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My breath caught in my throat when I reached the curve of Lany's ass and he pulled his leg up to his chest. My fingers slid right down between Lany's ass cheeks. I quickly moved my hand away from Lany's ass and back up to his chest. As much as I wanted to sink into his silky depths, I wanted my love mindless with passion first.

I cupped his jaw, tilting his head back. I swirled my tongue over Lany's sweet tasting skin. "Caro," I whispered softly as I leaned forward and claimed Lany's plush lips.

Lany groaned and leaned into the kiss.

Kissing Lany was just as good as licking his skin. Touching him was even better. The soft little moans of delight that fell from Lany's lips went right to my cock, making me harder than steel.

I felt as if I could fuck a brick wall.

I stroked his hand over Lany's smooth chest as I kissed him. My heart skipped a beat when I felt Lany's nipples pebble under the palms of my hand. I twirled my fingers around one nipple, stroking the sensitive flesh until Lany was shuddering in my arms.

"Do you like that, caro?" I asked as I tugged on a nipple with my fingers. Lany's only answer was a slow moan as he arched toward my fingers. I chuckled lightly and switched from one nipple to the other, giving it the same treatment. "I guess you do."

"Sal, prego," Lany cried out.

I leaned back until I could grab the bottle of lube off the nightstand then scooted down Lany's body. I so had to taste Lany's smooth skin. Flipping the covers back from Lany's body, I settled between his legs.

"Oh, caro," I whispered when I saw the silky smooth skin of Lany's groin. He had to have shaved sometime today because he was not that smooth last night. I know. I'd checked. "You are so perfect for me."

Lany almost came off the bed when I licked a line from his balls to the top of his groin. I grinned and pressed my hands against Lany's hips, holding him down to the bed as I continued to lick every bit of smooth skin I could reach.

My cock ached so much I was afraid it might break off if I nudged it even a little. Lany was perfect, accepting everything I had to give him and begging for more.

I was in heaven, and his name was Lany Delvecchio.

I poured some lube out on my fingers then pushed them between Lany's ass cheeks. The tightness of Lany's puckered opening made me shudder in anticipation. I couldn't wait to have that tightness wrapped around my cock.

I started brushing my fingers against Lany's hole, putting more pressure into my touch with each caress until they slipped inside. Lany groaned, stiffening. I eased up for a moment then leaned forward to swallow Lany's cock, sucking it down my throat.

Once Lany was distracted by the mouth on his cock, I started pushing my fingers into the man's ass again. This time, I met no resistance. Two fingers slid right in. It didn't take me more than a few moments of stretching Lany before I could get in a third finger and then a fourth.

I wasn't a small man.

Once Lany was stretched, I released the cock in my mouth to Lany's cries of dismay. I scooted up and knelt between Lany's thighs and lifted his ass in my hands. I gripped Lany's ass with my hands and thrust forward.

My body quaked as I sank into Lany's sweet body. I dropped my head back and just breathed once I was fully in. Heaven didn't even begin to describe what it felt like to be balls deep inside my Lany.

I raised Lany's legs into the air and hooked my arms under them. When I leaned forward over Lany's body and placed my hands on either side of his head, Lany's legs were parallel to his chest.

I flexed my hips and slowly withdrew my cock until on the head remained encased inside Lany's body, and then I slammed forward. Lany screamed as his head arched back into the pillow beneath him.

I did it again and again, moving faster and faster with each deep thrust. Only by gripping Lany's thighs did I keep him from shooting up to the top of the bed as I pounded into him.

I was getting close. I could feel my balls drawing up tight against my body. I knew I only had moments before I flew over the edge with abandon. I wanted Lany to go with me. I grabbed his cock and started stroking him to the speed of my thrusts.

"My Lany, my tesoro, la mia stella brillante," I whispered.

My orgasm grabbed me by the balls and dragged me over the edge at the speed of light. One moment I was wavering, savoring the exquisite feeling of being balls deep inside Lany. The next moment, I was roaring out my release as I filled Lany's ass with shot after shot of cum.

Lany's tight body tightened around my cock. Each little tremor rocked through me, prolonging my pleasure until I thought I was going to pass out. Ropes of pearly white cum shot out of his dick, splattering over the both of us.

I dropped down on top of Lany and tried to breath. You'd think after all these years, sex between us would grow mundane, but it got better each and every time.

When I was able to lift my head, I couldn't help but chuckle as I looked down. Lany was passed out cold, but he had a smile on his face. I leaned in and planted a small kiss on Lany's lips.

"My sweet tesoro."

I carefully slid from Lany's body and rolled to the side of the bed. I quickly went to the bathroom and cleaned up then came back into the bedroom to clean up Lany. After chucking the washcloth back into the bathroom, I climbed into bed and pulled Lany into my arms then pulled the covers over both of us.

"Thank you, Lany," I whispered even though I knew Lany couldn't hear me. "Tu sei una stella... la mia stella."