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Mike leaned in and pressed a kiss to the side of Adam's face, and then another along his jaw line. He moved closer to Adam's lips, but didn't quite touch them.

"Michael," Adam groaned as he pressed closer. "Stop teasing me."

Mike grinned. He began planting small kisses on Adam's neck, then another, each one getting longer and longer until he didn't remove his lips at all. Kissing Adam's skin felt too damn good.

"Mmm, that feels good," Adam whispered, arching his head back and to the side to expose more of his throat.

"Yeah?" Mike whispered. "You like that?"

"Yesss," Adam hissed. "Want more."

Hot damn!

"You have the softest skin," Mike whispered as he stroked his hand down Adam's side. His breath caught in his throat when he reached the curve of Adam's ass and the man pulled his leg up to his chest. Mike's fingers slid right down inside the back of Adam's pants, pressing a finger between his ass cheeks.

Adam cried out and arched against him.

Mike pressed the tip of his finger against Adam's greedy hole, teasing him. When Adam started to pant, Mike forced himself to move his hand away from Adam's ass and back up to his chest. As much as he wanted to sink into Adam's silky depths, he wanted the man mindless with passion first.

Mike moved his hand up under Adam's chin and cupped his jaw, tilting his head back. He swirled his tongue over Adam's sweet tasting skin, remembering how good it felt to kiss the man. They had spent hours just making out on the couch, or anywhere else they could find a quiet corner.

Mike loved kissing Adam.

"I want you, Adam," Mike whispered against Adam's hot skin. "Will you let me have you? Will you be mine again? Will you let me keep you this time?"

Adam inhaled sharply. "Yes."

Mike squeezed his eyes shut for a moment as Adam's words washed over him. He had ached for Adam for so long and to be holding him in his arms again, Mike was starting to wonder if he would ever see the day.

And yet, here it was.

He wasn't going to waste it. Mike carefully undressed Adam, kissing each bit of golden skin he uncovered. Once Adam was naked, Mike scooted to the end of the bed. He started to pull off the hospital shirt he had been given when pain ripped through his shoulder. Mike hissed as he grabbed it.

"What's wrong?" Adam asked.

"You're going to have to help me here, Adam."

Adam stood up beside him and gently pulled the shirt from his shoulders, tossing it to the floor. Mike hissed again when Adam's hands went to the buckle of his belt. When Adam glanced up, Mike just grinned.

Adam chuckled and went back to the belt. By the time he was climbing back onto the mattress, his cock ached more than his shoulder. When Adam stretched out beside him, Mike drew the man back into his arms.

"I love you, Adam," Mike whispered. "I will love you until the day I die."

Adam stilled then glanced at him. His perfect brown eyebrows were drawn together in a deep frown of confusion. "Mike?"

Mike knew he had kind of blindsided Adam with his admission, but he couldn't hold his feelings in anymore. He did love Adam, to the depths of his soul. He'd gladly give his life for the man, fight any enemy, and protect him from the world Mike knew was out there. He would do anything for Adam.

Mike leaned forward and claimed Adam's plush lips before the man could say another word. He was a little afraid Adam didn't feel the same. Kissing Adam was just as good as licking his skin. Touching him was even better. The soft little moans of delight that fell from Adam's lips went right to Mike's cock, making him harder than steel. He felt like he could fuck a brick wall.

Mike stroked his hand over Adam's smooth chest as he kissed him. His heart tripped when he felt Adam's nipples pebble under the palms of his hand. He twirled his fingers around one nipple, stroking the sensitive flesh until Adam was shuddering in his arms.

"Do you like that, baby?" Mike asked as he tugged on a nipple with his fingers. Adam's only answer was a slow moan as he arched toward Mike's fingers. Mike chuckled lightly and switched from one nipple to the other, giving it the same treatment. "I guess you do."

"Mike, please," Adam cried out.

Mike moved his hand away from Adam's nipples and stroked it down the man's flat stomach to his abdomen. He thought he was going to come before he even had a chance to get at Adam's ass. He leaned back until he could grab the bottle of lube and a condom off his dresser than scooted down Adam's body. He so had to taste Adam's smooth skin.

Mike rolled Adam onto his back and settled between his legs.

Adam almost came off the bed when Mike licked a line from his balls to the top of his groin. Mike grinned and pressed his hands against Adam's hips, holding him down to the bed as he continued to lick every bit of smooth skin he could reach.

Mike's cock ached so much he was afraid it might break off if he nudged it even a little. Adam was unlike any lover he'd ever had. The man was a marvel, accepting everything Mike had to give him and begging for more.

Mike poured some lube out on his fingers then pushed them between Adam's ass cheeks. They slid easily in until he reached Adam's tight hole. The tightness of Adam's puckered opening made Mike shudder in anticipation. He couldn't wait to have that tightness wrapped around his cock.

Mike started brushing his fingers against Adam's hole, putting more pressure into his touch with each caress until they slipped inside. Adam groaned, stiffening. Mike eased up for a moment then leaned forward to swallow Adam's cock, sucking it down his throat.

Once Adam was distracted by the mouth on his cock, Mike started pushing his fingers into the man's ass again. This time, he met no resistance. Two fingers slid right in. It didn't take Mike more than a few moments of stretching Adam before he could get in a third finger.

Once Adam was sufficiently stretched, Mike released the cock in his mouth to Adam's cries of dismay. He scooted up and knelt between Adam's thighs. His hands shook as he tore open the small foil packet and then rolled the condom down his aching dick.

Mike gripped Adam's ass with his hands, lifted him up, and then thrust forward. His body quaked ass his cock sank into Adam's sweet body. Mike dropped his head back on his shoulders and just breathed once he was fully in.