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Harley's Heart

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Harley felt the uneven rhythm of Miko's breathing and knew his lover was just as affected by their closeness as he was. He trailed his finger over Miko’s silken skin, circling his bellybutton before moving further up his chest. He might not be able to see where his fingers were going but he could see the response to his touch in the slow tenting in Miko’s boxers.

“You like it when I touch you, don’t you, Miko?”

Hai,” Miko groaned. “Yes.”

“You missed my touch,” Harley murmured as he brushed his fingers over Miko’s taut nipples. The anxious whine that fell from Miko’s lips was the man’s only response. Harley felt a ripple of excitement roll through him at the needy little sound. “I missed touching you, Miko.”

God, he had missed touching his lover. Miko’s body was built to be made love to. His slim frame fit perfectly into Harley’s arms. His soft skin and delicate bones were in such deep contrast to Harley’s hard toned body that it was almost awe inspiring to look at.

Miko cried out and arched, pushing into Harley’s hand when he rolled one hard pebbled nipple between his fingers. Harley’s mouth went dry at the sight. Miko had always been so damn responsive to his touch, and knowing that he was the only man to ever see Miko’s pleasure made it even more special.

Harley reached down and grabbed the hem of Miko’s t-shirt and pulled it up. Miko lifted his arms and Harley pulled the cotton shirt off, tossing it off the side of the bed. Harley brushed his hands down over Miko’s chest again, pushing them down to the edge of Miko’s boxers.

When the man offered no protest, Harley pushed the waistband of the boxers down, freeing Miko’s thick erection. It bounced up and slapped against Miko’s abdomen, leaving a trail of pre-cum against Miko’s skin.

Hunger spiraled through Harley at the sight of the hardened flesh. Miko’s cock was perfect in his eyes—not too small and not too large, not too thin and not too thick. It was perfect, just like Miko.

Harley heard Miko’s breathing hitch when he wrapped his hand around him. Harley smiled and blew a breath of air against Miko’s ear. “Do you like that, baby?” he asked as he gave the thick shaft one long stroke with his hand.


 There was a glint of wonder in Miko’s eyes as he looked up at Harley. It was too much for Harley to resist. He fisted his hand in Miko’s hair and brought their mouths together, devouring Miko’s lips with all of the pent up hunger he had been feeling for the last two years.

At the same time, he stroked Miko’s cock, tightening his fingers then loosening them, drawing out the pleasure as long as he could. The little needy noises Miko started making drowned out the thundering of Harley’s heart.

Harley slid his hand down to Miko’s abdomen and pulled the man back into the apex of his thighs as far as he would go. It pushed Miko’s back right up against him, trapping Harley’s hard, aching cock between them.

“My sweet baby,” Harley whispered against Miko’s lips, knowing that his lover liked to hear him talk when they were alone like this. It was one of the few times when Miko felt he could be open and free with what he was feeling. “So beautiful and all mine.”

Hai, Harley-chan,” Miko whimpered. “All yours, just yours.”

Music to my ears.

“Come for me, Miko,” Harley demanded as he sped up the movement of his hand. The wiggling of Miko’s body against his cock was pushing him closer to his own release and he wanted to watch Miko come before that happened. He needed it. “Show me how much you want me, baby.”

A knot rose in Harley’s throat when Miko cried out and arched up. Miko’s hips thrust up, driving his cock into Harley’s hand. Ropes of pearly white cum shot from his cock and splattered over Harley’s hand and Miko’s abdomen.

“Damn, baby,” Harley whispered as a hot ache grew in his throat. He leaned back against the pillows so that he could reach down and palm his own aching cock but before he could, Miko flipped around and swallowed him down to the root. “Miko!”

Harley’s eyes rolled back into his head as intense pleasure swamped every nerve in his body. Harley knew it had been a long time but he came almost embarrassingly fast. One long lick of Miko’s tongue and a deep swallow and Harley was shouting out his release, pumping shot after shot of cum into his lover’s mouth.

Harley closed his eyes as he collapsed back against the pillows, panting heavily. He felt Miko move up to stretch out beside him, and felt the tentative touch of the man’s delicate fingers on his chest.

“You okay, Harley-chan?”

Harley smiled as he opened his eyes to stare up at Miko. “I’m perfect, baby.”

“Not…” Miko’s worried eyes roamed over Harley’s body. “Not too much?”

“No, love, it was just right.” Harley glanced around then laughed. “But a washcloth would be a good idea,” he said as he held up his cum covered hand.

“I get.” Miko bounced off the bed and ran to the bathroom. He was back a moment later with a clean washcloth. Miko hurriedly wiped them both down then took the washcloth back to the bathroom. The bed bounced again when Miko came back and climbed on.

Harley held out his arm, letting out a deep sigh as a peace he hadn’t felt in months entered his soul as Miko curled into his side. Miko’s head rested on Harley’s chest, his finger gently stroking his skin. Harley wrapped his arms around Miko and held him close, stroking his hand up and down Miko’s smooth back.