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Here Kitty Kitty

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Ambrose waited until Kitty faded off to sleep before heading to the bathroom to take a shower. He needed to get the grime off of him as much as Kitty did. The clean suit should have kept him from getting anything on him, but there was always a chance.

After regulating the water, Ambrose undressed and stepped into the shower stall. The heat of the spray made him moan. The water felt so damn good pounding against his tense muscles. He leaned his head forward, letting the rivulets of water stream down his neck as his hair became soaked.

God, this felt so good…almost as good as it would feel to—Ambrose groaned and wiped his hand over his face. His cock leaped to attention as he thought about the man sleeping in his bed. God, how perverted was he? Lusting over his cat?

But, damn, what a cat. If Ambrose could have designed the perfect man, he would look exactly like the one lying in his bed. The short white hair, the odd-colored eyes, the slick pale skin. Kitty was a gorgeous human.

Ambrose wasn’t supposed to be aroused. He knew that. But every time he thought about all that naked skin, his cock filled and thickened. He just wanted to feel the man’s hands on him, his mouth. He wanted to feel his cock sink into Kitty’s sweet ass.


Ambrose nearly cried with relief when he found the small tube of waterproof lube he had left in the shower. He popped the top and poured a thick line from base to tip, lathering the cool gel around his cock.

He tightened his fist around his shaft and began stroking from root to tip. He ran his thumb over the moist head, smearing the pre-cum around and squeezing lightly. Ambrose bit his lip as he pumped his hand to the rhythm his hips were setting.

It didn’t take long before his balls were pulling up tight. A web of arousal spun around him as he squeezed his shaft, his thumb caressing over the leaking head. He growled when he felt the tingle shooting up his spine.

“Fuck!” Ambrose screamed as hot ropes of seed shot out, hitting him on his chest and under his chin. He smacked the shower wall as his dick jerked wildly and pumped ropes of cum onto the shower stall floor.

It took a couple of minutes before he was able to feel his legs again, and he finished his shower. After drying off and pulling on his clean pajama bottoms, Ambrose headed back into the bedroom where Kitty was sound asleep curled up on the bed.

Ambrose crawled onto the bed and arranged the blanket between him and Kitty like the Great Wall of China—anything to keep from giving in to his desire to touch the man. Still, an image of Kitty’s gorgeous naked body settled into his brain, and Ambrose entertained himself with thoughts of holding the cat in his arms until he fell asleep.