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Hidden Desires

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"Would you—do you want to come upstairs with me?" Micah asked hesitantly, holding his breath as he waited for Thomas to answer. He had never asked anyone to come up to his room before. He didn't know what the etiquette was for asking.

"Lead the way, baby," Thomas said, the grin on his face growing to enormous proportions.

Micah stared at him for just a moment in shock. He hadn't really expected Thomas to answer him, let alone agree to go upstairs with him. But he needed to ask. He had to ask. Now that he had answered, and agreed, Micah was suddenly so excited, he could squeal.

He was also a little worried. What if he didn't measure up? What if he couldn't please Thomas? Thomas was drop dead gorgeous. He could have any man he wanted, or woman for that matter. Why would he be interested in Micah?

"Micah?" Thomas asked after a moment.

Oh, what the hell! What was the worst that could happen? Thomas could run screaming from the room? Even if he did, at least Micah would know that he had tried. It wasn't like he was going to get a chance like this again.

Micah grabbed Thomas's hand and pulled him towards the stairs. His heart beat excitedly in his chest as they walked up the stairs and down the hallway towards Micah's bedroom. The butterflies in his stomach were back on the roller coaster as he led Thomas into his bedroom and shut the door behind him.

Turning away from the door, he turned to look up at Thomas. The look of pure desire on Thomas's face surprised him, and turned him on like nothing else had. Thomas looked like he really wanted him. Micah really hoped he did.

Drawing up his courage, Micah walked over to Thomas and reached for the hem of his shirt, pulling it slowly up to reveal the tight sculpted body beneath. Oh, hot damn! Not even in his wildest dreams had he ever seen a man that looked as good as Thomas did.

Every muscle he had was superbly defined, right down to the tight flat muscles of his abdomen showing off the small Celtic tattoo around his bellybutton. Micah could picture himself licking around that tattoo until Thomas went crazy. If only…

"Need some help, baby?" Thomas asked, a small chuckle in his voice as he pulled the shirt the rest of the way over his head.

Micah looked up at him, feeling his face heat up a little. "No, just admiring the view."

"Mind if I check out the view too?" Thomas asked, reaching for Micah's shirt. When Micah swallowed, then shook his head, Thomas pulled the shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor.

As Thomas glanced back down at his naked chest, Micah had the absurd need to cover his chest with his arms. He had some muscles from working on the farm every day but nothing like that muscles Thomas was sporting. Thomas was—well, he was something else.

"Hot damn, baby, you're gorgeous. I'm going to eat you up!" Thomas growled.

Micah looked at Thomas in surprise. Thomas thought he was gorgeous? Had he been out in the sun too long? Maybe Johnny had hit him in the head after he had run away. It was obvious that Thomas had lost his mind.

On the other hand, Micah wasn't about to turn down a sexy man like Thomas or tell him he was nuts. If he thought Micah was gorgeous, more power to him.

"I'm all yours, big guy," Micah laughed as he reached for the buttons on Thomas's tighter than crap faded blue jeans. "Eat away."

"Don't mind if I do," Thomas chuckled as he dropped to his knees in front of Micah. He reached over and began to slowly unbutton Micah's jeans, so slowly that Micah would swear he could hear each tick of the wall clock. It was pure torture.

Just when he thought he couldn't take anymore and was going to beg Thomas to hurry up, Thomas pushed his jeans down his legs and off his feet, leaving Micah standing there naked in front of him.

"Oh, this is nice," Thomas groaned.

Micah cried out and grabbed at Thomas's shoulders to keep himself standing as Thomas wrapped his lips around his jutting cock, his tongue gently caressing the head. His legs were shaking so badly he was sure he was going to collapse on the floor in a pile of goo.

"Thomas," he cried out, his head dropping back on his shoulders at the exquisite torture. He had never felt anything like it in his life. Thomas was running his tongue all around the head of his cock, over the slit in the top, and along the sensitive underside. At the same time, his lips were clamped down on him, moving up and down at an ever-increasing rate.

Just as Micah thought he couldn't take anymore, that his head was going to explode, Thomas wrapped his arms around Micah's waist and lifted him up, carrying him over to the bed and dropping him down.

Micah could only stare at Thomas in wonder as he climbed in between his legs, his large body settling at the apex of his thighs. Micah's cock stood hard and proud right in front of Thomas's smiling face.

For a brief moment, Micah wondered what in the hell he had gotten himself into. He was lying naked on his bed with a complete stranger about to devour him. Instinctively, he knew that was exactly what Thomas was going to do.

"Thomas," he whispered hesitantly. The look on his face as he gazed up at Micah was almost feral. It was so savage, so possessive, that Micah couldn't look away. He was hypnotized by the intensity of it.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time, Micah," Thomas growled as he climbed his way up his body.