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Gold Star Heart

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Cary's breath stuttered in his chest when he straddled Eddie's thighs and felt the man's hard cock press up against him through their clothes. That was a really impressive bulge, one Cary wanted to become better acquainted with.

He pushed Eddie's shirt off his shoulders and then slid his hands down over the man's chest again. "I guess you kind of have to keep in shape in your line of work."

"It helps."

"Do you work out?"

"A few times a week. The sheriff put in a gym down at the station. We all use it."

"It shows." And then some. The chest on the man was a thing of art, all sculpted muscles and tanned skin. Cary wanted to lick every inch. So, he did. He leaned down and swiped his tongue over a large expanse of Eddie's skin.

The man groaned and clutched at his hips. "Cary, do you know what you're doing?"

"I'm trying to seduce you." Cary grinned up at him. "Is it working?"

"Hell, yes."

Oh, that honesty deserved a reward. Cary leaned down and took one of Eddie's nipples into his mouth, sucking on it, running his tongue over it.

"Christ." Eddie's fingers fisted in Cary's hair.

"Are you going to touch me?"

"Hell, yes." Eddie pushed Cary's shirt up and then pulled it over his head, dropping it to the floor. He stared down at Cary's chest for a moment before leaning down and nipping at one of Cary's nipples.

Cary hissed as he arched his chest up into the air. Pleasure shot right through his body and down to his cock when Eddie licked and nibbled at the other pert nipple. When Eddie's hands started moving over his skin, Cary couldn't stop himself from groaning.

He cried out in protest when Eddie leaned away from him until he felt the man's large hands on the buttons of his jeans. Cary sucked in his bottom lip and lifted his hips when Eddie tugged them down. He was more than willing to help the whole process along.

"You're going to have to stand for this part, baby."

Cary slid off Eddie's lap and shucked his jeans, grabbing the lube and condom out of his pocket and dropping them on the table. He kicked his jeans away before climbing back into Eddie's lap. His breath stuttered when naked flesh met naked flesh. He hadn't even realized Eddie had gotten rid of his jeans, too.


Cary's eyes felt as if they were going to roll back into his head when Eddie's firm fingers wrapped around his aching dick. He spread his legs as far as they would go, hoping for more.

Cary winced when two thick fingers speared his ass at the same time. It burned a lot, but the moment Eddie started wiggling them around, Cary forgot all about the burn and only felt the pleasure exploding inside of his body.

"Cary, you—"

Cary grinned. "I already took care of it before I came in here."

He knew what he wanted.


Cary grinned as he wiggled his eyebrows and held up the lube and condom. "I even brought supplies."

"You always carry lube and condoms with you?"

"No, I stole them out of your nightstand."

Eddie's face flushed as he chuckled and grabbed for the lube. "Fair enough."

Cary chuckled before demanding, "Now, fuck me."

Cary almost forgot to breathe at the pleasure that raced through his body. It seemed as if he was just getting used to the man's fingers pushing past his tight ring of muscles before they were pulling out.

"I love the way your body sucks me right in, Cary." Eddie's hand stroked over curve of Cary's ass before pushing his fingers in again. "It's like you ache for me."

"Please," Cary pleaded.

Eddie's fingers disappeared from Cary's ass, and the man's rather large cock replaced them. Cary clutched at Eddie's shoulders as he lowered himself down and the head of Eddie's cock slowly pushed inside of him, stretching him and filling every last inch of his ass.

Eddie stilled once he was fully inside of Cary. "Do you want my cock, Cary? Do you want me to fuck you?"


Eddie moved so slowly that Cary could feel everything from the thick head as it pressed over his sweet spot to the thickness of the man's wide girth stretching him. It was a kind of pleasurable torture in itself.

Cary's heart thundered in his chest when Eddie leaned back and his fingers dug into Cary's hips. He knew what was coming. He anticipated it. He needed it. He ached for it.

Eddie started pounding into Cary. He moved fast, hard. Cary couldn't tell if his ass was being filled or not. He just knew that his entire body felt like it was ready to combust and Eddie was the match that was going to set him off.

Eddie's cock pulsed inside of Cary's ass. The chair creaked beneath them as Eddie drove his cock harder and harder into Cary. When a hand encircled his cock, quickly stroking him, that was all it took for Cary.

He screamed as his entire body jerked, ecstasy ripping though every cell in his body. Ropes of cum shot from his cock and splattered between them.

"Cary!" Eddie roared as he thrust once more into Cary's body, then again, and then he froze.

Cary groaned as Eddie's seed filled the condom, warming inside of him. He dropped his head forward and rested it on Eddie's shoulder. Every bone in his body felt melted, sated. "We're definitely going to do that again."

Cary held his breath as Eddie's chuckle rumbled through him. He really hoped this wasn't a one night thing. Eddie had just shaken his world to the core.