Adult Excerpt
Forget Me Not

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Keely leaned down to cover Dominic’s lips with his. Dominic’s hand came up to grasp Keely’s head, his tongue sweeping in, tangling and teasing back and forth.

Keely mouth opened wider when Dominic’s tongue plunged in, sweeping and exploring. Dominic began moving his tongue in and out in a sweet, sexy rhythm that had Keely squirming.

Dominic seemed to be pouring all his emotions into that one kiss, giving Keely his fear, his joy, and everything else the man had been holding back.

Keely’s body became pliant as Dominic claimed his mouth, his hands pressing into Keely’s back. He gently settled against Dominic, feeling the man’s cock press against his stomach as he bent to take Dominic’s lips again.

His own cock jerked in anticipation. He teased, tasted, and became familiar again with the sexy mouth he had been missing for the last several months.

When oxygen became an imperative, Keely reluctantly pulled back, but Dominic didn’t release him. Instead, he yanked his shirt over his head, revealing a chest sculpted to be a man’s dream. Keely’s mouth began to water as he leaned in, taking a small nibble of Dominic’s nipple. He smiled when Dominic hissed.

Dominic tore his nipple away from Keely and wiggled out of his pants like they had caught fire. Keely chuckled. He loved how impatient Dominic always was.

Dominic leaned up and captured his lips in that very moment, stealing all thoughts from Keely’s head just as he stole the breath from Keely’s lungs. He groaned into the kiss as Dominic’s scent filled every pore in his body.

“I need skin.” Dominic’s voice was strained, almost as if he were just as desperate as Keely was to feel their skin collide. He tore at Keely’s shirt, an animalistic sound rumbling in his throat. Dominic was branding him, making his own claim, and Keely was so turned on that he was about to explode in his jeans.

He lay back on the mattress and let Dominic have his way. Once Dominic had his shirt ripped open, he began to work on Keely’s pants. His movements were wild, unforgiving, and dared Keely to interfere, to stop him.

Keely and swallowed when he saw the raw hunger in Dominic’s pretty arctic-blue eyes. The man wasn’t kidding around. He meant to fuck Keely to within an inch of his life. That was fine with him. He had missed feeling Dominic’s beautiful cock pound into his ass so damn much

Dominic shackled Keely’s wrist and pulled him close until bare skin met bare skin. The sensation sent shivers all over Keely’s body. Dominic was such a big man.

Keely loved it.

“I love you, Keely,” Dominic confessed. “No matter what, never doubt that.”

“That was never our problem.” Keely wished it had been that simple.

Keely wrapped his arms around Dominic’s shoulders, pulling him close. He captured Dominic’s lips, feeling the warmth spread inside of him at his mate’s scent. He inhaled through his nose, parting his lips as Dominic’s tongue pushed inside his mouth.

Keely wrapped his legs around Dominic’s thick waist, groaning when their cocks brushed against the other. An anxious whine fell from his lips. Keely wanted to feel Dominic inside of him. His cock was already hard and painful, needing release so damn badly.

Dominic broke the kiss, nibbling his way down Keely’s neck. His lips traced a sensuous path of ecstasy. He took Keely’s mouth again and again—drugging kisses, enflaming kisses. Keely felt like he was going to come, and Dominic hadn’t even fucked him yet.

“P–please,” he stuttered, fighting for air.

“Yes?” Dominic prompted, his voice gentle, coaxing.

“Fuck me, Dominic. I want you.”

Keely lay back and pulled his knees up to his chest, offering himself to the man. Dominic’s eyes were like summer lightning. They were compelling, magnetic, pulling Keely in as the man grabbed the lube and began to stretch him. He writhed under his lover, losing his mind as he felt Dominic’s thick fingers inside of him.

Keely began crying out loudly when Dominic added a second finger and went in search of his prostate. He felt so full and wonderful. A third finger quickly joined the first two, thrusting several times before they were removed.

Dominic rolled Keely onto all fours as he lined his shaft up with Keely’s aching hole and pushed inside, both gently and insistently. Looking over his shoulder, Keely saw that Dominic’s eyes suddenly burned with an intense hunger that took Keely’s breath away.

Keely closed his eyes, braced his hands against the headboard, and pushed back. One hard thrust buried the thick, steel-hard erection into Keely’s body to the hilt. Keely could feel his heart struggling to keep up with the demands his arousal was placing on it as Dominic began to move inside of him.

“I’m going to come in your hot, tight ass,” Dominic whispered into Keely’s ear. “I’m going to fill you with my cock and fuck you until you can’t walk.”

“God, yes!” His throbbing cock bobbed gracefully, the cool air sweeping around its heat, teasing Keely further. He arched his back higher as a breathless moan escaped his lips “So deep…inside. God, Dominic…I can feel you.”