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Kyle's Return

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Kyle woke with sweat pouring off of him. He stiffened when he felt an arm pull him closer to a hard chest. It took him a moment to remember where he was and who was lying next to him. Kyle lay there quietly, letting his imagination take flight, pretending that they were a real couple and that Tony cuddle him all of the time.

He wasn’t sure why he was allowing the fantasy to play out in his mind, but with the way his life was turning out, Kyle needed someone. Not just anyone, but Tony. The man was strong, reassuring, and exuded masculinity. Something Kyle had always craved.

He swallowed hard when he felt a hard cock press against his back. Kyle was afraid to move a muscle. His heart was beating out of his chest as Tony grumbled, shifted round, and then pressed his hard shaft hard into Kyle’s denim covered ass.

Kyle bit his lip to stop the moan threatening to spill. His hands curled into fists as he pressed them into his stomach, waiting, wanting.

His breath froze in his lungs when Tony’s hand skimmed up his body, his fingers made circular motions on his hips, and then continued its trek up his side. He wanted desperately to turn over, to let Tony have whatever it is he wanted, but fear kept him rooted to the spot. Fear of his inexperience, fear of rejection, but most of all, fear of having his heart broken.

Because whether Kyle liked to admit it or not, he was falling hard for Tony.

He did groan when Tony’s lips softly kissed behind his ear and then trailed down the back of his neck. The hot breath blowing across his flesh was spicy, masculine, and welcoming. Kyle was dying for a kiss, to feel Tony’s tongue exploring his mouth was just too much to hope for.

“I know you’re awake. Do you want me to stop?”

Kyle bit his bottom lip as he smashed his eyes together. Did he? Did he want Tony to stop the one thing Kyle had craved his whole adulthood? The closeness. A connection to someone? “N-no.”

Tony’s strong hand pulled at Kyle’s shoulder, turning him over to stare up into the detective’s rich, deep blue eyes. In that span of time, that single moment, Kyle would have given Tony his soul. He looked at Kyle as if he truly mattered. Tony’s fingers ghosted over Kyle’s face, his lips slowly capturing Kyle’s.

Kyle whimpered softly as he allowed Tony to kiss him. He had never opened himself this way and it scared him right down to his toes. One of Tony’s hands pushed under Kyle, pulling him closer as his tongue pushed between Kyle’s lips, wanting entrance. Kyle opened, finally tasting man and desire as Tony’s tongue swept through his mouth, making him want things he thought he would never or wasn’t allowed to have.

Kyle uncurled his hands, tentatively reaching out and grabbing Tony’s shirt, gripping it tightly as he opened his mouth wider, trying his best to drink Tony in. He gasped when one of Tony’s legs slid between his, giving his hardening cock friction as Tony’s hand encouraged Kyle’s hip to move.

He rode the strong, muscular leg as Tony slowly rolled until he was laying on top of Kyle, his weight pressing Kyle into the cot. His head spun as Tony ground his cock into Kyle. He took a chance and reached up, circling his arms around Tony’s neck, feeling how strong the man truly was by the broad shoulders he felt under his hands.

Kyle’s stomach flexed nervously when he felt Tony reach between them and unsnap Kyle’s jeans. Kyle wanted. He wanted with a desperation that bordered on madness as he squirmed around, allowing Tony to pull his jeans down his thighs.

“Kyle,” Tony moaned as he broke the kiss and then slowly pushed himself down Kyle’s body until his lips hovered over Kyle’s hard cock. Kyle hissed when Tony took his shaft into his mouth. Kyle began to pant as he received his very first blowjob. He cried out, unable to stop his orgasm. Kyle had wanted it to last, but his body was to amped up, too excited to hold off.

Tony gave off a low growl as he drank Kyle’s seed down his throat, licking him clean as he massaged Kyle’s balls.

Kyle blinked up at the ceiling, unsure of what he should do now. He lay there stiffly as he wondered what Tony wanted. Tony gave one long lick to his still hard cock and then climbed back up Kyle’s body.

“Fuck, Kyle. You taste delicious.” Tony took Kyle’s lips, sharing the taste of his own body with him. Kyle groaned. He wanted to do the same to the man showing so much more, but he was afraid to ask.

Tony leaned forward, grinding his cock into Kyle’s. He wished Tony didn’t still have his jeans on. He wanted to do something. He wasn’t sure what, but he wanted to make Tony cry out his name.

Kyle’s fingers fumbled between them, trying to unsnap the detective’s jeans. It wasn’t as easy as Tony had made it seem. His new lover smiled into his mouth, reaching between them, helping Kyle free his shaft.

For the first time in Kyle’s life, he held another man’s cock in his hand. He began a slow stroking motion, his fingers gliding over the silky shaft.

Tony bit Kyle’s lower lip, pushing his cock into Kyle’s hand with his hips. “Do you want to suck it?”