Story Excerpt
Mating Games

flame div

Dobry heard someone unlocking the door of the shed he was being held in. He quickly lay down on the floor and pretended to be passed out from his last beating. There had been so many he’d lost count.

He recognized the voices of the two who played with him the most. They were the ones that the master kept referring to as Betas, the master being the one Dobry knew was in charge. The two Betas seem to defer everything to him. Not really sure why that was, had to be a werewolf thing.

“Well, shit! The little pet is still out,” asshole Beta number one said. “I was hoping to play with him some more.”

“Keep it in your pants, dude, we have things we need to handle,” asshole Beta number two replied.

“I’m bored.”

Someone snickered. “Then you can damn well be bored. If Rodrick catches wind of you playing with his little pet without his permission he’s going to use you as a dart board. Besides, we have company coming and he wants us there.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Dobry heard a loud thud close to him then his captors left and relocked the shed door. Waiting a few minutes before opening his eyes, he was shocked to see they had delivered another prisoner. This one was a werewolf just like the ones that kidnapped him. Dobry knew it.

Dobry watched the man curled in the corner of the room for any sign of movement. He wished he could say at the first sign movement he would run, but he’d be lying to himself. It was hard to get away when he was locked up in a 3x3 foot metal cage.

 At least they let him keep his blanket. He could cover his nakedness and hide it from the man, even if he could hide anything else. The werewolf would know Dobry was human and pretty much fair game the moment he woke up.

All werewolves considered humans fair game. Dobry knew that from personal experience. He didn’t know exactly how long he’d been a pet but it was long enough to learn a few things about a society he never knew about before.

            Werewolves used humans as pets. At least, that’s how he’d been used. Not even an hour after he was brought before the master, a collar was placed around his neck, one he couldn’t remove. From then on out, whenever he was released from his cage, he had to walk on all fours and be led around on a leash. He was a pet.

            Dobry hated werewolves. They were all the same. They used, abused, and degraded humans any way they could. Just because the man in the corner was also collared didn’t mean he would be any different than any of the other werewolf Dobry had met since he’d been captured.

            As far as he was concerned, they all needed to be taken out and eliminated. He drew his knees up to his chest and tried to cover himself as best as he could with the ratty blanket that the master allowed him to have. It wasn’t much, but it was his, or at least all he had. He wasn’t allowed to wear clothes anymore.

            Dobry held his breath when he saw a small movement from across the room. He narrowed his eyes as he watched the man start to wake up. The man shook his head a little, groaned, and grabbed his head.

            “What the fuck happened?”

            Dobry snorted then quickly lowered his head when the man glanced over at him. He should have stayed quiet.

            “Who the hell are you?”