Adult Excerpt
Odd Man Out

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Andrew jumped when he felt a light tap to his ass.

Had Bear just spanked him?

Andrew raised his head to look up at the big man, astonished. Bear started back for a moment, not moving, almost as if he was waiting for Andrew’s reaction. Andrew didn’t know what Bear saw in his eyes but the man’s lips began to spread into a smile.

“You’d better get to the shower, babe. I can already smell bacon cooking and you don’t want to miss out on that.”

Andrew started to move off of Bear. He was pretty much sprawled over the top of the large man. He spread his legs to straddle Bear’s waist, planting his knees on the mattress on either side of the man for leverage. When he pushed himself up, he felt something long and hard press up against his ass cheeks.

Andrew froze. He couldn’t move. He knew exactly what that was, and the answering response tented the front of his pajama bottoms. Andrew sucked in a slow breath and raised his eyes to Bear’s. The heat he could see burning in the man’s eyes made him flush.

“Bear, I—” Andrew had no idea what he wanted to say, or even if he wanted to say anything.

Well, that wasn’t exactly true. He wanted to beg the sexy man to fuck him until his eyes rolled back in his head. He wanted to feel that hard shaft pushing up against him, sink into his body over and over again until he screamed Bear’s name.

Andrew cried out and humped his hips forward when Bear settled a hand over his growing erection through his pajama bottoms. Even through the thin fabric, Andrew could feel the man’s hand move across his sensitive flesh. Each caress, each gentle squeeze was exquisite.

Pure torture.

Not having ever felt anything beyond his own hand, Andrew couldn’t prevent himself from thrusting his cock forward into Bear’s tight grasp. Andrew’s head fell back on his shoulders as he groaned. This was why he was gay. This gentle yet firm touch.

Had anything ever felt better?

“God, please, Bear, I—” Andrew wasn’t sure what he was asking for. He just knew he never want this to stop, whatever this was.

When Bear’s hand slipped inside his pajamas and wrapped around his cock, the skin-to-skin contact made Andrew shudder. His toes curled. He was positive there wasn’t enough air in the universe to fill his oxygen-deprived lungs.

“Just feel, baby.” Bear’s deep whiskey voice rushed over him like warm water. “Just let it happen.”

Andrew groaned again, his body tightening with something he didn’t know how to identify or even describe. He could feel it. And whatever it was, it was getting closer. Bear’s hand tightened. His thumb brushed the head of Andrew’s cock.

Andrew forgot to breathe when he felt a tingle began at the base his cock. It wrapped around his balls before shooting up the entire length of his shaft. The pressure exploded out the top of his cock like a geyser, covering Bear’s hand in a wash of creamy white seed.

When the tension holding him stiff faded, Andrew collapsed down on top of Bear. The only thing he could hear was the rapid beat of his heart. It was loud and thunderous, blocking everything out.

When the world around came rushing back in, Andrew realized he was sprawled across Bear’s chest again. Only this time, the man was rubbing his back, warming him. Which was good because he could feel the wetness between them cooling.

And he could feel Bear’s hard cock still pushing up against him.