Adult Excerpt
Flight of Fancy

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Eddie inhaled sharply, his body going hot and achy in the time it took to open his eyes. He clenched Virgil’s shirt in his hand as a wave of lust swept through him stronger than a tidal wave. His entire body was one big erogenous zone, Virgil’s touch like a live flame along his skin.

He moaned as he pressed his aching cock against the muscular leg pressed between his thighs. The friction was…”Virgil,” his whispered on a broken breath. “Please.”

A full body shudder rippled through him when he felt Virgil’s hand slid down the back of his jeans, one finger pressing between his ass cheeks. Virgil’s gentle touch caressed his balls before moving to the round puckered hole that pulsed with need. Eddie tried to lift himself, separating his legs as he offered himself up to Virgil’s questioning fingers.

Eddie didn’t understand the all-consuming need sweeping through him. He had never needed to feel Duke touch him like he needed Virgil to touch him. He was pretty sure he would die if Virgil stopped. His cock was so hard it was on the verge of shattering. One good thrust of his hips and he’d blow.

Eddie’s eyelids dropped when the tip of Virgil’s finger breached his ass. His pushed his ass back, trying to get more, to get it deeper. His mind started to fog, the only thing clear was the need to come.

“Do you like that, baby?” The words were growled into Eddie’s ear, reminding him that he wasn’t alone in his pleasure.

Shame filled Eddie as he realized he had been so caught up in what he was doing, he had forgotten that Virgil was a living breathing person and not an all consuming force of nature bent on destroying his calm, peaceful world.

“Virg—ahhh!” Eddie keened when Virgil’s finger went deep, shoving past his tight ring of muscles and into his ass, rubbing that sweet, sweet spot deep inside that made his eyes cross.

“Lean up, Eddie.”

Eddie blinked slowly, his eyelashes sweeping over his flushed cheeks as he sat up. He stared down at Virgil in wonder, just barely able to make out the man’s strong features in the low light from the front of the first class seating area.

When he felt something brush his bellybutton, Eddie glanced down. He saw Virgil unbuttoning his pants and then pushing them down. He just couldn’t seem to process why it was needed. He couldn’t process why it wasn’t needed either so he didn’t fight it, not even when Virgil slid his shoes off and pushed his jeans down until they hit the floor.

 When he was pulled back down, Virgil settled him over his lap. Eddie’s legs fell on either side of Virgil’s hips. It wasn’t until he sat fully down that he realized Virgil had unzipped his own pants and Eddie could feel the man’s more than impressive cock pushing up against his naked skin.

“Virgil,” he groaned, shuddering when two fingers forced their way into his tight ass. The sensation rode the edge of pain, which made it all that much more intense. Virgil’s fingers moved fast, plunging in and out of his ass hard, fast, and oh so wonderful. Two fingers became three, and then four, and he felt so full.

And then something else pushed at his entrance, stretching it even more. Eddie’s breath stuttered, painfully, magnificently. His eyes locked with Virgil as the man pushed up inside his ass, one glorious thick inch at a time. By the time he felt Virgil’s balls nudge up against his ass, Eddie felt like his ass had been split in two.

Virgil was simply huge, long and thick and hard. And, oh god, Eddie could feel every delicious inch filling him to the brim. He had never been stretched so far. Ever thrust of Virgil’s hips sent the man’s cock deep. Every retreat scraped across his sweet spot.

Eddie’s senses rolled, each exquisite touch if Virgil’s hands on his body driving him further and further into ecstasy. His mind reeled, his body overloading. He was so close he could feel his orgasm biting at him, nipping at his flesh. His pulse pounded, thumping out a tempo that matched Virgil’s thrusts.

Virgil grabbed a fistful of his hair, forcing his head to one side. Pain erupted in Eddie’s throat, the agony crashing into pleasure so intense, Eddie forgot to breathe. Cum shot out of his cock and splattering over his abdomen as his body exploded into a million glowing stars.

Something swelled in his ass as Virgil growledaround the bite of flesh he had in his mouth. Warmth filled his ass as Virgil found his release. Eddie floated in a cloud of pleasure unlike anything he had ever felt before. His body was pure liquid ecstasy. When Virgil’s thumb pushed into his mouth, Eddie sucked the moisture off, not caring in the least about the odd coppery taste when he heard Virgil’s deep groan.

When Virgil stopped biting him and licked at his skin, the sensation flittered along Eddie’s skin like a lover’s caress. A soft purring type of noise floated up to his ears. It was a strangely soothing sound, making Eddie melt into Virgil. When the man started rubbing against him, Eddie tilted his head, wanting the caress more than he wanted air.

“So good, baby,” Virgil whispered against his skin.

Eddie preened, wanting to bask in Virgil’s words but he was too tired. He just wanted to sleep. He snuggled his head into the crook of Virgil’s neck, drawing in the man’s heady scent even as he closed his eyes.

As he faded off to sleep, he heard two words murmured in his ear. They held no real meaning to him and yet he knew they were significant in some manner. Before he could question Virgil about them, he faded off to sleep, the words echoing in his mind.

“My mate.”