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Hot Mess 8: A Very Hot Mess Christmas

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"Wake up, caro." I slid my hand over the Lany's svelte chest. I tweaked a nipple with my fingers. The hot little mess arched further as he spread his legs. "Lany."

I grinned as I tweaked the other nipple and kissed along the man's jaw. Spanning my hand over Lany's stomach, I scraped my nails along his silky skin.

Lany whispered my name.

"You are so beautiful, Lany." He took my breath away every time I looked at him, and that hadn't changed in all the years we'd been together.

Lany's eyelids fluttered open. He blushed, which only made my dick throb more. Lany reached for me, pulling me down for a kiss. He licked at my lips more than kissed them. It sent a ripple of pleasure down my spine.

I leaned in for a kiss, but what I received were waves of electrifying pleasure that started at my lips and shot down until they reached my toes. My whole body seemed to come alive as Lany opened for me, sucking my tongue like he was dying. I stuck my tongue out, sliding it across Lany's lower lip. Lany opened for me, allowing me to invade his mouth. I plunged in, sweeping through and leaving my senses on fire.

I ghosted my hands over Lany, taking in his beauty as I kissed my way around to his neck. I felt the hard pulse in Lany's throat as I licked my way to the other side. Lany was like the food of the gods, and I wanted to taste every inch of him.

I parted my lips and sucked Lany's nipple between my teeth. I groaned at how good Lany's skin smelled. I could smell hot summer rain, taste it. My favorite scent.

As I licked at Lany's nipple with my tongue, I smoothed my hand over his body. It was incredible just how soft and flawless Lany's skin was. I couldn't seem to stop touching him. No matter what area my hands skimmed over, Lany's skin was pure perfection.

"You're so soft, Lany," I said as I kissed my way from one side of Lany's body to the other, listening to Lany's quiet moans of pleasure and the soft rhythm of his heart.

I pushed the blankets down to bare Lany's cock for my viewing—and touching— pleasure. It bounced up and slapped against Lany's abdomen.

The man even had a beautiful cock.

I leaned forward and blew across the purplish head, feeling the long shudder that passed through Lany. When I glanced up, I saw Lany had his lips caught between his teeth and his eyes closed tight.

I smirked.

I leaned forward again and licked the drop of pre-cum gathering on the head of Lany's cock. I groaned at just how sweet the taste really was. I suckled at the head and savored the man's flavor before I took the cock all the way down my throat.

Lany shouted and writhed.

I gripped the man's hips to still him.

Lany thrashed his head back and forth.

I lavished Lany's cock with my tongue.

I could hear Lany above me, crying out every time I swallowed him down my throat. It spurred me on to do more. I moved my hand between Lany's legs. I pushed against his knee with my shoulder, encouraging Lany to spread his legs wider.

It worked.

Lany spread his legs enough for me to reach between them and find his hole. I sucked Lany's cock into my mouth then let it slide out as I began kissing my way down to the sweet puckered hole waiting for me.

I grabbed the lube and quickly slathered up my fingers then pushed one into Lany's tight ass. Lany cried out above me. I began a slow rhythm of moving my finger in and out of Lany. At the same time, I stuck my tongue out and lavished the tight ring of muscles.

After a few minutes, I added another finger. Lany started bucking his hips. I moved faster, licking harder, pushing my tongue inward. A third finger had Lany's legs trembling. His cries had turned into one long, continuous whine.

My love was definitely a screamer.

The intense need to be buried deep rode me hard. I pulled my fingers free and got to my knees. I pushed Lany's legs back and positioned myself better. I poured a bit more lube out and spread it over my cock.

"Are you ready for me, caro?" I asked with an unsteady voice.

I normally took more time with Lany, but being so close, smelling his sweet scent, I found my control was nonexistent. I wanted to possess Lany, to bury myself deep inside of him.

I never wanted to come out.

Grabbing the round globes of Lany's ass, I separated them and guided my cock into the tight heat of Lany's body. I paused for just a moment to savor the feeling of being deep inside the man who owned me, heart and soul. Nothing had ever made me feel more complete.  

"Sal, amore mio," Lany whispered against the soft skin of my His hands kneaded my shoulders, tugging me closer. "Please."

All logical thought was lost at the sound of that pleading word intertwined with my name. Something unhinged inside me. I snapped my hips forward at the same time that I pulled Lany's hips down. I thrust into Lany's tight grasp over and over again.

Waves of ecstasy throbbed through me when Lany cried out after just a few thrusts, filling the space between us with his release as his inner muscles gripped me like a vise grip.

I pressed Lany into the bed as I began to drive my cock into Lany's ass faster, harder, deeper. The electricity built, working its way up my spine and shattering me into a thousand pieces. I tossed my head back, shouting out Lany's name as my body convulsed, my seed emptying into his tight channel.

I dropped forward and rested my forehead against Lany, breathing hard and trying to get my heart rate to slow. Lany's exhausted amber-green eyes sparkled up at me.

I smiled as I gently stroked his fingers down over Lany's eyelids. "Sleep, caro."