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“I can smell your excitement, love.”

Danny’s eyebrows rose. “You can smell me?”

“It’s delicious, like the warmest honey with just a hint of cinnamon.” Abe licked his lips, the gesture so sensual, Danny felt his cock jerk. “I could eat you up.”

“Okay,” Danny groaned.

“Here,” Ben said from the front seat, “you’re going to need this.”

Danny caught just a glimpse of a small black bag before it disappeared behind his back. “What is that?”

Abe grinned. “It’s a surprise.”

Danny was dying of curiosity but the gleam in Abe’s eyes kept him rooted where he was. The man’s excitement as he messed with whatever was in that bag might rival his own.

“Straddle my thighs, Danny, and spread your legs as far as they will go.”

Trusting Abe to keep him safe, Danny did as the man requested.

“Now put your hands on my shoulders and use them to lift yourself up.”

Again, Danny did as Abe requested.

“Now, hold on, babe.”

Confusion collided with curiosity. Why would he need to hold on? Danny opened his mouth to ask that very question when it was answered in a way that made a cry of ecstasy come out of his mouth instead.

Something slim and cylindrical and vibrating was being slowly pushed into his ass. Whatever it was, it was no larger than the width of one of Abe’s fingers. And the vibrations were low enough that Danny could still breathe, but just barely.

Abe moved it in and out of his ass slowly, not moving any faster until Danny pushed back against it. “Do you like that, Danny?”

“Yeah,” Danny panted. He fucking loved it. “Wha–what is that?”

Abe grinned again but started to move the object in and out of Danny’s ass a little faster. “Secret.”

Danny’s eyes slid closed as the vibrations picked up. He could feel his balls pulsing, throbbing. He moved, thrusting his ass down toward the vibrating object, impaling himself, driving it deeper into his ass, faster, harder.

“That’s it, baby,” Abe said. “Fuck yourself.”

Danny screamed when the vibrations increased to an all-time high. The tip of his cock buzzed. His balls drew up close to his body and then a fiery sensation erupted inside of his body, sending shot after shot of cum up between Danny and Abe. Danny  once again collapsed against Abe, a happy little buzz still zipping through his body.

“Did you like that, baby?” Abe asked as he carefully withdrew the object from Danny’s ass.

“Hmmm.” Danny was nonverbal at this point.

“All nice and relaxed?”

Danny grinned. “Uh-huh.”


Danny didn’t know why that response sounded so evil until he felt something bigger than the last object push into his ass. It wasn’t so big that it hurt, but there was a definite burn. By the time Abe stopped moving, Danny’s entire ass was impaled on the slick rubbery device.

“Ready, love?”

Danny’s eyes widened. “Ready?”

Ready for what?

Ten seconds.

After Abe hit whatever evil switch he had and the vibrations started and the object in Danny's ass began to move up and down, Danny lasted a whole ten seconds before he was screaming his way through another orgasm.

By the time the truck pulled to a stop and Danny was lifted out of the back of the cab, he could barely lift his head. He had climaxed through four—no, five—five different vibrating dildos, each one larger, thicker, longer, and more powerful than the last one.

Danny currently had an incredibly large butt plug lodged in his ass, his very stretched out ass. That last dildo had been bigger than anything Danny had ever taken, including Ben or Abe. Danny was now fully aware of how they planned on him being able to take both of them.

Torture. Pure, mind-numbing, pleasure-filled torture.

He was a fan.