Story Excerpt
Picture Perfect Lies

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Jayden Grant almost swallowed his tongue when he absently glanced up when the front door of the bar opened. His breath caught and held in his throat when the man coming in stepped into the light.

"No way," he whispered. "No fucking way."

He sat forward, resting his arms on the table. He tried not to let his interest show as he watched a man he never thought to see in a place like this cross the floor of the bar and find a place at the counter.

He started tapping away at his message app, glancing down briefly before once again looking at the man across the room. He knew who he was looking at. There was no way to mistake Senator Wilson Khor II. The man had very distinctive features.

Jayden may have fantasized about the handsome man on more than one occasion, not that he'd admit that to anyone.

He glanced down at his phone again when it beeped.

"Find out why he's there."

Jayden rolled his eyes. His boss was an ass, but he was also an ass with money to back him up, and with the economy the way it was, Jayden couldn't be picky about who he worked for. He needed the job, even if he didn't always like what he had to do to keep it. This was not what he intended to do with his life when he got his degree in journalism.

"He could be on vacation," Jayden sent back to his boss.

"Even better," came right back. "Find out who he's going on vacation with."

Jayden sighed as he used his cell phone to search out the senator's schedule. As far as he could find, the man was listed as out of the office for the next few days, but no reason was listed. This wasn't Senator Khor's district, so this couldn't be a political trip. That meant it had to be personal.

And that gained Jayden's interest.

The senator had been divorced for the last six months so getting dirt on him being unfaithful to his wife wasn't going to happen. There was no wife to be unfaithful to. That didn't mean he wasn't meeting up with someone else's wife.

Although, there had never been any mention of the senator's name being linked to anyone other than his wife. Their divorce had been messy, splashed all over the media for a couple of weeks before another news story took everyone's interest.

"I'm supposed to be here doing a story on the guy who found those diamonds and donated them to charity," he reminded his boss. "Not a gossip rag piece on the senator."

"Just do it," his boss replied. "The senator has been out of the limelight long enough and I need something juicy to go on the front page. Find it."

This was not news, but Jayden wasn't going to remind his boss of that. He'd get fired in a heartbeat. He really needed to consider a different line of work. As much as he loved being a journalist, he wanted to cover real news, not gossip and rumors. Unfortunately, that seemed to be all people were interested in nowadays. The juicier the better.

There was one more way he might be able to dissuade his boss. "I'll need an expense voucher to pay for travel while I follow the senator around." Marv was a penny pincher to the extreme. He ever paid for anything unless forced to.

"I'll authorize three days and not a second more, but you'd better bring me something or you'd better start looking for another job."


"If there's something here, I'll find it." Marv knew he would, too. Jayden might hate working for the man, but he still did his work to the best of his ability. He never shortchanged a story or didn't back up the facts he found. He didn't plan to have this job his entire life and he refused to allow shoddy work to come back on him somewhere down the line.

Jayden tucked his cell phone into his pocket and picked up his beer. He downed the last of it then stood, grabbed his bag, then made his way to the bar, taking up a spot just a couple of bar stools down from where the senator stood.

He ordered another beer then turned to look out over the dance floor, shooting the senator a look as he turned. He wasn't sure he'd ever seen the man in a pair of jeans, but he was definitely a fan. The faded denim hugged the senator's ass as if it was molded on. Jayden would love to see if it hugged the front just as well.

He turned, climbed onto the stool next to the him, the one closest to the senator, then set his bag on the counter. He pulled out his Nikon camera and stared at the little screen as he flipped through some of the pictures he'd taken during his trip out to Cade Creek.

Some of them were blurry as shit, but others were okay. One or two were pretty good. He always took pictures wherever he went. He loved nature, which explained oh so much why he lived in the middle of a bustling city.

"Those are pretty good. You a photographer?"

Jayden's eyes rounded as he turned to look at the senator. Was the guy actually talking to him? Could making contact with the man be this easy? "I wouldn't say I was a professional photographer, not yet, but I do okay."

The senator smiled as he scooted onto the stool next to Jayden. He gestured to the camera. "Can I see?"

"Yeah, I guess." Jayden handed the camera over. "Like I said, I'm not very good."

"Oh, I don't know," the senator replied. "Some of these aren't bad."

Jayden let out a nervous laugh. "And some of them are pretty horrible."

The senator smiled as he handed the camera back. "Well, you did say you weren't a professional yet. With z little more practice, you could be. You have a good eye."

"Do you know about photography?" Jayden asked.

"Not a bit." The man laughed. "I just know what I like."

Jayden swallowed tightly when the senator glanced at him, his eyes sweeping down Jayden's body. He had to have imagined that. The senator had been married to a woman for years. Granted, they had recently gotten divorced, but that was because Mrs. Khor had been caught in bed with her pool boy. He didn't think it had anything to do with the senator liking men, but maybe he was wrong. Maybe everyone had been wrong all this time.

Only one way to find out.