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Never Say Never

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Rory turned away from the spray and leaned his head against the hard tiles, his palms flattening out on either side of his head. Scorching hot water rained down on him from the showerhead on the opposite wall, loosening muscles Rory hadn’t even realized had been so tense.

Rory jumped then jerked back when the glass shower door suddenly opened. His eyes rounded when he realized a very naked Hercules stood there, his golden-amber eyes roaming over every inch of Rory that he could see.


Hercules stepped into the shower, closing the door behind him. He didn’t say a word, but his eyes spoke for him. They were filled with worry and concern, a burning need to protect, and hunger, so much hunger that it drove the air right out of Rory’s lungs.

Hercules leaned in closer and sniffed at Rory’s neck. The tip of a very sharp canines appeared through his lips. Rory gulped harshly as dark, golden-amber eyes devoured him like he was prey. He sniffed at Rory’s neck before rubbing his face against Rory’s bare shoulder and cheek.

Rory’s wolf wanted to bare its belly and let the more powerful wolf take a bite. Taking a deep breath, Rory tilted his head back, exposing his throat. He shivered as he felt Hercules sniffing and pressing his nose into the crease of his neck, licking and growling as he pressed closer.

Hercules nipped the skin of Rory’s neck with his teeth but never broke the skin. Rory cried out, pure pleasure flooding every nerve ending in his body. His cock hardened to molten steel in a millisecond.

Hercules rubbed his thumb over the base of Rory’s neck, seemingly pleased with himself. Rory yelped as Hercules suddenly picked him up and pinned him against the shower wall. Hercules reached down and grabbed Rory’s ass, holding him up.

Rory groaned when he felt a finger rim around his asshole. A slight pressure applied, and then Hercules’s finger pushed into him. He panted, wanting to feel more but needing a minute to adjust, then cried out a moment later when Hercules added a second finger.

He felt so full, so wonderful.

And so fucking achy.

“Herc, please,” Rory begged, needing more.

“Is this what you want?” Hercules asked.

Rowan reached up and grabbed Hercules’s shoulders as he felt the blunt head of the man’s cock pushing at his entrance. As he felt their bodies come together for the first time, Rory could barely breathe for the sheer bliss that flooded through his veins.

He reached for his lover, desperate to feel his skin under his hands. Hercules caught his wrist and pinned it to the wall instead. Shivers broke out all over Rory’s body when Hercules’s hand snaked down his arm and then to his neck and over his scalp before grabbing a fistful of his hair and giving a light tug.

Hercules rocked his hips, slowly at first, as if determined to make sure Rory felt every single inch of the hard cock buried in his ass, then faster, making Rory desperate for more friction, more speed, more everything.

“Hercules!” Rory lifted his ass higher as he shouted out his pleasure, riding Hercules’s cock hard and fast. He let his eyes drop closed, all the better to savor every detail. Hercules was huge inside his ass. His scent filled Rory’s lungs as his skin moved against Rory’s body.

Hercules gripped Rory’s ass tightly in his hands and pounded into him. Rory’s head fell back against the shower wall, and loud groans filled the enclosed space. Rory wasn’t sure if they came from him or from Hercules, and he didn’t really care. The pleasure the man was giving him was beyond anything he had ever experienced.

He never wanted it to end.

Rory wrapped his legs around Hercules’s waist. It changed the angle of Hercules thrusts, the man’s cock hitting Rory’s sweet spot every time. Rory went crazy, crying out as his cock erupted, ropes of cum splashing up between the two of them. His balls drew so tightly up to his body as they emptied that Rory thought they would stay that way permanently.

That seemed to be all Hercules was waiting for. He groaned and shoved his cock deep into Rory’s ass. He stiffened and his cock pulsed out his release, flooding Rory’s ass. Rory was in awe of the pleasure clearly displayed on Hercules’s face. He couldn’t look away. He doubted there was another soul on the earth that was as sexy as this man while aroused.

“Hercules,” Rory murmured. The connection between them jolted him to the core of his being. He’d heard of shifters who bonded together on a deeper level, but he never thought he’d be one of them.

Gasping for breath, he laid his head on Hercules’s chest, shivering as the man pulled out of him and slowly lowered his legs to the floor. Hercules was perfect for him. He was strong and fierce, but gentle and loving. He was everything Rory could have even dreamed of in a mate and more.