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John Henry's Beautiful Charlie

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"Coming to bed, John Henry?"

John Henry groaned again. Charlie was trying to kill him. He opened his eyes when he felt Charlie grab his hand and pull. He was being led back into the bedroom. Charlie stopped at the side of the bed and reached for the hem of John Henry's shirt.

John Henry felt a little self-conscious about all of the hair on his chest, and there was a lot, but then he saw the lust blazing in Charlie's eyes. "Do you like that?" he asked.

Charlie's hard swallow was audible as he nodded. John Henry grabbed Charlie's hands and laid them on his chest close to his collarbone. He watched Charlie's face intently as he slowly dragged the man's hands down his chest. When Charlie sucked in his lower lip and shuddered, John Henry had had about all he could take.

"I want skin, Charlie."

Charlie nodded, not taking his eyes off of John Henry's chest.

"Now, Charlie." John Henry chuckled at the dazed look in Charlie's eyes when he looked up. He looked so confused. He sounded so confused when he spoke.


"Now would be good, don't you think, Charlie?"

"Naked is good," Charlie said. "I'm in favor of naked."

John Henry chuckled again. He liked knowing he had this effect on Charlie. He reached for the hem of Charlie's shirt. He pulled it up slowly, wanting to savor the anticipation, but each inch of tanned sculpted skin just made him want to see the next inch.

By the time he tossed Charlie's shirt to the floor, John Henry was ready to forgo slow and savory for right fucking now. Charlie was perfection. John Henry knew the man had to stay in shape for the service but this man's body went above and beyond that. Charlie was a work of art—a hot, sexy, breathtaking, work of art.

Charlie was almost the exact opposite of John Henry. Where John Henry had hair covering a lot of his chest, Charlie was all silky smooth skin. They both had a trail of hair leading down their abdomens to under the waistband of their jeans. John Henry's hair was dark, Charlie's was light.

John Henry flicked the button on Charlie's jeans. He felt Charlie shudder as he lowered the zipper. When Charlie's hard cock bounced out, John Henry froze and tried to retain what little control he had left as he realized that Charlie wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Fuck, Charlie, you're going commando."

Charlie laughed. "And you aren't?"



Charlie's hands were on John Henry's zipper before he could stop him. Heat flushed through his face when he remembered that he was indeed wearing boxers—and they had little yellow smiley faces all over them.

"Uh…" Charlie paused and peeked up at John Henry. "Are you trying to tell me that you're into the whole Mr. Happy thing?"

John Henry snorted and rolled his eyes. "They were clean."

"Uh huh."

John Henry felt a sheepish grin cross his face as he stepped back and pushed his boots off his feet then shoved his jeans, and smiley face boxers, down his legs. By the time he kicked them away and stood up, Charlie was standing before him in all his naked glory.

Hot damn.

"Gods, you are so fucking sexy."

Charlie's dark blond eyebrows shot up. "Me?" His eyes slid down John Henry's body. "I'm thinking you are way sexier than this old marine."

"There isn't anything old about you, Charlie, and you know it."

"Yeah, well, sometimes I feel like it."

"Then let me see if I can change that." John Henry stepped forward into Charlie's space and wrapped his arms around the man's shoulders. He leaned down the few inches between them and captured Charlie's mouth with his own. Charlie's lips were still warm and swollen from their last kiss.

John Henry's pulse quickened when their bodies came together, skin against skin, cock against cock. He couldn't remember that last time something had felt this good, if ever. It made him acutely aware of the strength and the warmth of Charlie's body.

"I want to fuck you, John Henry." Charlie spoke quietly but his voice boomed in the room. "Will you let me?"

John Henry nodded. He had no problem letting Charlie fuck him. He wasn't one of those guys who always expected to give and never receive. He liked it both ways. He hoped when the time came, Charlie would allow him to do the same. He was just too afraid to ask. Feeling Charlie's beautiful cock pound into his ass was too important at the moment. It made everything else pale in comparison.

"Lube?" John Henry asked. "Condom?"

"I'll get them," Charlie replied. "You just lie down on the bed."

Despite wanting to feel Charlie pound him into the mattress, John Henry was nervous as he crawled up onto the bed and rolled over onto his back. He saw Charlie step away from the nightstand and toss something onto the bed. Then Charlie climbed onto the bed and knelt between John Henry's thighs.

"Hi." Charlie grinned.

John Henry couldn't help but grin back. "Hi."

Charlie leaned up over John Henry. "Are you sure you're ready for this? We don't have to do anything if you're uncomfortable. We could just sit and talk, get another beer, or whatever."

"No, I want this. I'm just a little"—John Henry shrugged—"It's been awhile."

"I won't do anything you don't want me to, okay?"

John Henry nodded.

"If something makes you uncomfortable, tell me and I'll stop."

John Henry nodded again. He was starting to feel less nervous and more anxious. The heat emanating from Charlie's body was warming him but every inch of skin that touched his was making him go out of his mind. John Henry wrapped his arms around Charlie and pulled until the man collapsed down on top of him.

"That’s better." He laughed when Charlie arched an eyebrow at him. "I'm a bit bigger than you, Charlie. I think I can take it."

"We'll see, big man."

John Henry's eyes fluttered closed when Charlie claimed his lips in a toe curling kiss. Gods, the man could kiss. John Henry had never met anyone in his life that was so very oral. He couldn't wait to find out what else Charlie could do with his lips.

When Charlie's lips moved away from John Henry's mouth and started kissing a path down his jaw line to his throat, John Henry arched his head back, giving the man better access. John Henry never thought he'd be into biting but each lick and nip just amped up the arousal already flooding his senses.

"Gods, you're really good at this."