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Hot Mess 2

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"You're the best, caro."

My cock grew hard as I stared up at Sal. He always had the effect on me. "I need, Sal."

Sal's grin was sensual and filled with so much lust, my breath caught in the back of my throat.

"On your hands and knees, caro."


I immediately turned over until I was on my hands and knees. I jerked, startled when I felt a wet finger begin to circle my tight ring of muscles. A groan slipped from my lips as Sal began to circle my sensitive skin once more. My entire body tingled with anticipation of what was to come.

The soul-deep passion was a feeling I had never experienced before until I met Sal. I hadn't even known it was possible until Sal showed me. Sex before him was meaningless and unsatisfying. Sex with Sal was everything.

"Does that feel good, Lany?" Sal asked as he inserted another finger and my body greedily sucked it in.

"Yes," I whimpered as I pushed back.

I heard a deep chuckle from behind me.

I liked that sound.

"Ready, caro?"

 "Please!" I cried out when a third finger slid inside of me. It was the strangest feeling in the world, and the most wonderful all rolled into one.

I wanted more!

"You okay, Lany?"

"Y–Yes." I rocked back. I spread my legs a little further apart as my head dropped.

"Your body is so perfect, caro," Sal spoke quietly behind him. "I could get lost in it."


The bed moved slightly and then Sal's fingers were gone. I moaned in protest at the loss.

Sal chuckled and then soothed his hands over my back. "Breathe, Lany."

My eyes nearly crossed when Sal's cock had entered me, pushing past my tight ring of muscles, and then the man just kept going until he was fully seated inside of me. I loved the fact that we had given up condoms months ago. It felt so much better when I could feel all of Sal inside of me.

I panted and felt my arms shaking as the burn and pinch turned into the most glorious feeling. It crawled over my groin, ran up my arms, wrapped around my body, and made my head spin with such pleasure that I whimpered from the sheer magnitude threatening to take me under.

"I have you, Lany. Let it go."

I cried out, my body trembling as Sal wrapped his thick strong body around mine, blanketing me as his hips thrust and his cock made an explosion inside of my ass come to life. It felt too good, wonderful, fantastic, and I was coming apart at the seams already.

"Sal!" I cried out once more.

Sal's arm wrapped around my shoulders as he thrust inside my ass over and over again, holding me down, mastering me in every way possible as he took and gave. I had never had a lover like the one taking me, and I never wanted to lose the man.

"Come," Sal demanded as he bit into my shoulder.

Sal was thrusting inside of me, driving me crazy.

I shouted out my release. My body convulsed as I came all over the sheets beneath me. It felt as though years of pent-up orgasms were breaking free all at once. I wasn't falling over the edge. I had been violently shoved into the abyss below.

"Mine!" Sal growled.

My eyes fluttered open as Sal roared behind me, thrusting so hard that I had to dig my hands into the bedding to stop myself from falling forward. I felt Sal's cock throbbing inside of my ass, the warm seed bathing my insides.

My head spun, and my eyes closed as a warm and languid feeling entered me. I felt Sal move inside of me, as if his very soul was resting inside my chest. I whimpered.

Sal panting breath blowing across my shoulder. His hands stroked up and down my sweaty skin, almost in reverence. He blew out a long breath and then wrapped his arms around my body, hugging me close.

"What time do you have to be at work?"