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Mating Heat

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"Would you think badly of me if I suggested we go somewhere more private for that drink?" she asked, pouting her lips playfully and glancing back at Boone.

"I'm game if you are," Boone said. He glanced past her to his friend. "Cort?"

Without a word, Cort stepped forward. His hands slipped up her arms, bringing her closer to his hard body. In one forward motion, Nix was in his arms. She felt drugged by his clean manly scent.

The next thing Nix knew she was being whisked through the bar and out the front door. Before she had time to catch her breath Boone lifted her into a truck and climbed in beside her. A moment later, the driver door opened and Cort climbed in.

Nix didn't even wait until Cort had the truck started before she leaned across the seat and pushed herself against Boone's much larger body. Gathering her in his arms, Boone held her snugly. Nix felt his lips move across her cheek eagerly seeking her lips.

A long moan of satisfaction fell from her lips when she finally felt Boone's mouth settle over hers. His closeness was so male, so bracing, Nix felt her skin prickle at his touch. This was what she had been looking for.

Nix gave herself up to Boone's kiss, savoring the raw masculine taste of his lips. She had no doubt, just from this one simple kiss, that Boone was going to be able satisfy the ache coursing through her body.

He just better do it soon. Nix felt like her body was about to go up in flames. She scooted up in his arms, straddling his lap. Boone's hands instantly settled on her hips as he tried to pull her back into the kiss. But Nix wasn't having it. She had other places that needed to feel his lips.

Nix grinned then grabbed the bottom edge of her tank top and whipped it over her head. She would be forever grateful that she had gone without a bra when Boone's eyes nearly bugged out of his head and a wicked grin crossed his lips.

He reached out and fondled one large globe, its pink nipple marble hard. Nix groaned at the burning touch. She grabbed his other hand and placed it against her other breast. She needed more, oh, so much more.

Her senses reeled if short circuited when Boone leaned forward and took her nipple into his mouth. His tongue running over the hard little nub made her quiver. Nix's head fell back on her shoulders as Boone switched nipples. Her heartbeat throbbed in her chest.


Nix turned to see Cort watching the show from the driver's seat. The heat in his eyes as he gazed at her nearly naked body almost scorched her skin. She smirked, absently noting his tight grip on the steering wheel then reached for the buttons on her jean shorts.

She knew she couldn't fuck both men in a truck. Someone had to drive. But she could certainly tease them enough to insure she got royally fucked by both men once they got wherever they were going.

Nix glanced up at the ceiling. Judging it to be tall enough, she scooted off of Boone's lap and stood up, bending over at the waist until her face was nearly in Boone's lap. She laughed at Boone's less than quiet protest when he reached for her and she evaded his grasp.

Sticking her ass out, Nix grabbed the edges of her shorts she slowly pushed them down her legs until they landed on the floor. She thought Boone's heart was going to beat right out of his chest when she straddled his lap again and his hands landed on her bare ass.

Nix lowered her voice, being purposely seductive. "Now, show me how you play."

She felt Boone's hands tremble against her naked skin as he began to slowly caress her. His hands moved over the curve of her ass and up past the hollow of her back to her shoulders, then back down again.

Nix delighted in the feel of his callused hands on her body. Boone seemed to know just where to touch her to get her temperature rising to a fever point. Nix began to wonder if she was going to make it to their destination. She couldn't remember ever being this aroused this fast.

"Touch me," Nix ordered, refusing to beg.

Boone responded by arching his eyebrow at her demanding words. Suddenly, she was lifted and swung around, her back coming to rest against Boone's muscular chest. Hands grabbed her legs and pulled them apart to rest on the outside of Boone's.

Nix knew that the situation had moved out of her control and into Boone's when he moved his legs, spreading hers wide and opening her up to his questing fingers. Her body jerked with exquisite delight when Boone's fingers reached down to her hot center, gently moving against her clit.

She reached her hands up to clench in his hair, holding on as Boone tortured her. Nix let loose with a low cry when Boone's fingers sank into her. She couldn't keep herself from pressing down on them, wanting more.

"Damn, she's a hot little thing," Cort growled from the driver's seat. "How does she feel, Boone?"

"Fuck, she's so wet, Cort," Boone said. "I think my fingers are going to burn off."

"Gimme some."

Nix cried out in protest when Boone pulled his fingers from her body but the look in Cort's eyes when he licked the wetness off of Boone's fingers nearly had her coming right there and then. She knew it didn't matter if they hadn't reached their destination. She was about to get fucked.

Cort growled low in his throat. Nix felt it echo throughout her body, hitting every nerve ending. Her hands clenched in Boone's hair. If she didn't get some release soon she just might die from need. At this point, she wasn't above begging, and they hadn't even gotten to the good stuff yet.

"Please," Nix begged, yanking on Boone's hair.

"I think our girl's feeling needy, Cort." Boone chuckled.

Nix liked being called their girl. It spoke to something deep inside of her, something she wasn't quite ready to address. But the words alone were enough to drive her arousal up another notch.

Nix started moving her body against Boone's hoping to entice him to touch her again. She needed his touch as much as she needed her next breath. And she hadn't even addressed her need for Cort's hands on her body.

When Boone's fingers sank back into her, Nix couldn't stop her long wail of delight or her body from arching into his touch. Boone's fingers began a rapid thrusting into Nix until she was nearly mindless with pleasure. They could have thrown her over the hood of their truck and fucked her on Main Street and she would have begged for more.