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Omega Born

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"You could touch me now…" Ricky stared at Sawney with such longing that it took his breath away. "If you want to, I mean."

"Is that what you want, Ricky?" He would never do anything that would make Ricky uncomfortable.

"I just want to be yours." Ricky’s voice was a mere whisper.

"Hey." Sawney grabbed Ricky’s chin and tilted his mate's head back. "You are mine, Ricky. You’ve always been mine and no power on Earth will ever change that."

Ricky’s eyes dropped, and then darted back up. Every time their eyes met, Sawney’s heart turned over in response. Ricky looked so nervous, the slow lick of his lips giving Sawney sensual fantasies that made his cock hard and aching.

"Does that mean you don’t want to touch me?" The smoldering flame Sawney saw in Ricky’s eyes startled him.

Sawney knew he needed to be careful with Ricky, but at the same time he wanted to devour the man. Ricky was everything Sawney had ever wanted in his life and hadn’t known he wanted until the man stood right in front of him. Since that first day, Sawney had never even envisioned being with anyone else. His world revolved around Ricky and finding a way to bring him home.

"Oh, Ricky, you have no idea how much I want you, but—"

Ricky pressed his fingers against Sawney’s lips. "No buts," he said in a voice that trembled. "Just kiss me."

Sawney groaned as he sank his fingers into Ricky’s honey brown curls and tiled his head up, his tongue tracing the soft fullness of Ricky’s lips.

Sawney slanted his mouth over Ricky’s, trying his best to devour the man. He gently pressed into Ricky, becoming familiar again with the sexy mouth he'd been dreaming about for the last several months.

Ricky’s hard cock pressed against him as he took the man’s lips in a kiss rife with need. His own cock jerked in anticipation. He couldn’t seem to get enough of Ricky. He wanted to consume him. He was delighted with Ricky’s eager response when their tongues slid together and tangled.

Ricky whimpered when Sawney lifted his head. As much as he wanted to go on kissing his mat, he had other plans for the gorgeous little man.

Sawney watched Ricky’s eyes widen and then fill with delight as he lifted his shirt and pulled it over his head. Ricky inhaled a shaky breath, his eyes riveted on Sawney’s chest.

Sawney grinned as he grabbed Ricky’s hand and brought it to his chest, pressing the palm against his hot skin. "You can touch me as well, angel."

The soft stroke of Ricky’s fingers on his flesh sent pleasant jolts through Sawney. He held his breath and stood still as Ricky explored, moving from his collarbone down to the gentle swell of his pectoral muscles, and then to his nipples. The little buds firmed instantly, shivers of delight following Ricky’s touch.

"You’re so strong," Ricky whispered absently as his fingers moved over Sawney’s muscular chest. His eyes dropped to his own thin pale chest. "I’m not—"

"You’re perfect," Sawney argued.

Ricky gasped when Sawney cupped his face, pulling it toward his once again. Sawney’s eyes locked onto Ricky’s luscious lips. They were perfectly made for kissing, they were made for him.

Sawney’s hands slid up Ricky’s sides, and then wrapped around him, pulling his body closer as he pressed their lips together. Ricky opened, allowing Sawney’s tongue to do whatever the hell it wanted.

A moan of ecstasy slipped through his lips as their body rubbed against each other, the friction maddening, and not nearly enough. Sawney’s hands slid down Ricky’s body to the buttons of his pants. The sound of a zippered being lowered ricocheted through the small bathroom like a shot.

Sawney lifted his head and stared down into Ricky’s caramel-colored eyes. What passed between them in that moment was more than desire. Sawney could see his soul reflected in Ricky’s smoldering eyes. There was an awareness there, a deep connection that seared Sawney and inflamed him.

"Love you, Ricardo."

Ricky’s eyes shone bright in the pale bathroom light, slowly beginning to shimmer with unshed tears. "Don’t ever stop," he murmured on a broken breath. "Please don’t ever stop."

Sawney trailed a knuckle over the soft skin along the curve of Ricky’s cheekbone. "Promise."

A weary sob fell from Ricky’s lips as he reached for Sawney. The cold knot that had formed in Sawney’s stomach six years ago when he realized he couldn’t claim his mate, slowly unfurled and faded away as he drew Ricky into his arms.

"I’ll always love you, angel," Sawney whispered against Ricky’s neck. He couldn’t conceive of ever not loving Ricky. The man had held his heart for so long, he couldn’t remember when it didn’t belong to Ricky.

Sawney lifted Ricky then set him on his feet. He unzipped his pants and pushed them down his legs, Ricky stepping out of them. When Ricky covered his groin with his hand, Sawney shook his head, dropping to his knees.

"Nu uh, sweetness, this is mine now."

Ricky’s face flamed red as he slowly dropped his hands back to his side.

Sawney inhaled a shaky breath. "I’ve felt it through your pants, babe, but I never really got a good look at it. That is one damn impressive cock you have there."

Ricky’s thick erection stood proud, jutting out of a nest of honey colored curls like it was waving hello. Just on a hunch, Sawney reached up and encircled the wide girth with his hand.

"Damn, baby." His fingers didn’t touch. Ricky wasn’t terribly long but he more than made up for that in thickness. "I can wait to feel this beautiful thing pound my ass."

Ricky gasped, his eyes growing wide. "You’d let me—"

Sawney cupped the side of Ricky’s face. "You’re my mate. I’d let you do anything." In fact, he looked forward to it. Before he met Ricky, no one had gotten into his ass, but he was starting to believe he had just been saving himself for his mate. "You’ll be my first."

Ricky’s cock jerked.

Sawney grinned. "You like that idea, don’t you?"

The blush in Ricky’s face deepened. "Maybe."