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Hot Mess 4

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"I've been waiting for you, caro."

Sal's beautiful copper colored eyes were filled with heat as he gazed down at me. "Ho bisogno di essere dentro di te."

I swallowed tightly.

God, I loved this man.

I had wanted Sal from the moment I first laid eyes on him. Things between us had been intense almost from the moment we met. I had serious doubts that I would ever get enough of my handsome Italian SWAT officer.

Italian. SWAT. Police officer...this was a wet dream waiting to happen.

"Clothes off, caro." Sal's voice was deep, and slightly rough.

I shivered as Sal released me. My hands shook as I stood and started stripping my clothes off. It wasn't like it had been that long since the last time we had sex—in the shower this morning before Sal went to work—but if felt as if an eternity had passed us by.

 I groaned when I bent to remove my socks and felt a hand glide over my ass, giving me a little pat.

"I love your ass, Lany."

Not exactly romantic, but I'd take it.

I turned to watch Sal toss his clothes aside. When he was done, Sal stepped up to me, cupped my face between his hands, and then leaned down and melded our lips together in a kiss that made my toes curl.

The man was a really good kisser.

I moaned with wanton abandon when Sal cupped my ass in his large hands, pulling me closer, taking the kiss deeper. Goose bumps broke out over my skin when Sal's hands left my ass and slid over my back. I wanted to climb the large man like a monkey and hang on until we melded together.

"You're mine, Lany, all mine."

I was.

I nodded vigorously.

A low guttural growl left Sal's lips. 

"On your back, caro," he instructed.

I twisted around and jumped up on the bed, scrambling to do as Sal commanded. My skin buzzed with excitement at the knowledge that Sal was going to claim me again. I laid down on my back and spread my legs wide.

"Beautiful," Sal whispered as his eyes roamed over my naked body. The molten heat in his eyes was something I knew only burned for me.

I fisted the sheets as Sal dropped to his knees and crawled up the blanket, his hands smoothing over my legs. I was dying to move, to wiggle around and beg Sal to fuck me already, but I sealed my plea behind my lips. Sal seemed to be on some sort of mission tonight, and I wasn't about to mess that up.

My eyes damn near rolled to the back of my head as Sal's fingertips played over my skin, slowly making their way up my thighs toward my aching cock. I almost whined at the slow pace.

When Sal wrapped his large hand around my hard shaft, I couldn't stop my moan. I spread my legs wider as Sal stroked my cock from root to tip and then back down again. Sal's other hand cupped my balls, massaging them between his fingers.

He was really good at that.

I writhed and squirmed on the bed, moaning loudly as I succumbed to the waves of ecstasy trying to pull me under. I lay there, drowning in a flood tide of exquisite rapture as Sal took me to another place, a place where I was no longer my own person. It was a place where Sal owned me, mind, body, and soul.

"Come for me, caro."

My back left the sheets as I arched up and cried out, hot jets of cum shooting from my cock. The pleasure was pure and explosive. I shouted Sal's name, thrashing my head from side to side.

Sal stroked my cock through my entire orgasm. I panted heavily as Sal milked my cock, pulling every last drop from my balls.

"You're beautiful when you come, Lany," Sal whispered. "The way you look at me, you make me feel like I could conquer the world."

I licked my lips as I gazed at Sal, wonderment filling me. I was always so amazed that a man like Sal had not only wanted me, but had kept me. He had saved me from a beat down in a bar and swept me off my feet from the very beginning. Of everyone I had ever known, Sal was the one who never let me down. He was it for me. Without him, I was nothing.

"Ero fatto per te."

Sal's eyes flickered up to mine. "You were made for me, caro."

I watched as Sal swiped his fingers through the cum cooling on my groin and then reached below me. My breath hissed out of my mouth when Sal circled my hole with his large finger. At that moment, all I wanted was to feel Sal deep inside of him.

"Fuck me, Sal."