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I nuzzled the side of Lany's neck. I sealed my lips over his skin and sucking up a bruise as I slowly lowered him to the bed. Lany moaned as he tilted his head to one side. I licked at the tender skin.

The sound of Lany's pleasure only made my cock harder, throbbing more heavily in my pants. I slid my hands down Lany's sides until I reached the snap on his jeans. Lany held his breath as I slowly began to work his jeans free. I pulled his pants down and all the way off. I stopped momentarily to remove Lany's shoes, and then Lany was naked from the waist down. He was dressed from the waist up.

That problem was solved a moment later when I whipped his shirt over his head and sent it sailing through the air. After quickly shucking my own clothes, I scooted up the bed behind Lany. I lifted him up, pressing my bare chest to Lany's naked back. Lany's breath was coming out in short gasps.

"Easy, caro," I said as I pressed my lips to Lany's ear. "I just want to make you feel good."

I slid my lips over Lany's exposed shoulder and the curve of my neck, nibbling on the sweet tasting flesh. I splayed my fingers and ran my hand down Lany's chest. When my hand reached the man's lower stomach, I felt the head of Lany's cock pressing up against his abdomen.

Hot damn.

Lany was rock hard.

I pressed my lips to the nape of Lany's neck and slid my tongue across the smooth expanse, tasting the salty skin as I slid my hand around to caress the soft curve of Lany's ass. I had to breathe out slowly, gaining a measure of control.

Grabbing Lany's chin, I tilted his head back and kissed a trail down his neck. Lany bucked against me, his moans echoing through the bedroom. I hitched my hips as I sucked at Lany's neck, letting my cock slide up and down between the crease in Lany's ass.

"You want to feel my big, thick cock in your ass, stretching you wide?" I asked Lany, keeping my tone silky smooth. I pressed the tip of my finger into the entrance of Lany's sweet ass.

"Yesss," Lany hissed as he pushed back on my finger.

I chuckled when Lany stuck his ass in the air, candidly showing me what he wanted.

And damned if I wasn't ready to deliver.

"Lube, we need lube." I was desperate. "Where did we put the damn lube?"


I growled as I stretched out and grabbed the bottle of lube stashed in the nightstand. Coming back, I knelt behind Lany. I damn near ripped the cap off the tube of lube then squirted a fair amount on my fingers before dropping it on the mattress. Reaching between Lany's ass cheeks, I rubbed the lube on him, paying special attention to the small puckered hole there.

I heard a high strangled cry fill the room when I leaned down and swirled my tongue around Lany's puckered hole. I grinned for a moment then gave the tight opening a long lick. I speared my tongue just inside, along with my index finger. I thrust it in again and again, adding a second one when I thought Lany could take it.

My balls started to ache when a tremor of arousal shook Lany's slighter form. My body tingled with the need to come, but I refused to without Lany's pleasure coming first.

That just meant one thing.

I needed to up my game.

I tongue-fucked Lany over and over, then alternated my fingers before finally adding a third. I moved my fingers in a steady rhythm, making sure to nail Lany's gland as often as I could. When I was sure Lany was ready, I pulled my fingers from Lany's ass and grabbed my cock, pushing the head against the man's tight entrance.

Pushing just a little, I looked down at Lany. "Ready, caro?"

A moment later I was moaning softly as Lany pushed back against me. I watched my cock sink into Lany, astounded by the soft silken heat surrounding me. I slowly fucked my way in, stretching Lany's tight ring of muscles around my thick girth inch by glorious inch.

As I felt myself press in the last little bit, I clenched Lany's hips. Tremors started to shake my body. This was going to be the shortest sex scene in history…like milliseconds.

"Sei fatto apposta per le mie mani."

"I…" A small shudder wove its way through Lany's body. "I was made for your hands."

Hell, yeah, he was. I had been fantasizing about fucking Lany's little ass since the day I met the man. My fantasies were just never this good. Each time with Lany was better than the last, and I didn't think that was possible. Each time I was surprised that it was.

He beat a fantasy any day.

I started to move as slowly as my body would allow, thrusting my hips forward then pulling back until just the head of my cock remained gripped in Lany's tight hole. The feeling of being inside of Lany was amazing.

The breath hissed through my teeth as I began to pull out, then push back in again. Little by little, as Lany's body seemed to start sucking me right in, I began moving faster. I didn't think I would last very long.

It just felt too damn good.

 I could feel Lany's tight channel contract around my cock with almost brutal intensity. I slid my hands under Lany to skim his stomach and chest. I stroked down, tracing my fingers over Lany's hard shaft. I gripped Lany's cock.

I moaned softly at the erotic sight as Lany threw back my head and cried out. With one strong stroke, I felt a wet warmth slide over my fingers as Lany came, his ass clenching around my cock.

I rammed my cock harder and harder into Lany, rocking the bed with the force of my thrusts. I faltered as my orgasm grabbed me by the balls and ripped a loud cry from me. I threw my head back, my movements frantic as my cock exploded, filling Lany with my seed.

I buried my face into Lany's shoulder, smelling his sweet scent, and feeling Lany's slick skin against my own chest. I reached down to Lany and gently stroked the man's beautiful face, smiling to myself.

"Tu sei una stella... la mia stella."

He would always be my star.