Story Excerpt
Mr. Wonderful

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"Julian, Dino, I would like you to meet the owner of The Club, Darius Alexander. Darius, this is Julian and Dino. This is Julian's first time here. From the looks I'm getting from Tim, I think Dino has been here a time or two."

Julian nodded towards Darius as Dino leaned over to shake his large hand. When Dino went to scoot in next to Darius, Dillon held him back by his arm, giving him a slight wiggle of his eyebrows as he looked from Julian to Darius and then back to Dino.

Dino looked at him, confused, for several seconds before understanding dawned on him. His grin was huge. He leaned over to Julian. "Hey, I'm going to run to the little boy's room. I'll be back in just a second. Why don't you go ahead and save our places."

Julian shrugged his shoulders and sat down, scooting into the booth as Dino walked off to use the bathroom, followed quickly by Dillon. He plastered a smile on his nervous face as he looked up at the big man sitting just inches from him.

"It's a really nice club, Mr. Alexander."

"Please, call me, Darius," he replied, his voice deep and husky. Julian nearly swooned right there and then. The sound of his deep whiskey voice sent chills up and down his spine.

"Are you having a good time?"

"Yes, everyone has been very friendly and the music is really great."

"I'm glad you like it. We aim to make everyone comfortable here."

Julian looked around the lounge a little. The conversation was a tad bit stale. What do you say when you meet your dream man? Hi, my name is Julian. Do you mind if I jump your bones? It just didn't seem appropriate.

Darius could tell that Julian was nervous. He was too. He almost wished Dino would hurry back from the bathroom so that he could take up the slack in the conversation. Dino seemed to have no problem talking, a lot.

"Dillon said this is your first time here?" Julian smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I don't go to clubs much. It's usually too expensive. And this place, well, it's way out of my usual price range. Dino dragged me in here. He's bound and determined to find me a boyfriend." Julian turned slightly red when he realized what he had said. Oops, so much for being subtle.

Darius grinned. Yes! He was single and gay. Just the way he liked them. If he had been anyone but who he was he probably would have jumped up and danced a little jig right there and then.

"Sounds like your friend is trying to look out for you," Darius stated, trying to ease Julian's nervousness. "Do you have a specific set of perimeters in mind or will just anyone do?" Julian was saved from answering by the return of Dino, who slid in next to Julian making him move closer to Darius until their thighs were nearly touching. Dillon slid in next to Darius, forcing Darius closer to Julian from the other side.

"Miss me?" Dino laughed.

"Yeah, with every bullet," Julian mumbled under his breath. He couldn't believe that Dino had abandoned him. He heard Darius's deep chuckle and felt it all the way up his spine.

Darius decided to be a little bold. "Julian tells me that you are on the search for a boyfriend for him. Maybe I can be of some assistance. What specifically are you looking for in a boyfriend for him? Height, weight, build?"

Dino looked from where Darius's obviously interested gaze was devouring Julian to Julian's incredibly red face and started laughing again. Julian had really gotten himself into the soup this time. And Dino was going to do everything in his power to stir the pot!

"Hmmm, tall, dark, and breathtaking… basically… you."

Julian shot daggers at Dino's laughing face. He just couldn't believe that he had said that. If they weren't in public Julian would reach over and strangled his ex-best friend. His jaw dropped open in astonishment when Dino continued.

"We are accepting applications, however."

Dillon tried to keep his face from breaking out in a grin as he saw the hostile look Julian was shooting at Dino. Oh, this was too good to be true. Dino was trying to find Julian a boyfriend? That meant he was gay and single. He couldn't have planned this better if he had tried.

"Where would Darius apply and what are the job requirements?"

Darius's smile was nearly feral as he grinned over at Dillon and Dino, catching onto their game. He leaned forward to rest his arms on the table as he looked down at Julian.

Dino pursed his lips as he leaned back in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest. He watched Darius for several moments, assessing him as possible boyfriend material. He could see the savageness of Darius's gaze as he looked down at Julian. He was hungry for him.

"I oversee all applications. Helps weed out the undesirables. However, Julian does have the final say on who we decide on. But I think I'm a pretty good judge of what he is looking for. As for the qualifications for the job, Darius does have the right height, weight, and build necessary for the—position."

Julian suddenly started choking on the water he was swallowing. Darius reached over and rapidly patted Julian on the back. Once Julian waved his hand that he was okay Darius stopped patting his back but he did not remove his arm from behind Julian. He just rested it on the back of the bench seat they were sitting on.

"Are there any other requirements we should know about?" Dillon asked as he watched his brother go all protective over Julian.

"Well, obviously, whoever fills the position can't be a heavy drinker since Julian doesn't drink. He definitely has to have a sense of humor. It wouldn't hurt if he was romantic either. A little romance does anyone some good."

"That's true. Can you be more specific as to what that might entail?"

"Well—" Dino began only to be interrupted by Julian's loud groan.

Julian had had enough. "Okay, that's enough. We've all had a little fun at my expense. Its time to end this little game. I'm perfectly capable of finding my own boyfriend, thank you very much."

Darius took a chance and leaned down to whisper in Julian's ear. "Does that mean you don't want me to apply for the job? I'm sure I could fill the position— more than adequately."

Julian looked up at him sharply. Was he serious? Without looking away from Darius's sparkling dark eyes he spoke, "Dino, go powder your nose."