmed around, their cocks brushing together through their jeans.

“I want to fuck you, Elliot.”

Elliot’s eyes widened, and he nodded after a hard swallow. “Okay.”

Mitch was a little shocked. There had been some kissing and light touching between them since that night at the lake, but nothing more than that. Mitch was pretty sure that Elliot was inexperienced or close to it. No matter how horny Elliot made him, he didn’t want to do anything the man was uncomfortable with.

But he had to ask.

He reached into his pocket, grabbing the lube and condom he had stashed there before leaving his house that evening. He wasn’t exactly planning on getting laid but he had been raised to always be prepared for anything.

And he had a lot of hope.

“Get naked.” Mitch could barely remember to strip his own clothes off as he watched Elliot get undressed. Short the man might be but small he was not. Apparently, god had made up for Elliot’s smaller body by giving him a very impressive cock.

Mitch wondered if Elliot had ever topped and if he could talk him into it at some point. Mitch liked it both ways. And he would love to feel that bad boy pound into his ass.

But first…

“Turn around. I want to watch you stretch yourself for me.”

Elliot’s entire body flushed at Mitch’s request. He bit his bottom lip and then turned around, giving Mitch a beautiful view of his ass. Mitch flipped the lid on the lube and squirted a small amount down Elliot’s crease.

“Give me your hand.” Elliot reached back, giving Mitch his fingers. Once he lubed his lover’s fingers, Mitch set the bottle aside and guided Elliot’s lubed hand toward his hole. “Have you ever done this before, Elliot?”

“No,” Elliot admitted as his fingers felt around his tight entrance and then one of the digits pushed past the ring of muscles. Mitch’s cock hardened even further at the sight. He groaned as he watched. Elliot slowly pushed another finger inside of his ass.

Mitch reached between their bodies, grabbing the base of his cock to stop the orgasm threatening to erupt at the sight. After Elliot inserted a second and then a third finger, Mitch reached up and massaged his pale mounds, kneading them in the palm of his hands as he watched the erotic sight right before his eyes.

“I’m ready.”

Mitch moved his hands out of the way as Elliot turned back around. He started to climb off of Mitch, but he stopped Elliot from going anywhere. “I want you to ride me.”

Elliot bit his lips as he glanced around.

“I’ll show you, honey.” Mitch repositioned Elliot while holding the base of his cock. When the tip of his shaft touched Elliot’s hole, Mitch had to breathe out. “Go slow.”

Elliot placed the palms of his hands on Mitch’s chest as he slowly lowered his body, impaling himself onto Mitch’s aching erection. Mitch tensed and groaned, his cock aching in ways it never had before.

“You feel so good, Elliot. You’re so fucking tight.”

Elliot blushed at Mitch’s words. It was cute as hell.

Mitch grinned up at him and then gripped Elliot’s sides. “Tell me when you’re ready to move, honey.”

Elliot took a few breaths and then nodded. Mitch braced his feet on the ground and then tightened his hold on Elliot’s sides as he thrust upward.

“Oh god!” Elliot shouted as he fell forward. “Do that again.”

Mitch wrapped his arms around Elliot and began to drive up into the man’s tight ass over and over again. His head was swirling and his body was humming as his cock took pleasure in his lover’s body.

Elliot leaned forward and captured Mitch’s lips. The kiss sent new spirals of ecstasy through Mitch as he thrust harder. Mitch broke the kiss, nipping Elliot’s ear. “Am I hurting you?”

“No,” Elliot grunted as he pushed back, sitting up straight and planting his feet on either side of Mitch. Mitch lifted his hands up, giving Elliot something to hold onto as his lover took over and rode Mitch like a pro.

“Oh, this feels so fucking good.” Elliot’s head rolled back onto his shoulders as his lips slightly parted. He bounced on Mitch’s cock, taking Mitch straight to the edge. Mitch released one of Elliot’s hands and wrapped his fingers around his lover’s bobbing cock, determined to make Elliot come first.

“Oh damn!” Elliot shouted as white ropes of seed shot from the head of his cock.

He shuddered and his rhythm faltered as his orgasm took over. Mitch grabbed Elliot and thrust a few more times, shouting Elliot’s name as his seed spilled into his lover’s hot channel. Elliot collapsed onto Mitch’s chest, sweaty and gasping for breath. Mitch wrapped his arms around Elliot as he pulled the blanket over them, settling them back in the hay for a long nap.