Hot Mess Series

 Major Characters
Character Relationship
Lt. Salvador Delvecchio Special Weapons And Tactics Team Leader
Lancaster "Lany" Harris III Assistant to the Police Commissioner
 Minor Characters
Sgt. Hugh Booker SWAT Team Memeber
Sgt. Victor Clarke SWAT Team Memeber
Officer David Wu SWAT Team Memeber
Officer Sam Brodsky SWAT Team Memeber
Officer Lyn Philips Police Officer
Lancaster Harris II Lany's Father
Cynthia Harris Lany's Mother
Jerrod Harris Police Commissioner/Uncle
Sally Harris Lany's Aunt/Uncle Jerry's wife
Gino Delvecchio Sal's cousin/Interior Designer
Allan Cynthia Harris's Assistant
Gilbert Doorman
Jenson Security
Marcus Lany's bodyguard
Dr. Seamore "Skip" Jones ER Doctor
Thomas FBI Deputy Assistant Director
Jose Rodriguez FBI Deputy Assistant Director
Inspector Owen Jones IAD Inspector
Officer Julia Elba Officer on Force
Detective Steven Whelan Detective on Force
Detective Turner Detective on Force
Officer Misner Records Clerk
Special Agent Steven Larson FBI Agent
Special Agent Jason Tamir FBI Agent
Special Agent Miles Burke FBI Agent
Eddie Wu David Wu's cousin
Paulo Delvecchio Sal's Father
Sonia Delvecchio Sal's Mother
Angelo Delvecchio Sal's Brother
Ercole Delvecchio Sal's Nephew/Angelo's Son
Vincenzo Castellano Head of the Castellano Crime Syndicate/Eddie's Uncle
Carlos Gambino Head of the Gambino Crime Family/Eddie's Father
Isabella Rosalita Vella Vinnie Castellano's Bodyguard
Jenna Nanny/Housekeeper
Patty Flannigan Irish Mobster
Liam Hennessey Irish Mobster
Oliver Brant Chief of Security
Lincoln Thomas Lead singer of Trixx
Milla Zackery Security Chief
Mr. Cosco Friend of Lancaster Harris II
Dalton Martinez Villa manager
Mrs. Masrtinez Housekeeper/Dalton's mother