Adult Excerpt
Gypsy's Wolf

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“You smell tasty,” Quad groaned.

The smell alone affected his body. Quad’s cock was hard, pressing against his jeans. Moving his hips, he rocked against Gypsy, and the beautiful elf shivered as their erections touched. He preferred Gypsy like this—soft and pliant. Quad didn’t like sparring with the other man with his tongue. No, Quad had much better things he could think to do with his mouth then argue back and forth with the elf.

Quad slowly leaned his head forward. He gave Gypsy plenty of time to either turn his head or tell Quad to fuck off. When Gypsy merely moistened his lips, Quad took that as a sign. He pressed his lips against Gypsy’s. A jolt of electricity ran through his system and he stiffened. He’d never felt something so powerful.

The kiss started out slowly, a gentle exploration, as they both opened their mouths and their tongues touched, dancing. It didn’t take long before the kiss became frantic and wild. Quad ran his hands down Gypsy’s arms, touching the soft flesh. It was unlike anything he’d ever felt before—smooth, hard granite. No other man possessed skin as supple as the elf. Quad ran his hands under Gypsy’s shirt, outlining the hard plane of muscles with his fingertips.

Gypsy turned his head, disconnecting their lips. “I don’t want slow, wolf.”

Quad smiled wickedly. If the elf wanted hard and rough, he was more than willing to oblige. Quad grabbed the collar of Gypsy’s shirt and tore the material from the man’s body.

“That’s one thing I love about being supernatural.” Gypsy’s eyes gleamed.

“What’s that?”

“We can be as rough as we want.” Gypsy grabbed hold of Quad’s shirt. He mimicked Quad’s action, ripping his T-shirt wide open. It proved how strong Gypsy truly was. He might not be carrying a lot of muscle, but that didn’t mean anything. “Don’t hold back, wolf. I’m not some delicate little human.” He ran his hands up Quad’s chest before tweaking his nipples.

“Fuck,” Quad breathed out.

He really liked this side of Gypsy.

Quad cupped Gypsy’s face with his hands and connected their lips. He needed to taste Gypsy. The sweet scent filled his head, making him drunk, and he wanted to taste it on his tongue. Gypsy wrapped his arms around Quad’s waist as he melted into him, their bodies connecting. The sleek skin of Gypsy’s chest felt cool against his hot skin, chilling the fire that ran through Quad’s veins.

Quad growled when Gypsy’s tongue met his, swirling. Quad moved one hand to the back of Gypsy’s head, holding the man in place while he fucked his mouth with his tongue. He dropped his other hand to Gypsy’s ass, and gripped one cheek. He pulled Gypsy closer and moved Gypsy’s body back and forth, rubbing their cocks together. Gypsy moaned into Quad’s mouth. He started moving his hips without Quad’s assistance.

Quad knew the kiss could go on and on. Already, he felt addicted to Gypsy’s talented tongue. As the minutes ticked by, Quad knew it was only a matter of time before he came in his pants. The only place he wanted to come was with his shaft buried deep inside the elf’s ass.

He forced himself to pull back. Quad kissed Gypsy’s jaw. He planted open-mouthed kisses down the man’s chest as he slowly dropped to his knees before the beautiful elf. He ran his hands up and down Gypsy’s chest, touching and caressing as he continued to kiss every square inch of skin he could reach. There were so many things he wanted to do to Gypsy. He just hoped there was enough time.

Quad gripped the elastic band of Gypsy’s pajama pants and pulled the material down his legs. Gypsy’s hard cock pointed straight at Quad’s mouth. Licking his lips, Quad gripped Gypsy’s waist, holding the man steady. He stuck his tongue out and licked the bead of pre-cum glistening on the tip of Gypsy’s dick.

“Good lord,” Gypsy whispered.

“Mmm…” The taste of Gypsy exploded on his tongue and Quad knew he needed more, so much more. “I want to feel you wrapped tight around my cock, baby.” He didn’t know where the endearment came from, but it felt right to say. Quad wrapped his palm around Gypsy’s cock and the sweet elf bucked his hips, fucking his hand. “Bed,” he growled.

He didn’t want to get started yet. He preferred to lay Gypsy down before devouring the man. He wanted to spread Gypsy out on the mattress.

“Come here.” Quad led Gypsy to the bed. He laid the man down. He stared at Gypsy, letting his eyes wonder as he drank the man in, memorizing each curve. “You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Gypsy smiled, as his cheeks pinkened.

Quad removed the rest of his clothes before joining his soon-to-be lover on the bed. He’d prolonged things long enough. Situating himself between Gypsy’s legs, Quad wrapped his hand around the base of his shaft and his mouth around the tip.

“Fuck!” Gypsy shouted.

Quad swirled his tongue around the girth of Gypsy’s shaft as he lowered his head, swallowing the man’s cock down his throat.

“Ah…ah…ah…” Erotic sounds spilled from Gypsy’s lips spurring Quad on.

Quad swallowed repeatedly, tightening his throat muscles. He bobbed his head, taking the entire length into his mouth. Gypsy shoved his fingers through Quad’s hair. He tightened his fist, holding the strands as he started moving his hips, fucking Quad’s mouth. Quad opened wide, allowing Gypsy to do whatever he wanted. The elf’s entire form was shaking, and Quad knew he was getting close. He could easily recognize the signs.

Gypsy’s breathing changed. “I’m gonna…” that was the only warning he received before Gypsy came, shooting warm jets of cum across Quad’s tongue and down his throat.

Slowly pulling back, Quad licked and kissed Gypsy’s shaft. He lifted his eyes and stared at the elf. With his mouth open and cheeks flushed, Gypsy was incredibly beautiful. It was an image Quad wouldn’t soon forget.

“I want you to fuck me.” Gypsy said as he started to turn over onto his hands and knees. “The lube is in the bedside table.”

“You’re a demanding little thing, aren’t you?” Quad teased.

“I know what I want.” Gypsy looked over his shoulder. “And I want your big dick in my ass.”