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Happy's Ever After

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Happy worried the corner of his lower between his teeth. “You really think I could learn this stuff?”

The corner of Marc’s mouth curved up. “I do.” There was pure confidence in that response, enough that Happy started to believe Marc’s words might be true.

He leaned his head down and pressed his forehead against Marc’s. “Thank you.”

The other side of Marc’s mouth curved up, the man grinning. “Any time, Happy.”

Happy started to move back when he realized he stood between Marc’s legs, his groin pressing against Marc, and the man was hard. Happy licked his suddenly dry lips as his eyes dropped.

Oh man.

When his eyes flickered back up to Marc, the man was watching him with hooded eyes. Something burned in their blue murky depths that Happy was unfamiliar with, but he sure wanted to know what it meant.

“I’m going to kiss you now, Happy.” Marc’s hand curved around the back of Happy’s neck, pulling him closer. “If you don’t want me to, say something now.”

Happy pressed his lips together, refusing to say anything. He wanted to be kissed. He dreamed of being kissed. But only by Marc. He didn’t really want anyone else kissing him. Well, maybe his mama but not like he wanted Marc to kiss him because that would just be icky.

Marc started to lean closer, paused and let out a small chuckle and then closed the rest of the distance between them. Happy wasn’t sure what to expect when Marc’s lips brushed against his. He had been kissed before, but only by his mother, and then only on the forehead or the cheek.

This was nothing like that.

This made Happy’s toes curl and his body start to sing. He groaned and leaned closer, wanting whatever Marc offered him. There was a burning lust in his eyes that left Happy speechless.

The hand Marc had wrapped around the back of his neck tightened and pulled him closer as Marc’s tongue slid over his lips. Happy’s body tended with need when he felt Marc’s other hand grab his hip then slide around to the small of his back.

Happy’s lungs burned for oxygen but he refused to pull away. He opened his mouth when Marc’s tongue pressed against the seam between his lips, the man’s tongue plunging in, sweeping and exploring.

Happy grabbed Marc’s hips when his head began to spin. He started to move, thrusting his aching dick against the apex of Marc’s thighs. Marc pulled Happy closer, grinding against him as their tongues dueled. He lightly bit Happy's bottom lip. Happy gasped, returning the careful nip.

Marc consumed him with one kiss that seemed to go on forever. Happy didn't want it to stop. Marc’s tongue flickered over Happy’s lip, teasing, tantalizing.  He murmured Happy’s name, sending Happy into a wild craze.

He began to thrust against Marc in earnest, feeling his hard cock sliding against Marc’s over and over again, the only thing between them was the thinness of their pants. His thigh muscles quivered, his legs threatening to give out as his balls drew so tight to Happy’s body that they actually hurt.

Happy cried out as his back arched, hot jets of seed ripped from his balls and filling his jeans. White lights exploded behind his eyelids, stealing his breath. Happy gasped for air, unsure of what exactly had just happened. He glanced at Marc.

Marc’s blue eyes dominated his face as he stared at Happy. “Did you just come?”