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Forever And A Day

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“Damn it, Samuel.” It took all of Sully’s brute strength to keep Samuel from hitting him. He finally just wrestled the man against the hard stone all, pinning him there with his arms restrained behind him. “That is enough!”

“Get off me!” Samuel snapped.

“Not until you calm down.”

“Fuck you!” Samuel growled.

“Don’t temp me.”

Samuel froze. Not a muscle moved. If Sully didn’t smell the blood rushing through his veins or didn’t hear the man’s heart thundering in his chest, he might have thought Samuel was a mannequin.

“You don’t like men,” Samuel whispered. “You don’t even feed from them.”

Sully frowned as he released Samuel’s wrists and spun the man around. Samuel leaned back as if he needed the wall to help him stay standing. Sully wasn’t sure discussing his feeding habits with Samuel was such a good idea but he didn’t want the man to get the wrong idea about him either. For some reason, he wanted Samuel to think good things about him.

“I like men and women, Samuel, but I tend to lean toward men, which is why I usually choose women to feed from. Feeding can be very intimate and I don’t want to cross that line with someone that is just there to feed me.”

Sully’s eyes followed the movement of Samuel’s tongue as the man licked his lips. He knew he needed to keep his name in the game because this was a very serious conversation, but damn. That was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen.

“I thought you chose women to feed from because you preferred women.”

“No.” Sully shook his head. “Many of my kind believe sex and feeding go hand in hand. I don’t. I believe it can, but only if both parties agree. I’ve seen too many vampires feed and go into a frenzy  where they didn’t even hear the word no let alone listen to it. I refuse to go there so I feed from women who, most of the time, don’t arouse me like men do.”

Samuel’s eyes narrowed to little slits of anger. “What men?” Almost as quickly as he had spoken the words, Samuel’s eyebrows shot up his forehead and he slapped a hand over his mouth. It was obvious he hadn’t meant to speak those words, but he had.

And Sully could no more have prevented the grin that spread over his lips than he could have stopped breathing. He moved a little closer, pressing his body against Samuel’s. “Does that bother you, Samuel, knowing I become aroused when feeding from other men?”

“No, of course not,” Samuel whispered but the emotion burning in his eyes said otherwise.

Sully inhaled sharply at the instant lust that filled him when the heady scent of Samuel’s arousal seeped into his skin, curling around his senses.

Samuel made Sully forget…everything.

Sully’s eyes locked onto Samuel’s tempting lips. They were made for kissing, for licking. They were made for him. Sully grabbed Samuel and slanted his mouth over his, trying his best to devour the man.

He wrapped his hand around the back of Samuel’s neck, curling his fingers in soft wavy curls, holding him close. Sully’s other hand slid up Samuel’s side, wrapping around him and pulling his body closer as he tilted his head for better access.

Samuel opened, allowing Sully’s tongue to do whatever the hell it wanted to. He explored the warm, wet cavern of Samuel’s mouth, luxuriating in Samuel’s sweet little moans.

Samuel’s hips cradled Sully’s thick cock. Arousal spiraled through Sully like a bullet ricocheting through a rubber room when he felt Samuel’s hard cock bush against his own.

Sully broke the kiss and inhaled the human’s enticing scent into his lungs. He unzipped the hoody and slid it off Samuel’s shoulders, followed by the weapon’s vest. Samuel didn’t need to be armed for what he had in mind.

He pushed Samuel’s shirt up to his armpits and ran his hand down the man’s slim chest. He let the warm pleasure of just being able to touch Samuel roll over him in waves as he began to trace patterns across Samuel’s stomach.

When he reached the waistline of Samuel’s jeans, he moved just a little lower and pressed the palm of his hand over Samuel’s erection. A course of lust shot through Sully’s groin when Samuel’s lips parted and a moan escaped his lips. Sully was fascinated by the sight, his dick throbbing in anticipation of what was to come.

Hell, his cock was about to explode in his jeans.

“Sully,” Samuel groaned words Sully never thought to hear come out of the human. “I need, Sully.”

Sully tugged hard at the waistband of Samuel’s pants, and the buttons gave way. He pushed them down Samuel’s legs until the man could step out of them. With nothing beneath but skin, it was easy for Sully to cup Samuel’s cock, stroke him, make him want and need.

He slid Samuel’s shirt up farther, pulling it up and over Samuel’s head. Samuel raised his arms and allowed Sully to undress him. He tossed the shirt aside and then he ran his hands down Samuel’s chest, his thumbs playing at Samuel’s beautiful brown-hued nipples.

Sully’s fingers tightened, squeezing Samuel’s nipples, rolling them between his fingertips. Samuel bucked against him, pressing his chest harder into Sully’s hands. It was the most erotic thing Sully had ever seen.