Story Excerpt
Mating Heat

flame div

Nix knew she drew every man's attention the moment she walked into the smoky bar. The rowdy noise that had caught her notice in the first place fell silent. She paused on the threshold for effect, a little smirk crossing her lips.

Human males were so easy.

Throwing just a little extra sway in her hips, Nix strolled across the smoky room to the wooden bar. She wasn't in the least bit surprised when a path opened for her, men and women alike moving quickly out of her way.

"Wha—" the bartender choked. He cleared his throat then tried again. "What can I get you, miss?"

Nix pushed her long curls out of her face, wishing just once in her life that her long blond hair would do what she wanted and not fly all over the place. "What do you have that's really cold?" she asked in her sultriest voice.


"You can't give a fine looking woman like this a beer, Sam," said the first man brave enough to approach Nix, stepping up to stand next to her, "Only champagne for her."

Nix knew immediately that he wouldn't do for her purposes. Besides the fact that he had an odd smell to him, she hated champagne. It always tasted kind of sour to her and the bubbles just made her nose twitch.

Nix raised one perfectly arched eyebrow as she turned to pin the offending man with her gaze. She just stared at him until he dropped his head and moved away. Rolling her eyes, she turned back to the bartender only to find him staring at her as if he were a deer caught in headlights.

She reached out and snapped her fingers in front of his face, jerking him out of his trance. "Something cold?" she asked again. Nix could see the effect her low sultry voice had on the man when he dropped the mug in his hands, the glass shattering all over the floor. She just smiled.

Usually Nix enjoyed the effect she had men, especially human men. She would be lying if she said it didn't boost her ego when they fell all over themselves when she gave them just a hint of her attention. Tonight, it could be a benefit to her plans.

Tonight, Nix had every intention of finding a human male and rocking his world. She would face the consequences of her actions tomorrow. Tonight she just wanted to forget. While the bartender cleaned up the broken glass then hurried off to get Nix something cold to drink, she turned to survey the room.

Her prospects didn't look good. In fact, they looked downright dismal. Most of the men in the bar wouldn't even have garnered her interest if she didn't have an itch to scratch tonight.

They were too mesmerized by her presence.

Just once, Nix wanted a man that wasn't bowled over by her looks. Usually having a well endowed chest and a tight curvy ass, legs that went on forever, long curly blond hair and deep blue eyes would be considered a blessing. Tonight? Not so much.

Her looks were what had gotten in her into this mess in the first place. However, she wasn't above using her looks to get what she wanted and tonight she wanted hot, steamy, fuck-me-until-I-can't-walk sex, and lots of it.

With that thought uppermost in her mind, Nix grabbed the drink the bartender set down on the bar and started moving through the room, taking measure of each man present. By the time she had made it half way across the room Nix already had thoughts of leaving.

While she wanted for hot monkey sex with a complete stranger, a human at that, even she had standards. Between the smell of stale beer and cigarettes, the unshaven faces, and the leering looks she got, dismal might not even describe her choices.

Just as Nix started to turn towards the door, having every intention of finding a different bar, she heard a low chuckle. The deep rumble sent a shudder of delight through her body, starting at her head and ending in her toes and hitting every erogenous zone in her body on the way down.

Nix set her beer down on the nearest table as she tried to hone in on the source of that chuckle. She tilted her head to one side and tucked her hair behind her slightly pointed ear. Then she waited.

Her reward came a moment later when she heard the voice that belonged to her rumbling chuckle. It was quickly followed by an answering chuckle, this one just as low, just as tingly, and just as sexy.

Both were coming from the low lit area to the back of the bar. Ignoring the hands reaching for her, the crude voices calling out to her Nix followed the sound of those chuckles. She was intrigued, and suddenly ravenously aroused.

Nix passed several tables until she reached a small set of steps leading up to what seemed like a pool hall. Several men stood around a pool table. They were a rough looking bunch dressed as they were in jeans and leather.

While several of them might fit her purposes for tonight Nix was only interested in the two that had sent a shiver of lust through her body. And she spotted them almost immediately. They were impossible to miss.

One leaned back against the wall, a beer bottle in one hand. The other hand hung on his belt loop by a thumb. Faded jeans clung to his long thick legs. His dark auburn hair fell in soft waves to the collar of his white cotton shirt. His shirt stretched tight over his chest to the point Nix could make out every sculpted muscle.

The other man leaned over the pool table, a pool cue in his hand. His entire concentration focused on the small round balls on the green felt top. From her vantage point at the entrance to the pool hall, Nix could just make out the dark chocolate brown of his eyes. Nix loved dark chocolate and she certainly would mind finding out if he tasted just as good as he looked.

What she wouldn't give to be standing behind the sexy man at this very moment. She had no doubt with the way he was stretched out over the pool table that his tight jeans would be molding his ass like a second skin.

Nix wanted to see more, a lot more, and preferably without clothes. The beating in Nix's chest thudded faster, an unusual reaction for Nix. Usually, she was the one causing the rapid heartbeat. It was a sensation she wasn't sure she liked.

Still, Nix wasn't about to give up an opportunity when it presented itself. And this one was waving bright colorful flags all over the place. Nix expected to start hearing a band playing a hallelujah chorus at any moment.

Walking up the steps, Nix slowly stepped into the low lit area. She knew the minute the two men spotted her. Hell, she knew the minute every man there spotted her. Instant arousal permeated the air like a thick cloak of fog. But Nix was only concerned with the interested glances from the two men she had in her sights.

"Can I play?"