Adult Excerpt
Happy's Joy

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"You about done there, handsome?"


Marc's breath caught when he glanced up and saw the lust building in Happy's eyes. "Yeah." He was suddenly hungry for something else.

When he was suddenly pulled from his chair and tossed over Happy's shoulder, Marc laughed with pure delight. He knew where this was headed. He was carried down the hallway to the bedroom, the door shut and locked firmly behind him before he was even set on his feet.

Marc’s pants were yanked down his legs. His shirt quickly followed. It was a good thing he wasn't wearing shoes or those would have gone flying, too. Happy just as quickly undressed himself, tossing everything to the floor.

Marc could barely breath as he was lifted up and laid down on the mattress as if he was the most important thing in Happy's life. He found himself doing the one thing he never did. He begged. "Please, Happy. Hurry."

Happy chuckled as he grabbed their well used bottle of lube, popped the lid and poured a sufficient amount of slick out onto his fingers, and then snapped the lid closed. He dropped the lube onto the mattress.

Marc’s high pitched grunt filled the room as Happy’s fingers pushed into his ass. His body stiffened for a moment and then rippled. Happy started thrusting his fingers into Marc’s tight ass over and over again, until Marc felt the little ring of muscles stretch and pulse against Happy’s fingers.

“Need you, Marc,” Happy whispered as he pulled his fingers free and he scooted up against Marc’s ass cheeks. A moment later a big thick cock was pushed into his ass, the burning so intense that for a moment, Marc thought he might pass out. He felt like his ass was being speared in two as Happy slowly pushed forward, sinking his huge cock into Marc’s tight hole.

By the time he felt Happy’s thighs brush up against his ass Marc thought he might be able to taste the man's cock in his throat. He curled his fingers in the comforter and tried not to wince when Happy stilled inside of him.

He needed Happy to move, to fuck him, to do something. He was being impaled on a cock totally proportionate with the six foot nine inch tall man, and Happy was just kneeling there, not moving. It was driving Marc insane. His ass was stretched so wide he felt like he might be split in half and he ached.

And then the man started to move. Every inch of Happy’s massive cock dragged across Marc’s sweet spot as the man pulled out and pushed back in. For one crazy second, Marc wondered if Happy’s cock had been specifically designed just for his ass. It felt as if Happy was supposed to ignite every nerve in his ass.

It was fucking fantastic, better than he had even hoped. His ass was being pummeled as the man pounded into him at a rate that was, frankly, very astonishing. Marc could barely register the fact that Happy had pulled out before he was pushing back in.

Marc was suddenly lifted up into the man's arms. And then Happy sat, dragging Marc down with him. As his body settled over Happy’s, the cock in his ass slid in even further, which surprised the hell out of Marc. He didn't think Happy could sink any further inside of him.

Marc’s legs were spread until they draped over Happy’s thighs.

All thoughts and breathing in general faded from Marc’s mind when he felt a hand close around his cock. He was so sensitive he swore he could feel a tickling on his balls as Happy started to stroke him.

Maybe it was sweat.

Marc didn't care.


He just needed that magnificent cock to not stop filling him. Marc was so close he could practically taste it. He needed so fucking bad. Every inch of his skin tingled. He was flushed with heat and getting hotter. He started to feel like his insides were boiling.

No one had ever fucked Marc like Happy did. The man had been a virgin when they met. He hadn't even kissed anyone. He took to sex like a master. He certainly played Marc like he owned him.

Marc could feel his blood pounding through his body as he was impaled on Happy’s cock over and over again, his tight abused little hole screaming in agony as it was stretched beyond imagination.

And it felt so damn good.

Marc’s loud cry filled the room as his release filled Happy’s hand. Happy’s roar filled Marc’s ears as the man shoved his thick cock as deep into Marc’s ass as he could possibly go. He’d never come out of Marc had his way.

Happy’s hand stroked down Marc's chest as his rapid panting slowed to a low rise and fall. Marc’s head flopped back against Happy’s chest. He smiled when Happy reached up and brushed the sweat dampened hair back from his face.

"Better?" Happy asked.

Marc grinned. "Best."