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"Sal," Lany whispered.

I brushed my nose along the side of Lany's temple. "I haven't been able to breathe since the moment I laid eyes on you."

I didn't give Lany time to say anything else. I knew what he needed, what we both needed. I pulled Lany close and covered his mouth with my own. Lany melted against me, groaning as he opened his mouth to my exploration.

My calm was shattered by the hunger welling up inside of me as I explored Lany's mouth. The hard length pressed against me told me that Lany desired me just as much as I desired Lany.

I couldn't be more thrilled at the prospect.         

Lany groaned, his hands tightening on my arms. I felt a low rumble build in my chest. I lowered Lany down to the couch, moving to cover the man's body with my own. I looked down into Lany's beautiful amber-green eyes.

I was nearly overcome with the knowledge that I held him in my arms and that Lany was there willingly. How someone hadn't snapped him up before I came along was one of life's great mysteries.

"I need you, Lany," I whispered as I rubbed my finger over his lips. Stitches were nothing when one considered everything that had happened to Lany in his lifetime, but I needed to know he was alive and well and in my arms.

I growled low in my throat when Lany's tongue poked out to lick at my finger. I rubbed against Lany's tongue with my finger before sinking it into his mouth. I inhaled sharply when Lany's lips closed around my finger and the man began sucking on it. Each draw of Lany's mouth felt like it was mirrored on my cock.

I had no doubt Lany could get me to come just by sucking on my finger. I'd probably pass out from ecstasy if Lany sucked on my cock. I'd barely stood it the last time.

"Sal," Lany whispered.

When his eyes rose up to meet mine, I knew I was lost. I pulled at Lany's cloths off, tearing them away. I needed to feel Lany's body beneath my hands. I needed to feel my body pressing down on his.

I just plain out needed.

My lips followed my hands. I kissed each inch of naked skin I bared until Lany writhed under me, small pants and moans falling from his lush lips. And Lany had the fullest lips I'd ever seen.

"S-Sal," Lany moaned beneath me.

I immediately leaned down to take one brown hued nipple into my mouth. Lany cried out and arched up into me. After so many years together, I knew where each sweet spot on Lany's body was located. I moved my mouth across Lany's chest to the other nipple, finding it already pert and stiff. I growled and latched onto the hard little nub.     

"Sal, please, I need…" Lany wailed.

The sound of Lany pleading spiraled through me like a tornado. Refusing to release the nipple in my mouth, I reached down and pulled the rest of Lany's clothing from his body. I almost growled in protest when I had to let go of Lany's taut nipple to get his shirt over his head, but the feeling of Lany's naked body pressing against mine more than made up for it.

I quickly stripped away my own clothes then hunched over Lany's body. I grabbed him by the hips and pulled the man's body up to mine until our cocks pressed together. Lany's legs surrounded me, wrapping naturally around my waist as if they had been there a hundred times.

"I'm going to love you now, amore mio," I said. The dazed, wide-eyed look Lany gave me filled me with joy. I stroked my hand down his side, my eyes following, eating up every inch of naked flesh I could see. "I'm going to love you so hard."

I knew Lany had no idea how true those words really were. Lany probably thought I meant I was going to fuck him, but what would happen between us meant so much more. This was the coming together of our souls.

I leaned down over Lany and claimed his lips again. I was mildly surprised at how eagerly Lany surrendered to the kiss, just not enough to stop. I wrapped one hand around the side of his head, anchoring the man where I wanted him.

I stroked the other hand gently down Lany's side and hip. I couldn't get over how soft Lany skin always felt, or how wonderful it felt to just touch him. I shuddered slightly, overcome by the mere feeling of Lany's body pressed against mine.

I licked purposefully at Lany's upper lip then delved inside to explore. I felt Lany pressed closer, unconsciously moving against me as if seeking more contact. Gripping Lany's hair tightly, I kissed and licked Lany's lush lips, devouring them. I would have climbed inside Lany's warm body if I could have.

As it was, I knew if I didn't get my cock in the man soon, I might pass out. My blood was pounding through my body so fast I already felt light headed. My body tingled every time it brushed against Lany's.

I hissed and jerked back when Lany bit my lips. The small nip didn't break the skin, but I almost wished it did. The smoky look of desire burning in Lany's eyes seared right through me.

"Lube," I said as I reached over to the nightstand. "We need lube."

Porca troia!

It wasn't there.

Where was our lube?