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Jonny Be Good

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“You feel this?” Russ whispered harshly.

Jonny nodded even as he lifted his ass up. Whether it was to relieve the pressure or silently beg for more, he didn’t know. He just knew the pressure made him ache. His cock was so hard, it pressed painfully into his zipper, but even that felt good. It reminded him that he was alive and right where he wanted to be for over a year.

“I like things rough, Jonny.” Russ leaned in and rubbed his stubbled cheek over Jonny’s skin. Jonny knew he was going to have a red mark. “I want to hold you and touch you and display you for my pleasure. I want to mark you with my hands and my teeth, and I want the world to see the marks I leave on you so that they know you belong to me.”

When Russ’s teeth scraped over the edge of his jaw line, Jonny groaned and dropped his head back, baring his throat to the man. His cock was so hard it felt on the verge of shattering. He had never been so turned on in his life, not even when Russ had fucked him before.

Jonny wondered if it was because Russ had held back before. If these were the things Russ wanted, needed, then Jonny knew the man hadn’t given into his desires before. It had been too gentle.

Jonny wanted fierce. He wanted to be taken and displayed and fucked and, god, he wanted to wear Russ’s marks like a badge of ownership. He wanted everyone to know this big glorious man had claimed him.

“Please,” Jonny whimpered as he reached up and fisted his hands in Russ’s hair, wrapping the short strands of brown hair around his fingers until they were tangled. He had never been this desperate before, this needy. His blood boiled with each scrape of Russ’s teeth along his hyper sensitive skin. His heart raced even faster as Russ kissed a trail across his shoulder. “Russ.”

“Gonna make you mine,” Russ whispered before biting into the soft flesh of Jonny’s shoulder. He didn’t break skin but the added stimulation was Jonny’s undoing. He cried out his release, his body tight, frantic. Jonny’s eyes rolled, his head thrashed, and he cried Russ’s name as he came hard, saturating the front of his jeans with cum.

“Fuck, baby!” Russ growled as he leaned back and then pressed his hand against the front of Jonny’s jeans, right over the wet spot. “That is so fucking hot.”