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Heart Mate

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When Chellak announced that the contract was finalized, Hassan reached over and cupped Rayne's chin tenderly in his hand. Rayne leaned his head back and gazed up into Hassan's eyes. Rayne had apprehension blazing in his soft violet eyes.

Hassan leaned down, his mouth hungrily covering Rayne's. Blood pounded in his brain, leapt from his heart, and made his knees tremble. Had he ever been kissed like that? Had anyone ever tasted so sweet?


Finally, Hassan pulled reluctantly away and held Rayne at arm's length. Grabbing Rayne's arms, he picked the man up and swung him around excitedly. "Now I can show the proper way a mate fulfills his duty."

He chuckled when he felt Rayne tremble against him and quickly hide his face.


Hassan let Rayne's body slide down the front of his body, his face split into a wide grin. "Oh, mayht, the High Ruler knows why we signed the contract."

Rayne glanced quickly to Chellak Rai in confusion"He does?" he asked with in a small voice.

The High Ruler smiled, his cat like features softening as he winked at Rayne then nodded to a small man standing off to one side. "My mate was also from Elquone, Rayne. I imagine Hassan has as much trouble keeping his hands off of you as I have with Demyan."

Rayne quickly turned his head and buried his face in Hassan's chest again. Hassan threw back his head and let out a great bark of laughter. He loved the fact that his mate flushed so easily. It was very cute.

Hassan reached down for Rayne's hand. He pulled Rayne close to his body and walked him out of the room. They had both signed the necessary paperwork and were headed back to Rayne's quarters to pack up his belongings and get them ready for shipment to Hassan's home in the desert.

Saris said that he would make sure that the rest of Rayne’s stuff was sent to Hassan’s home. They had to leave right away and didn’t have time to take a lot of Rayne’s things. Hassan knew Rayne was a little nervous about leaving everything he knew behind and moving to a strange place with a man he had only known for a couple of days. But, Hassan held his contract now, for better or for worse. He wasn't going to give Rayne up.

Rayne unlocked the door to his rooms and walked in, Hassan following behind him. He could see a small smile on Rayne's lips as he ducked his head to keep from hitting it on the top of the doorframe. He knew Rayne found it a bit amusing.

Hassan walked over to Rayne and took his cape from him. He laid it down over the side of the couch and pulled Rayne into his arms. "This has all been rather sudden for you, hasn’t it?" he asked, the smile still on his face.

Rayne, looking startled and confused, continued to stare up at Hassan.

"There is only one way to get that look off your face. Do you know what it is?"

Rayne shook his head in denial.

"When a man is staring at another man like you are staring at me, and his mouth is hanging open, the only way to make him smile is like this." Hassan's large hand took Rayne's face and held it gently. His lips pressed against Rayne's, devouring their softness.

After several seconds Hassan lifted his head to gaze down into Rayne's eyes for a moment. He needed to know that Rayne was onboard for what he planned for the two of them. Lowering his head again, he recaptured Rayne's lips, his kiss more demanding this time.

In one forward motion, Hassan pulled Rayne into his embrace. He could feel the pounding of Rayne's heart. It was exhilarating and scary as hell.