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Hot Mess 10

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"Do you have any weapons on you?"

"Of course not."

What was he thinking?

"I think I should frisk you just to be sure."

I groaned when Sal's big hands started moving over me. Even getting frisked by the man was erotic. His hands slid over my shoulders, down my arms, then over my chest before moving down to my abdomen and groin.

"I don't think this is how you frisk someone," I said when Sal spend several moments checking out my groin. I was panting, nearly blinded by lust, by the time he swung me around.

"You seem to have something in your pants." His eyebrow rose again. "Is it a weapon? It feels like a steel pipe. Those can be dangerous."

I smirked. "It could be."

I really wanted him to find out.

My tuxedo jacket was pulled down my arms, but got caught up on my hands. My shirt was next. It ended up caught by my hands as well. Both of them hung off my arms, leaving the top half of my body bare.

When Sal reached for the buttons of my slacks, I sucked in a breath.

My pants were unzipped and then yanked down to my ankles. Sal pulled my shoes and socks off and tossed them into the backseat. He did the same for my pants and my underwear. I stood there naked except for the cuffs and the shirt and tuxedo jacket hanging off my arms.

"Sal," I groaned.

Sal lifted me up and put me in the front seat. He brought the seatbelt around me and buckled me in before shutting the door and walking around to the other side. I was glaring by the time he climbed into the driver's seat.

I wanted more action, not driving.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I asked.

Sal started up the vehicle before turning to look at me. "You assaulted someone, caro. That requires punishment."

"I was defending myself and you know it."

"And that's why you are getting a reward."

I groaned when he reached over and wrapped his hand around my aching cock.

"As punishment, you have to make it home without coming. If you don't come, I will fuck you until you can't walk."

I whimpered.

Sal was touching my cock after all. Hell, he wasn't just touching it. He was moving his hand up and down my aching length, squeezing me.

I was going to combust.

"And if I come?"

I was pretty sure I would.

I had zero resistance to Sal's touch.

"Then I leave you buckled and handcuffed while I jerk off alone."

I groaned again as I dropped my head back against the seat.

I was gonna die!

Sal chuckled as he started driving. He had to remove his hand to steer us out of the loading dock area, but just as soon as we were on the street, his hand was back. Each gentle squeeze, each stroke of his hand, drove my arousal higher.

I whimpered when his fingers loosened until I realized they were moving down to my balls and then between my ass cheeks. I planted my feet on the dashboard and spread my legs as far as they would go.

When we stopped at a red light, Sal reached into the glove box and grabbed the tube of lube we kept in there. I drew in a shaky breath as I watched him squeeze some out onto his fingers before putting the open tube in the cup holder.

Once we got moving again, Sal reached over and slid his fingers between my ass cheeks again. This time, his slick fingers slid right into my ass. I couldn't move my hips because I was buckled in place and it was killing me. I wanted to fuck myself on those glorious fingers. 

I'd rather fuck myself on his cock.

"Sal," I whined. "Pull over."


He was killing me.

"Per favore?"

Sal chuckled. "Talking to me in Italian is not going to get you what you want, Lany. You still need to be punished."

This wasn't punishment.

It was torture.

At the next red light we had to stop at, Sal reached into the back seat. He came back with a small black butt plug.

"Where did you get that?"

Sal wiggled his eyebrows. "It got left in my bag the last time we fooled around in the car."


Sal lubed it up and then reached down and pressed it against my tight ring of muscles. I sucked in a breath as he pushed it open. I was stretched, but maybe not that stretched. There was a bit of a burn.

"Okay, caro?"

I was beyond speech so I simply nodded.

With the butt plug occupying my ass, Sal moved his hand back to my dick.

I swear he hit every pothole in the road.

By the time we pulled up in front of the gates of our estate, I was a mess. I was so close to coming, beads of cum were gathering on the tip of my cock. I was so hard and engorged, I worried that my cock would snap in half.


"One more moment, caro."

I wasn't sure I had one more moment. I could feel my release building in my balls, growing stronger with each stroke of Sal's hand. One more pothole and I'd be done.

Once the gate opened, we drove up the driveway. Instead of parking in front of our mansion, Sal drove around back. We stopped momentarily as he used the remote to open the garage door and then drove inside.

Sal parked, hit the remote to close the garage door, then turned the engine off. He used the level on the side of his seat to slid it all the way back before unzipping his pants and pulling the edges back, revealing his hard cock.

I nearly swallowed my tongue when Sal grabbed the lube and dribbled some on his cock before lathering himself up. I bit my lip. Hard. The way his fingers glided over his long, thick, length made me shudder with need.

He unbuckled his seatbelt and then leaned over to do the same for mine. I cried out when Sal lifted me up, pulled the butt plug out, and then settled me on top of him so that I was straddling his lap.

"Aren't you going to uncuff me?"

Sal grinned as he shook his head. "No, I don't think so."

He lifted me up by my waist. When I came back down, goose bumps broke out over my entire body as I slid down his cock. I was right where I wanted to be.

Impaled on his dick.

I cried out as Sal filled me completely, touching the very depth and breadth of me internally. Sal began to thrust, slowly at first and then with greater speed.

My head fell back.

"Oh god, Sal, faster," I begged.

I groaned and dropped my head back when Sal complied and pounded into my eager body. When Sal dug his fingers into my ass cheeks, I tilted my head back and I groaned, my head falling back on my shoulders as ropes of pearly white cum shot up into the air before falling and splattering all over Sal's chest and groin.

Sal stiffened before roaring out his release and filling my ass with hot seed. His hands tightened on my sweaty hips. Feeling like a pile of melted goo, words couldn’t describe my complete satisfaction.

Sal reached around me and unlocked the cuffs before lifting me up into his arms.

I settled his head on Sal’s chest. "You okay, Lany love?"

"Yeah," I managed to squeak out.

"Punishment over, caro."

I smiled.

He hadn't seen punishment yet.

I would have my revenge.